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December 19, 2010



The patterns that stand out for me this year are plain vanilla sock, Wendy Johnson Shetland Pi Shawl (KAL) and Clapotis.

Sharon M

I've made the mitered dish towel from Mason Dixon upteen times, and want to do more. I've personalized the colors for my girls kitchens, even let them pick out the buttons sometimes. I like mixing in a smaller gauge mercerized cotton with the regular kitchen cotton to give it a touch of silkiness and more drape. Many more of these will come off my needles!


I made two pairs of Embossed Leaves which I really enjoyed, but started going back to vanilla stockinette. So relaxing for tv watching at night and looks great with continuum (made the candy corn socks with the Kollage needles). I think they are my favorites!

Natalie McLaughlin

I have been knitting Fetching with two strands of sock yarn. Sometimes from the same ball of yarn and sometimes two different colors. They have all come out fetchingly :-)


I made 3 pairs of socks using the Zepher socks. I made 2 pairs for me and 1 for my best friend for her birthday. Absolutely love the pattern.


I have to go with plain vanilla socks as well. They are so easy to carry with you and work on at any time. Oh, I also like the K1P1 scarf, too. It makes such a cozy scarf and I've made several of them this year.


Favorite pattern? I just made a second pair of Monkey socks. First time I've ever done a non-vanilla sock pattern more than once.


My favorite pattern this year was Azzu's Shawl pattern by Emma Fassio that is free on Ravelry. I have knit two so far. This pattern shows off the Araucania Itata Multy really well. The pattern was fairly easy but not boring. It is definitely now my go to gift pattern - great results, a great free pattern and $10 in the sale section!


It's always so hard for me to pick a "favorite". I just finished a Willie sweater for my 3-year old Great Niece. Such a fun sweater for a child. I also love Monkey socks, the Clapotis and the Jacque Cousteau hat.


The Multnomah shawl (free on Ravelry) has been in my to do file since summer. I just started it last night. (Now I need to check out Azzu's Shawl and a couple of the sock patterns mentioned above!) I just finished a pair of vanilla socks using the String Theory Continuum yarn and can't wait for additional colorways to be available. Love that yarn!


I knit the plain vanilla sock over and over as well. I knit it from the toe up however. That is my method of choice. Other than that I have knit the Central Park Hoodie several times. I really like that sweater for style and the joy of knitting it!


My favorite sock pattern this year was The Twilight Pattern from the Two at a Time Sock Knitting book. I am so excited to wear them!


Hands down, favorite sock knitting pattern would be Shur'tugal by Alice Yu. I would knit ten or twelve pairs of these socks because I LOVE this pattern!

bunny dimmel

shibui hat pattern, hands down, fits all yarns, easy to make. bunny


I'm not finished yet, but am going to love my Brandywine shawl.

Mary C.

I just finished two pairs of socks in a Crosshatch Lace pattern - one solid and one in an Opal yarn. Both look great and were fun to knit.


Embossed Leaves--no question in my mind!


No Purl Monkeys. Looks good in many yarns.


The Spring Forward sock pattern on was a good find this year.
Also, design-it-yourself shawls based on Evelyn Clark's book, "Knitting Lace Triangles"; my summer shawl is here:
I really like the way it turned out.

Patty McD

I really enoyed the Monkey socks, but my hands-down favorite this year was the 2008 Advent Calendar scarf. Each of the 24 segments was different, fun, and too short to get bored or in deep trouble. I did do some ripping! I have the 2009 one on my needles now, but was sad to see she's not putting the 2010 one online or selling to the USA.


my fave this year has been Anne Hanson's Aria Delicata - a lovely lacy scarf pattern that I have knit twice this month already! Perfect for gift giving!


Two favorite patterns this year: Anne Hanson "Port Ludlow" socks, and Jared Flood "Guernsey Wrap".


Without a doubt, Les Abeilles from Knitspot. I'm finishing up my second one and considering a third.


Definitely Multnomah. Loved that knitting.

Connie Kinsman

Since I learned how to knit socks this year, my favorite pattern was Lornas Laces Basic Sock. For a newby to sock knitting, the instructions were crystal clear, very easy to knit and were knit on #2 needles and went very quickly. My favorite mitt pattern (which I just completed) is Entwined Mitts. They are gorgeous and fairly easy.


