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December 15, 2010



It is hard to remember exactly how many pairs I've knitted this year, but it's in the neighborhood of a dozen. This has been a year of knitting a lot of scarves, hats and mitts, plus multiple sweaters. I still have several pairs of socks in various stages on the needles that are supposed to be Christmas presents. It sure would be nice if there were a few more days between now and the 25th.

Kathleen B.

I started my first pair at Thanksgiving and hope to complete next week. For 2011 I have committed to myself to make at least six pairs of socks and have joined a self-imposed sock club on Ravelry. Let's hope that helps.

Cyndy Landers

Not as many as I usually do. Only 4 pairs I think. I switched to baby things since there are alot of new babies coming into the world to friends and family.


I've knit 10 pairs so far this year and should get another 2 pair done before year end. I don't even want to count single socks. Apparently, my attention span is pretty sketchy.


I've finished 3 this year, starting with my first pair ever. The sock obsession is officially taking hold.


I knit socks constantly. There are usually two or three pairs on the needles at one time. I believe I finished 8 pair of socks this year so far and have 2 on the needles.

NancyN from Texas

I knit three pairs of socks this year. I'm a little slow :)

Theresa Martin

I managed to finish two pairs of socks this year. A third pair is still on the needles and od course I started some Christmas socks last night! I'm trying cookie A's Wedge with the red and green yarn in the Christmas kit.

Mary T

I knit 3 pairs this year.


I have finished 11 pairs this year - that's down from my usual. I've got one more pair on the needles and the first sock is almost done so I'm hoping they will round things up to an even dozen for the year.


3 pairs of socks. Two others are sitting on the needles waiting for me to get done with Christmas presents.

Suzy Koths

I only knit about two pairs a year. I keep a simple sock in the car for when I'm stuck in traffic or early for an appointment. I also like to take a sock project on trips because it's a lot of knitting with very little bulk.


Put me down for 11 pairs! Socks are a great way to try new techniques and patterns.


I only finished 2 pair this year. A pair of fixation anklets from one ball (wanted to see if it could be done for my 7.5 feet) and a pair that I started 2 years ago. Baudelaire reworked for my gauge. Actually I am redoing the bind off for the first sock but I hope to finish them today. Most of my knitting time is when I am out waiting for something so maybe 2 hrs a week.


I've knit 56 pairs this year. Most are listed on ravelry, but a few have been kept a secret for design reasons.


I only finished two pair this year. I have a bunch on the needles and honestly expect to finish three more before the end of the year.

Diane Laughlin

More than eight because I have eight wrapped for Christmas gifts and several more in my drawer. I love knitting socks for others and for me!

Kathy Nielsen

5 pairs of socks finished! and 7 shawls, but who asked? lol


My goal was a dozen pairs, but I believe I only finished half of that number. There are six pairs sitting around the house in various states of undoneness. Oh well, that's what next year's for, right?

Mary C.

Seventeen so far, and hopefully 2 more soon. Not too bad for the first year since I caught the sock knitting fever.


Started and finished this year? Fifteen so far - I'm hoping to make that sixteen before the year ends.

Lesa M

I've been knitting for over 40 years but had never even been tempted to knit socks until the last couple. I decided at the beginning of the year that this was going to be my year to do it and I've finished 3 pair, with a 4th pair (Christmas stripes) to finish up this week probably.


6 pairs I think and only 1 single sock which I believe is a record for me! I have started the Falalala sock too and hope to finish that in a few days. Can't believe someone has knit 56 pairs. Wow!


This is my first year knitting socks and I think I've knit about 20 pairs. Guess what every one is getting for Christmas this year, whether they like it or not!


I don't know for sure....but I would say if I include socks for kids, I've probably knit 15 pair.


I have knitted 6 socks -- two pairs and two singles that are waiting for a mate.


I think I have finished 3 pairs and have 3 more where I am on the second sock.


I try to average a pair a month, but this year I got snagged on baby knits. So 7 (soon to be 8) adult socks, plus two pairs of infant socks.

J.T. in missouri

two pairs, and countless singletons.


I finished up a couple of pairs from LAST yeaer! And, make two pairs of shorty socks. I have three or four socks on needles including my Christmas socks that might get done by next Christmas!


I only knit 8 pair this year, but next year will be different. A couple of friends and I started the "Year of Stash Socks" group on Ravelry to use up some of the fabulous sock yarns we've been collecting.


I finished 10 pairs! I only kept 5 pairs. So I guess I need to make more for myself next year.
(And I have 5 socks waiting for mates)


I lost track after the first half-dozen pairs.

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

I knit 7 pairs this year, but I used sock yarn in 5 additional projects (scarf/shawl/hat). So, I reached my goal of 12 skeins knit this year.


Sorry, but I have only knit three to four pairs. I tried knitting on two pairs of circular instead of the magic loop or double points. I must say I like it better but trying to get two skeins out of one and having them be the same size when I start has been difficult.

Sandy H.

