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December 16, 2010


Kathleen B.

Christmas morning is usually green here in NC but you can never tell what the temperature might be. This year may be different as we are experiencing a winter event - snow earlier that has turned to sleet, freezing rain or just rain depending on your location.


It varies. We have years of 60 degrees and years filled with snow. This year in Syracuse we have 67" on the ground this month. We will definitely have a white Christmas.

Cyndy Landers

In Florida we many times have the best weather in the country. 70's and beautiful. My family usually heads to the beach the day before or the day after Christmas.

bunny dimmel

we will be buried in snow-syracuse ny,bunny


It's usually just super cold - the snow always seems to come in January or February. :-)

Suzy Koths

Like Indiana, we never know here in Michigan. It could be cold (below zero) or it could be warm (32 degrees). I hope we don't get a lot of snow too close to Christmas so everyone can have safe travels.


Well, since I live really close to you, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, you know all about our weather. I'd have to say usually some snow and cold weather and that really feels like Christmas..
One of my favorite memories is when my daughter was 4 years old and sang at her preschool Christmas pageant. I cried,she was so cute. Enjoy every minute!!


It's usually dry and brown here in Greenville, SC.


In central IL one never knows - could be brown, could be white! Based on the snow from last night and the fact that we'll stay below freezing for the next week or so I'm thinking this year will be a white Christmas! Kids are thrilled!


Here in SW Washington, it is oftentimes gray and raining on Christmas morning. However, there have been a fair number of years where it has been "sunny"--wintery sunny, that is (I think you could do a nice colorway in that!!!). If we wake up to 3" of snow, the town would shut down. We get it sometimes and love it, but don't know what to do with it!


In Virginia we can have 70s, green grass, and people still in shorts. Last year we were snowed in. Most years it is very nice. I endure the winter months so I can enjoy the beautiful Springs we have.


I live in lake effect country. It's generally white here for Christmas. And if it isn't white, it's either the middle of a very temporary thaw, or it soon will be white.


It's almost always a snow-less Christmas in Southern Illinois. Today - we still have snow from the weekend & it's coated with ice from last night's freezing rain. A good day to knit.


In Northern Kentucky it is much like Indiana. We've been here for 8 years and I would say more often than not it is cold and grey, but the white Christmases are so beautiful! Hopefully this year.

Vivian Johnson

In Chicago, IL - it could be a blizzard on Christmas Eve - making travel and last minute shopping unbearable or it could just be real cold - Time to stay in and enjoy a good movie.

Linda B

I'm heading home, upstate NY, so we will be cold and probably buried in snow. I live in WI so on Christmases we spend here it's either cold or snow or more typically, both!!


I also live in your neck of the woods in Huntertown. You know what the weather is like. Pretty sure we're going to have a white Christmas this year and way too cold, in my opinion.


Although I live in D.C., we spend Christmas in Connecticut with my family. Unlike in the olden-time movies, where Connecticut is a common Christmas setting, it's much like you describe Indiana. Half the time you get cold, white, and frothy and the other half it's dismal and rainy and in the mid-40s. I can't think of the last time there was a sunny Christmas, but that's probably just my memory playing tricks on me.


We usually have snow. Right now we have ice (it rained after it snowed), and I'm hoping we get a bit more snow before Christmas.


Here in MA it is almost always cold and often snowy, although one year it was warm enough for the kids to ride their new bikes outside. That was a special treat.

Kathy Nielsen

lots of snow and probably cold in British Columbia - visiting at Grandma's! Hope your day is a wonderful one with your family!


I could paste your paragraph after the question into this area and it would fit for north central Montana. Best wishes for the season.


It's hit or miss with the snow here too. I think in the years that I've lived here, we mostly have a few flurries on Christmas. Our real snow comes usually comes in January.


I'm in Iowa....I have see all kinds of weather on Christmas days in the past. I think I even remember one year when the weather was in the 60s. Weird. However, it is usually cold...sometimes very. Sometimes we have snow and sometimes not.

Diane Laughlin

The last couple of years here have been warmish with nary a snowflake to be seen, but this year the ground is covered in white and it promises to stay white until after Christmas. The snow makes a lovely backdrop for the cardinals and bluejays at the feeder.
Where is here? Fenelton, Pa. (north of Pittsburgh)

Cynthia Parker

It's a big toss up here in Southern Maryland. Last Christmas we most definitely had snow and it looks this year might be the same. It is snowing as I write this. About three years ago we were sitting on the deck eating oysters on Thanksgiving!