For me, it has to be The Owl Cable Slouch ( I knit it for a friend, and I'm thinking of doing another one. It's gorgeous and not hard to knit. Plus, cables are always fun. :)

jennifer barr

I don't knit, but I crochet and the favorite pattern I've found this year is for making baby sandals.

chevybelair1 at juno dot com


I love the patterns from Judy Sumners' "Knitted Socks East and West" so I'd have to say the lovely pattern 'Sensu' -- looks great in a semi-solid.


My favorite this year was the Shawl Collared Cowl by Alana Dakos,
I love that it has buttons!


Anna Hrachovec's Baby Gators, from Knitting Mochimochi. I can't stop making them!


Humm, favorite sock or favorite overall?

Favorite sock would be Stocking with Clocks from Folk Socks. I've challenged myself to knit every sock pattern in this book. I haven't finished this pattern yet, but I LOVE what I am seeing.

Favorite overall is Proposition, entrelac gloves.

Carrie Lee

I've actually become obsessed with knitting Christmas ornaments! I knit them and when I start the decreases I push the ball into it, finish decreasing and it's done.


This year I knit 2 Brattleboro hats (from the Fall Interweave Knits). It's a quick pattern, made even better by Malabrigo :)


I have loved knitting the Advent Scarf on Ravelry. It is a sampler scarf with one pattern released each day from Dec. 1 to Dec. 24. It makes a lovely scarf and you can use all or just as many as you want to depending on how long you want your scarf. I know i will knit it again.


I made Chic Knits Cupcake hat and I love it. I loved knitting it and I love wearing it and will definitely make it again.

Sue Aaronson

I loved the Seed Stitch Socks from Vogue Knitting, Fall 2010 issue. They were fun and really pretty!

Vivette Ashen-Brenner

I think my favorite sock pattern is the plain vanilla with some really pretty yarn. Just like to enjoy the yarn and not fight with patterns.


The cardi cozy from Mason Dixon. I have made it twice and enjoy both knitting and the finished product.

Deesha martin

The Spring Things Shawl by Susan Lawrence. Easy lace knitting and a glitterning reminder of warmer days.


If we are talking socks, I liked Monkey this year. If it's any pattern this year I'd say a mobius cowl using Cat Bordhi's cast on. All my friends are asking for them for Christmas.

Bonni Nechemias

I loved Wendy Johnson's simple lace socks from toe up socks. I've already made three pairs as gifts and plan to use the patterh again. It's an easy to remember 4 row lace that looks great in a variety of yarns.


Stephen West's Clockwork - such a simple, elegant design. I'm about to start another one!


Didn't manage to get all their hats and scarves finished,but I did knit 30 Woolly Snowbabies during my vacation. At least I'm half way done for next Christmas...


For me it has to be the Lepidoptera Mitt - I think I have knit close to a dozen pairs. I don't need the pattern at all any more which is great - everyone loves them. I have four pairs myself!!!!


The Monkey ! its beautiful, fun to knit, and has an easy to memorize pattern repeat... by Cookie A!


My favorite scarf pattern this year was Ishbel. Easy to do, but demands some concentration. Not boring at all. And, I loved the finished results. Favorite socks would be Hayrick by Anne Hanson.


How to choose?! I am absolutely loving the Advent Lace scarf I am currently knitting. My favorite pair of socks this year has to be Kristen Kapur's Burning Rings of Fire. So fun and easy to knit and totally cool to wear.


The Primavera sock pattern (free on Ravelry)is not only foot hugging but great with the Cascade Heritage sock yarn with just enough stretchiness.I think it will show off handpainted yarns well. Must try the pattern again with other sock yarns.


I'm enjoying the plain stockinette in the Zauberball yarn. Why struggle with a pattern when yummy yarn can do the work?


My favorite pattern this year was Spring Garden Tee by Alana Dakos (Never Not Knitting). Directions are very clear and the finished product is beautiful. I'll be making this again in a larger size as my granddaughter grows.

Fran Bott

I have a hat pattern that I really like to crochet. It is easy and fast to crochet and It is easy make small changes to to in various places to give each hat a different look.

Ruth Anne

I've knit Ann Hanson's cabled keyhole scarf three times already - one for myself, two for gifts. I have another on the needles and hope to get a fifth one done before next Saturday for gift-giving!