This year I turned out 10 pairs of socks for big feeters and uncounted pairs of baby booties and socks just to clean out the stash. Of course as quickly as I cleaned out the stash I bought to replace the void.


I have knit 3 1/2 pair of socks!


I knit 27 pairs of socks in 2010, including the pair that I am currently working on. I never would have guessed it was that many, but it is all documented on Ravelry.


Five with two on the needles.The unfinished pairs include the String Theory Colorworks Continuum in Candy Corn Stripe.

Elise McKee

I have finished only 3 pairs this year but of course I have at least 3 on needles waiting for me to finish!!


At least 15 pair have come off my needles, have 1 and 1/2 to go. But they are children's socks and should not take long.


I knit 3 pair of socks so far in 2010. I was selfish though and 2 of them were for me! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


I always have a pair on the needles, I work on them as my take with me to knit on the go. I make 4 to 5 pairs a year, and give them as gifts.


I just decided to make 3 pairs for Christmas. I have one and half socks done - and not even of the same pair. I've been in such a hurry to get them done I messed up the patterns on both. The first I decided to live with. The second...I'm still thinking about. But since I don't have time to rip it out, I'm thinking it looks pretty good as it is.


I've only completed 2 pairs of socks in 2010 - my first two pairs, as I only learned to knit socks in 2010. I had good intentions, but learned I was pregnant and immediately quit working on my Roger socks and have essentially only knit baby stuff since August. There is always next year....


I only finished two pairs this year, but I have two more pairs on the needles. I think I focused more on lace shawls and sweaters this year. Next year the sock production needs to improve because some of my older socks are blowing out.


I hate to admit it....but none....I have *alot* of sock yarn and at least 4 started (I have knit about 6 or 7 pairs in the last couple years....)I have a mental block when it comes to picking up the stitches along the heel (I knit top down. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Nothing fancy, just nice, snug looking stitches.) Several people have tried to help me, but everyone does it differently!! I LOVE my handknit socks so I need to get over this!! I have done other knitting this year which I love, but I really want to be a sock knitter. I will be a sock knitter!!

Allison, try an Ott light for evening knitting, esp. a standing one. Perfect knitting light! Love the yarn you using for those 2 pairs you've started!

Jean Folkerth

I just learned to knit socks this year and have knit 8 pair along with scarfs, etc.

Ruth Anne

None - I finally admitted to myself that I hate knitting socks! I love sock yarn for scarves though, I probably made a dozen or more scarves from sock yarn this year.


do singles count? My daughter once received a gift of a pair of socks that were three coordinated singles! I am afraid mittens had most of my attention this year.


Usually I do several, but now that I think about it I only did three this year. Seems I concentrated more on lace than socks.

Teresa Quick

I've only started knitting socks 5 years ago and have been hooked since. So far, I've made 12 pairs this year. All have been given to very happy feet!


Ooooh ..... I like easy questions! I knit 10 pairs of socks in 2010, and for the record, the yarn for 8 of those came from SSYC.


I'll definitely have 4 pair completed this year with a possibility of 5. Half as many as usual! I did use quite a bit of sock yarn for other projects like small shawls this year.


Err 19 pairs, and a few more socks to go until the presents are all done.

I must admit not all 19 were for me, quite a few were presents.


I knit 8 pairs this year-last year I knit 30 so I am obviously being a sock slacker!! Have to turn that around.


Six and one pair on the needles. I'm loving them all.


Alas! I've knit only 3 pair!


I started knitting again, about April this year, and decided socks were what I should be knitting. I have managed to complete so far 4 pairs of tube socks, one pair of heel and gusset. On my sticks is the second of my first pair of lace and short row heel socks, and a pair of socks for the hubby, of which the first needs to just have the toe done. And I hope to his done in time for Christmas.


So far I've finished 6 pairs of socks and plan to finish one more by the end of the year.


I um. You know, I don't think I actually know. I'd have to look at Ravelry, and hope (likely in vain) that I documented them all there. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess ... maybe 5?

I've got 8 as my 2011 goal - and 5 of those are for me!


hmmm. I think I finished one entire pair. I do have a bunch of single socks. I should get on those...maybe next year.


I knit four pair of socks. Hope to make more this coming year.

Vivian Johnson

I hope I am not too late. But this year I have completed six pairs. Most came at the later end of the year. Two for my husband, one my mom asked for two for me. It felt kinda of good to be selfish. On my needles though I have one almost finished for one sister and still have to start another pair for Christmas.


I think only one pair of socks. I'm knitting a 2nd pair now. But I did knit 5 Christmas stockings.


I finished zero pairs of socks in 2010. I started, however, at least four pairs. But I successfully completed at least three projects with sock yarn - all shawls!

Sara Lee Albright

I've been switching back and forth from sock to scarves since my Mom was ill (3 years ago), but all knitted with sock-weight yarn. So far this year, I've finished maybe 12 pairs of socks and about the same for scarves. I wear my pretty socks to work, the brighter the colors , the better !