Patty McD

It will be beautiful! In the last 30 or so years we've had bad (rain, drizzle or cold) weather just 3 times. I would love to have a white Christmas, but if it snowed in this part of Southern California everything would grind to a halt and nobody would know what to do with it!

Mary C.

In the mountains of Colorado the snow is beautiful and deep, but down here in Denver it's brown and dry this year, and until yesterday it was unusually warm. As much as we'd love to have a white Christmas, it's not looking like our chances are good this time around.


We live in Northern CA, near the coast so we do not have snow for Christmas. Generally is it cool and clear and beautiful. This year they are predicting rain. We'll see. My favorite Christmas weather is cool and clear though, good for a nice long Christmas morning walk.

Marilyn P

We generally are brown and sometimes wet around Christmas. This year, it's snowing today (12/16) but it will change to rain later in the day. Raleigh/Durham, NC


You never know what the weather will be like here in southeast Louisiana on Christmas day. It could be sunny and muggy and 75 degrees (A/C weather) or cold and rainy and 40's (fireplace and heater running). it's all wait and see.


I'm also close to you in NW Indiana near South Bend, the Lake Effect Snow belt. We may be buried or simply gray. I grew up in Southern California where it is most often clear and at least 65 degrees on Christmas day. Seems weird now when we visit, though I appreciate not shoveling snow before going to church.


In Albuquerque, NM it will probably be dry, brown and high 50's / low 60's


Forgot to that pre-school performance and hope James does something funny. His future girlfriends will find that sort of thing totally endearing. : )


Here in Illinois we've had both, but usually it's dry and overcast on Christmas. My number three child fell asleep in his chair on stage during his preschool Christmas show. The little boy next to him kept trying to nudge him awake but he finally gave up. I had to go get him before he fell off the dais.


I live in a coastal rainforest, known as the 'Wet Coast' of Canada, so chances are it will be raining. Not likely to be snow on the ground, but spectacular to look at on the mountains, with lots of evergreens and soaring eagle if we are lucky enough for a clear day. But you never know, we have had white Christmases, a raging blizzard or a ton of snow are not completely impossible either. 'Crap Shoot' pretty much is it, with odds on the rain.

Janet Miller

This is my third Christmas in Billings, MT. The past two years, my daughter came from Houston to find herself surrounded by snow and sub-zero temps. I'm talking down to -20 a couple of nights! Of course, she descended the plane in flip-flops and a fresh pedicure. So this year we are going to Houston for Christmas to get away from the sub-zero stuff, and the forecast here for Christmas day is for a high near 40. Go figure! So, the answer to your question is that anything can happen in eastern Montana.


Here in KY last year was sunny and cold and dry on roads and underfoot. Good for travellers and gift givers.


Here in Utah it can be anywhere from sunny, snowy, foggy, or rainy. We had lots of snow in Nov and it was pretty. Then it all melted. Two days ago we got snow and I'm hoping it lasts thru Xmas. I like waking up on Christmas day to snow on the ground


Well, I think it rained last year, but this year it will probably be white. We have a good bit of snow on the ground now and it's very cold so I don't think it's going anywhere. I am in SW PA, close to the Laurel Highlands so we usually have snow around.

Julie Krick

It's a crap shoot in NW Indiana too. Most days are snowy & grey. So I put white twinkle lights up and down my stair railings and pretend that its a party every day otherwise I would be depressed by March. I've lived other places in the U.S. & winter is just the time to burrow away with beautiful yarns!

Ruth Anne

In Ohio it's probably brown and muddy more often than not, but this year I'm hoping it stays cold enough that the snow on the ground now is still there!


In So. Oregon it's usually cold, overcast, chance of rain or snow flurries. Sometimes there's fog too!


I live in Northern CA. Cold for us is when it goes below 50. I took a Holiday Lights train ride that ran through the mountains and along the coast last Saturday night. No jacket required as it was still very warm at 8pm. This year it's expected to rain on Christmas but as you pointed out weather predictions are consistently inconsistent.

Lisa P.

In SW Washington State in the beautiful Pacific NW, we generally have rain. however a few years ago, we had quite a bit of snow, it was quite magical opening gifts christmas morning while it was snowing outside!

Terri Brinegar

In southwest Ohio, we also see a variety of weather...anywhere from green, to rain, to a white Christmas. This year, I believe it will be White!