Wynelle Ulrich

I really like Marlowe Crawford's Pyroclastic so far. I'm new to sock knitting and this is my first pair top-down. I love the idea of a shaped arch and am excited to see how it all turns out!


I too have rediscovered stockinette socks and self-striping yarn. This is how I started out knitting socks, but soon got sucked into the many colorful yarns and patterns. Only recently have I gone back to my roots with plain vanilla socks - so fun.

Connie Garry

The one I loved is the Traveling Woman shawl on Ravelry. I made three in very different yarns and each is amazing.


Definitely blueberry waffle pattern. It looks great in solids and hand-dyed yarns.

Amy Jo

I really enjoyed Ripley by Ysolda Teague - a cute, warm, slouchy hat. It's a clever design, well-written, and quick. I'm making another today, in fact!


There are several favorite patterns this year that I'm sure I'll knit again. One is Rings of Fire socks by Kirsten Kapur. Another is the snowtracks cap by Timothy Peters.


I love my plain vanilla sock pattern-it is my default knitting I love the Leafprints shawl, Ishbel, Wendy's Pi Shawl....there have been so many great patterns to try or just to look at and dream!


Anne Mock Cable Twist Socks by Patty Kahl. It was the first time I had done a non-vanilla sock, but it turned out very pretty.


My favorite pattern this year is the Baby Surprise Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman. A fun knit!


My favorite sock pattern this year was Eve's Temptation. It was quick to knit up, and had a strong enough pattern to hold up well using verigated hand-paint yarn. That being said, I did several plain vanilla socks for friends this year that were gushed over. Nothing like a plain vanilla with pretty yarn, is there?

Becky B

My stand-out patterns for this year were Modern Log Cabin Baby Blanket (Mason Dixon Knitting), One Piece Baby Kimono (also Mason Dixon Knitting), and Legwarmies by Alana Dakos. I knit one sets of these in 2009, two sets in 2010, and will be doing another set in 2011.

Linda Downs

I've just started knitting socks and I'm hooked (sorry about the crochet reference). I've only tried one pattern so far, but I'm ready for something new. Love this yarn choice


The one that stands out the most is one I am currently knitting. It's the Advent Calendar scarf by Unikatissima on Ravelry. One pattern section a day thru the 24th.

Conni Christensen

By far I absolutely LOVE the Halloween daughter wears them no matter what the weather in her favorite colours black and pink. SHe'd have them in every possible colour combination if I had the time! Thank you for the great pattern!


My favorite pattern is the Z-Cuff sock pattern by Elizabeth Ravenwood
from Vogue Knitting Free Patterns Website. I made two pairs for Christmas presents and intend to use the pattern again

Sue S

My favorite sock pattern this year was "Glynis" from Cookie A's book Sock Innovation. I made it using Hazel Knits Artisan sock yarn in the colorway "Coveralls". Turned out great and I can't wait to make it again. Love your website and wish you and yours the best of holidays and a happy new year!


This year and every year its Smorgasboard pattern from the first book from the Green Mountain Spinnery in Vermont. It has a wonderful combination of texture stitches, is easy to adjust sizes and goes fast. I usually knit it in Fixation on #4 needles. I always have a pair in progress in addition to the great wool striped ones.

Vickey Brickle

Mine is the Houdini Socks by Cat Bordhi. I've made several pairs now and find they knit up easily and fit great. I've made them with both my hand spun, hand dyed yarns and commercial yarns. I'm also experimenting with fair isle, knitting stitches and cables with them different from her book socks. I used to be a cuff down knitter but now I'm mainly a toes up two at a time on one circular.

Vickey In SC


Emily Johnson's Julia socks. I'm not sure that they were the most fun thing to knit this year, but they fit so well.

carol fun

While I've made lots and lots of plain vanilla socks my favorite pattern this year has been the 22.5 Degree Shawlette I found for free on Ravelry. I've done it up in sock weight and heavier yarn - it is quick and makes a great knitty accent to any outfit. Check it out -

Jean Folkerth

I guess I would have to say the "vanilla sock" pattern with the stockinette stitch. I love its simplicity.

Theresa Martin

This year I made several pairs of mitts for gifts from cascade 220. The pattern was adapted from the book 'mostly mittens'. (I think that's the title). Each pair was two colours, they knit up quick, the project was very portable, and the results were awesome.