22 pairs. I knit them both at the same time but on two separate pairs of needles, so both socks get to the toes at the same time. I HATE knitting a second sock when the first is done.

Marti Johnson

Unfortunately, not nearly as many as I did when I first started making socks (4 years ago). That year, I completed 47 pair (did I mention I'm a bit obsessive?), but this year, there were 11 pair knitted, and there are currently seven socks (all different) on seven sets of needles waiting to be completed by Christmas. If I can just finish the quilt gift this week, maybe those socks will be done in time; one can only hope!

Cathy G.

Nine finished, one more needs a toe. First year of knitting socks! LOVE THEM!!!


I'd have to go look it up to know exactly, but probably around a dozen pair, maybe more. I always have a pair on the needles to carry with me. Right now I have two pair on the needles.

Cindy B

I knit 3 pairs this year for gifts. Next year I am hoping to knit 5 pairs for gifts and a few pairs for me.

Connie Kinsman

I learned how to knit socks this year and have finished 2 1/2 pairs. Although I do have about 6 socks on needles. My problem is that I find another yummy yarn and HAVE TO KNIT THAT YARN!!! I know, I'm obsessed! I plan to finish all of the socks on my needles next year so I can buy more yarn and not feel so guilty!! Wish me luck! This yarn is something I could use for a beautiful pair of socks or fingerless mittens!! Here I go again!


None. I'm still not knitting socks, just collecting sock yarn, apparently! One day!


Not as many as I would have liked - I think I finished three pairs. Also, I have three pairs still on the needles. Just not enought knitting time!


I had to check ravelry for this - I finished 7 pairs this year - two I had started before. I still have one pair on the needles, and started and frogged another pair.


I've finished 9 pairs this year, have three that still need the 2nd sock knit and currently have 3 more on the needles. Must admit that Christmas sweater and baby gift knitting has interfered with my sock knitting this year.

bunny dimmel

i made 6 pair and have 4 on needles. bunny


I am chagrined to say that I have not finished a single pair this year. I have one sock waiting for its mate for which I've had to rip out the heel six times. Hopefully 7th will be the charm and I'll finish this before the end of January.


9 most ever in a year!


a couple of pair and some still on the needles--I hope next year has many more finished socks!


Wow, do I feel like an underachiever....
only 6 pairs. But, I love them all!

Janet Miller

I can think of only 4 pair that I've actually finished this year. However, I have at least 6 or 7 started. I have startitis and tend to finish one sock of a pair, start Sock 1 of a new yarn, then return to complete the first pair when I get bored with the second pair. For me, knitting is more about the process than the product. I'll eventually finish most socks.


I've knit 4 pairs of socks...considering when I started knitting I *swore* I'd never knit socks. Now I'm in my second sock yarn club, and I'm going to have a sockyarn stash-busting club of one next year! (mostly so I can buy more sock yarn)


I have 35 pairs finished so far this year plus will probably finish another 2 or 3 pairs. I've also finished 9 shawls (or was it 10?) and several afghans but socks seem to be my obsession!


I have knit ten pair of socks this year, and have two pair on the needles.

Linda B

While I didn't actually knit socks in 2010, I added to my sock yarn stash for 8 more pairs. I'm going on an extended visit to upstate NY after Christmas and only packing socks to work on. Hopefully, I'll deplete the stash!! :>)

Andrea W

How many pair of socks did I knit so far this year? Honestly? None. (Always knitting for someone else....)I have yet to give socks a try. This yarn may be the thing that intices me! It's beautiful!

Lisa Viviano

I've finished 6 pairs of socks with 2 others started (an easy pair and a difficult pair).

Carla in MT

counting the ones I'm finishing now... 6 pairs. Some were gifts, some for me. :)


I think I missed my normal amount this year. I managed about 8 pairs. I normally do many more, but work and health has me bogged down. Maybe some new prize yarn is just what I need to fire up my sock knitting!


Oops did not get my info posted properly with my last comment.


Had to go back and count but I have finished 16 pairs of socks this year with 4 more still on the needles and 4 waiting for the second sock


13 pairs of socks...even I'm surprised! In addition, I have 4 that are waiting for their partners and 2 pairs in progress.


Honestly, I think it's zero. I have lots of unfinished socks, but I cut my finger earlier this year and also lost the desire to knit a bit. But I am aiming to finish that one pair for a gift!


I finished 7 pairs of socks this year, which is a bit short of the "one pair a month" goal I set myself! I also made a few baby gifts out of sock yarn too.

...And my goal for 2011 is to try for one pair a month again! Let's see how close I can get this time!


5 pairs of socks, out of 17 total completed projects. Several of the other projects used sock yarn (a baby blanket, a cowl, etc.).

Patricia Richardson

No knit socks this year :(


I've finished 3 pair and am working on another. I keep one on the needles all the time for a carry along project.


I knit about 10 pairs this year - but I knit 5 sweaters....

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