Connie Kinsman

Here in Reno, Nevada, it is always snowy with so much wind that the snow is coming down sideways! I used to live in So. California and it was always sunny! I do like the four seasons here in Reno..the only thing I don't like is not being able to go shopping when it snows. I have a Ford Mustang and it's not four wheel drive and I don't feel comfortable driving in snow anyway. So in I stay and knit! It's God's way of saying "feel no guilt and knit all day with my blessing!"

Robin Clark

I'm in northern KY. We probably have snow at Xmas time 25% of the time? Slightly further north where my in-laws live (near Canton OH), there is snow at Xmas probably 60% of the time? We spend the weekend around Xmas up there so we see snow on a good portion of our holidays.


In southwest BC we usually have a wet, green Christmas. Sometimes we're lucky and get a cold sunny day and if we're really lucky (according to my husband), about every 4 or 5 years we end up with a white Christmas!


We'll be in central Massachusetts where it will be cold but might or might not be snowy.


Last year we woke up to a white Christmas.
This year it's any one's guess.It could rain,snow or be very cold!

Lisa Viviano

Here in southwest Louisiana the weather is like a box of chocolates. You never (I repeat never) know what you are going to get. As of now the weathermen are calling for cold and rainy. Pull on a pair of wool socks and just get comfy.


Dec 25th here is usually cool but brown and dry. Central Florida is funny that way. Unless you've wrapped up your plants that can't handle cold, they turn brown. So does the lawn. Unless you live with Mickey where magic pixie dust keeps everything green and lush.

However when I lived in miami, I've been known to hit the beach on that day.

Have fun with the little guy. I doubt he'll pee or run off stage, but all bets are off when it comes to picking the nose. Boys tend to do that regardless!! LOL


Snow, snow, and more snow here in MN. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

NancyN from Texas

I live near Houston, so it can be warm and humid (I try to think "balmy") or sunny and crisp.

Susan C.

I'm in Louisville, and I've only been here a few years, but mostly it's grey and brown on Christmas. But after too many Chicago winters, I'm fine with that! :)


We seldom get a white Christmas, and I miss the cold, snowy holidays of my childhood.


Some years we have snow and some years we don't. This year will be a snow year! We have had plenty of storoms move in and we're having a La Nina weather pattern here in the Pacific Northwest. Lots of snow!

Tammy Edwards

Here in Central OH weather is always a topic of conversation. It can be anywhere from somewhat pleasant to ice storms to snow in varying amounts.


Well, Chicago does what it likes for weather. This year is likely to be very cold.


Here in Northern CA dense fog is always a possibility in the morning. Winter weather is very unpredictable in the northern most end of the Central Valley.

Andrea W

On The Eastern Shore of VA we rarely have snow. Woke up this morning to a phone call from the school Super saying that school was cancelled in "anticipation" of snow. Beautiful sunrise and now at 1pm we are covered in snow as beautiful as any Christmas card I have received. Thanks Santa!


wet and brown. :\

Diana Hook

Dry and . . . green! I'm in Northern California, where winter is our wet season, but it never ever rains on Christmas. Or New Years. Though this year may be the exception, since we've had a rainy fall.


Here in SW Michigan we have the same uncertain, if you don't like it wait a day, winter weather that you do.

Right now it appears that the ground will be white on Christmas morning, but anything could happen except green. For sure we won't be green.

Those of us who have to drive somewhere are happy when there's not too much snow and ice. We do our driving on Christmas Eve and enjoy a pretty snowfall on Christmas Day. Then, we're ready for spring. Of course spring doesn't happen until April, but we're ready.:-)


Here in northern Virginia, it normally is cold, but not snowy. However, today it is snowing, and it has been cold for over a week, and forecast to be cold next week, too, so we may have a white Christmas!


Snow is likely, but cold is a given. Minnesota has "odd" weather for a girl who grew up in the Great Lakes area. Instead of snowing pretty solidly for 3 months, they get 4 or 5 snowfalls a year - each usually more than a foot. So if it's been recent to one of those, then we have snow. If not, we just have bitter cold and sunshine.

You really have to live up north, I think, to understand how much you NEVER want to see the sun in the winter.


Usually it dry, but you never know about the temperature here in Northern Virginia. Last year we were snowed in and unable to make it to family for the holidays. This year we're staying home.


In Vancouver BC we usually have rain for a good part of the winter. It's not unheard of to have a white Christmas though - maybe every 3-4 years? They're predicting lots of snow this winter season so hopefully it'll come in time for Christmas...


We usually wake up to a white Christmas here in Northern Vermont.