Looking back over the socks I made in 2010, I find that only 3 or 4 were somebody else's pattern. So here's a shameless plug for a sock I designed that came out really well, Jane Fairfax Socks:


Favorite pattern that I tried this year is the KASCuddle, a sack for babies that Knit-A-Square uses for their AIDS orphan babies in South Africa to keep them warm. A ribbed collar, then join and knit in the round for many inches, then 3-needle bindoff and you're done!

Nice to be able to help a baby keep warm!

Thanks for these contests, and the beautiful yarns we get to see each day!


Traveling Woman shawl. Made it twice this year. Usually don't repeat a pattern unless it's plain old basic sock.


I'm on my 3rd pair of spring forward socks in 3 months-it's not a new pattern, but I'm a new sock knitter. I love the pattern!


I'm on my 3rd pair of spring forward socks in 3 months-it's not a new pattern, but I'm a new sock knitter. I love the pattern!


Barb's Ruffled Scarf by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas using Koigu yarn. Love this pattern. You can use all the pretty sock yarns available now!


This year was pretty stressful, so I turned to the monkey sock pattern, modded to knit the purls. It's intricate enough for me to have to focus occasionally but familiar enough that I can work on it during work breaks with no worries when I have to stop in mid-row.


I hve made several Boteh crocheted scarfs this year from various sock yarns. I love making it!


Lavalette by Kirsten Kapur on Ravelry is my very favorite pattern this year. I knit it with Tencelicious and wear it ALL the time. Perfect pattern in perfect colors for me.


Gumdrops. I did a KAL with some friends and fell in love with the pattern and hope to knit another pair soon!


Overall, Whitney and Brambles, two hats I knit with worsted weight yarn, were my favorite projects. My favorite sock pattern was Badcaul.


I LOVE the Drop Stitch Scarf pattern! I've already made three this year. For socks, I really like Cotty because it's pretty and knits up quickly.


For me, it would have to be the Cotty Socks by Irishgirlieknits and the Chunky Ribs & Ruffles Scarf from Misti Alpaca (free, btw). I've knit 2 or 3 pairs of socks using the Cotty pattern and I made each of the women in my family a scarf using the Ribs & Ruffles pattern. :)

Sherri Donohue

The pattern that I use over and over again is the plain basic sock pattern. I love using self-patterning yarn with the basic pattern.


Whirlpool Socks / in Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn.

Robin Clark

It is too hard to pick just one...
Brambles Beret from Knitty
Ishbel from Ysolda Teague
Boneyard from Stephen West
Guernsey Wrap from Brooklyn Tweed


I am unable to follow patterns. I'm much happier working out the math for myself.

Oh wait, I knit clapotis. I'd like to knit another one.


Love the colors of this installation, yummy


I enjoyed making the CITRON scarf shawlette very much! For Christmas this year, I've made 3 pairs of the FETCHING mittens.

Sara Lee Albright

My favorite pattern this year was a free pattern on Ravelry (also out now in Cookie A's new book : "Knit - Sock - Love"), the MONKEY sock ! I've knit this design using both solids, kettle-dyed, and multi-colored yarns, always with wonderful results !


Mini Mochi Springy Mittens was one of my faves. Love the cuff of these mittens.


Anything by Deby Lake--last pair completed was Best Friends Socks, next due to finish is Wild Kat.


The addiction that is freshest in my mind now is the Fletcher Mitts by Amy Swenson. I'm on the first mitt of the first pair, but I want to make tons of them. The differences the chosen yarn makes as you knit make them so fun! Can't wait to see what colors come up next!!!

Elizabeth Ruuska

This year I discovered the sock patterns by Yarnissima. I've traditionally made plain jane stockinette socks. But patterning and lace really got me this year.


The Swirls sock pattern, The Uptown Boot Sock pattern from Favorite Socks/ Interweave's 25 Timeless Designs, (for my grandson- to be born in March) the Twist and Sprout (Stick Chick Knits) baby hats and the "Leftovers" Baby Sock pattern (Matthew Hesson-McInnis) Knitting for me is on hold until after I finish baby knitting...

Lisa Viviano

My fav pattern this year is called Bobbles and Slips in the book Knitting More Circles Around Socks (I left out the bobble section). I used Pigeonroof Siren Two in the colorway Vintage and they knit up into the perfect pair of Holiday socks.

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