I am in Chantilly, Virginia which is about 30 miles SW of Washington,DC and usually it is cold and dry. Sometimes we have had snow, but not very often. We usually get our snow in January and February, although last year we had a lot of snow the weekend before Christmas and then a whole lot more in February.


Here in western PA it's always cold, usually gray, and sometimes there is snow, but more often not. This year winter seems to have come early and we already have snow, so it bodes well for Christmas day.

Sara Lee Albright

I guess we're more like Indiana than most native-born Southerners would like to admit ... Raleigh can be cold, but it also be beautifully brisk fall weather, too .... today is cold with snow and ice on the ground. Chilly, baby, and time for hot coco with cherry juice !!!

Theresa Martin

This yeAr it looks like we will be having a very white Christmas at home. We've had about a foot of snow already and more in the forcast. Looks really pretty! However, we 're travelling this Christmas and will be enjoying Christmas day in Hawaii!


In MA it is almost always cold but only snowy about half the time. We may get a snowstorm on Sunday and wind up with a white Christmas this year - yay!


Here in central Virginia, we can have anything from 80 degrees to Winter Wonderland. It looks like this year will be fairly cold. It snowed today.


Where I live, it is usually cold, sometimes snowy, sometimes icy. Where I visit for Christmas, it is usually sunny, mid-60s and green.

Debbie B

I live in Mass and usually we have snow in October, November the latest. This year we have bitter cold and no snow! Makes it hard to get in the spirit of things, but I'm trying!


C O L D ! ! I live in Wisconsin!


In Michigan weather can be wide range. The way the weather is going this year it will be a white Christmas.

Patti Ritz

Where I live in southern Indiana it is usually chilly. Sometimes we will have a light snow, but it could also be 50 degrees.
From what I have heard on the long range forecasts, we might have a little snow this year. We have a lot of birds at our feeder. Sometimes near dusk, we may have deer come into the yard. Our house sits on the city limits so we see a lot of wild creatures in the field behind our house.


We live in northern WI so it is a beautiful winter wonderland but we are usually at my parents in the SE part of the states so there it is warm and green. During the holiday season we go from one extreme to the other!

Mary T.

Definitely green, sometimes dry, sometimes wet.

I'm in a valley in northern CA so even though it will be foggy and cold, and maybe even raining, we will never have snow.


The weather here in NJ is all over the place for Christmas. Some years it's warmer, others it's cold and snowy. I'm not sure what this year will be, although it's snowing right now! You'll post pics of James at his pageant? One of my favorite pictures of my son is when he was a Peace angel in his preschool pageant. He's 23 now and I still love that picture!

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

That is some gorgeous yarn! I am in Chicago, so it is usually a white Christmas. However, the snow is just leftover snow from previous storms and won't melt because it can't get above freezing.!


Living on Lake Erie in great state of Ohio, your guess is as good as mine. This year I think it will be a white Christmas.


there's usually a thin layer of snow here in toronto, but not that much. in the evening it often begins to snow more, but on the morning, not much. it's cause we're in the city, i swear. an hour away and there's a foot of it every christmas.


Almost always snow....this year much more than normal!


In Central Texas it could be pretty much anything. 7-day forecast: 60's today, 40's on Friday and mid-70's next week.


Here in Kentucky, you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes we have a little bit of snow, sometimes it's 50 degrees - it's a surprise every year!

Emily S.

Here in NY (about 2 hours North of NYC, and no, we don't consider ourselves "upstate", LOL!) it's usually pretty cold and according to the weather it may well be a white Christmas with some snow on the ground. Most years there's no snow or very little. We usually get the bulk of it in the new year.


New England, so usually snow. Not always, though.


Here in Sacramento, California, we usually have a beautiful blue and foggy nights. Makes for good day celebrations, but I always worry about the people driving home!


I live in south Texas--it is usually pretty warm, sometimes shorts are even in order! Not very ho ho ho-ish!

Kathleen B.

They are calling for snow this year. We get snow for Christmas about once a decade or two down here in North Carolina. Hope James had a spectacular time!


The only guarantee is cold. Usually snowy in Michigan. This year, for sure snowy! It's going to take a while to melt all the snow we have now…and that's only after we leave the deep freeze we are in!


Snow in New Hampshire usually, although we also have some gray and brown Christmases.


In Cleveland, OH, it is almost always cold and snowy on Christmas.


Here in central Texas, you never really know what you'll get. We could have had 80 degree days, snow, rain, or dry. But typically it's between 50-60 degrees, sunny, crystal blue skies and often dry.

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