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December 20, 2010



Pretty yarn. I bounce between varigated and self striping yarns. I like watching varigated knit up to see how the colors stripe or pool.


I love Opal: self-striping and solids!


I've been knitting with a lot of self stripping yarn lately.


Looking at completed socks I seem to go for self striping first with varigated seconds. However I have been looking for more semi solids or solids to knit more complex patterns with.


Since I enjoy knitting plain vanilla socks, I love self-striping yarns. Variegateds, too!

Diane Psota

I have to pick just one kind? YIKES!!! I love them all, but right now I'm leaning towards the semi-solids.


I just love the colors of Lorna's Laces yarn. However, after browsing through your pages, I see so much fantastic yarn. Handmaiden looks like they have some beautiful colors.


Mostly variegated, but I've been gravitating toward semisolids for cables.


I have only used self pattering/striping yarn for socks. I have only knit socks for my husband so colors have not been to exciting. Lots of blacks & greys. Would love some pretty yarn to make a fun pair for myself!

Beverly Shearon

I love variegated yarn. I like to use it for scarves, too.

Cathy Goldman

OPal and then hand dyed yarn....variegated and colorful....I am a sucker for pretty sock yarn...any sock yarn.....

Susan C.

I've knit with all of these choices, but I've found the semi-solid to be my favorites.

Andrea W

I love self striping sock yarn for the shawlettes that I make. The changes in color keep my interest up!


I like self-patterning yarn, being a relatively new knitter.


OKAY! me, too...I pick the variegated colors, but I've noticed that I finish the projects with self-patterning yarns!!!

I would still pick variegated yarn if I had my choice...the colors make me swoon.

Kathy Brandon

I love to knit socks and I love how varigated yarns can turn something simple into something amazing...

Janet Miller

I knit mostly with variegated yarns (LL most often). But I discovered, like you, that I always finish the self-patterning/striping projects because I get such a thrill out of watching the colors/patterns change. Noro Kureyon sock yarn can be so frustrating to knit for a variety of reasons, but I just love working with the color changes, blends, and textural variations that I find it completely addictive. I just started a plain stockinette pair out of Opal and am loving them!


I mostly use variegated and semi-solids, although the family does get to chose the yarn for their socks, usually the brighter the better.


I'm split about 50/50 between using a yarn that does all the work and using a solid with a complex pattern.


Definitely variegated. I love the extra colors without extra work.

Deb K.

I tend to use variegated most often, as the colors really pop in them and keep my attention when I'm knitting (it's like a mystery - what's next!) However, the patterns I like most often lend themselves best to semi-solid or solid colors because of the complicated stitch patterns.


I generally tend toward the variegated yarn because I love the colors, but lately I've been using more semi-solids to show off some neat patterns. And I've been buying more self-striping yarns :)


I use variegated and semi-solids/solids most often. I love the colors in variegated yarns, but also like solids for the "fancier" patterns.


I hate when self-patterning yarn doesn't behave, so I tend to use mostly semi-solids and kettle-dyed, to avoid the problem of pooling. But I would like to try String Theory Colorworks Continuum to see if wider stripes behave better...

Melissa Cherney

I am very new to sock knitting still, but think the Araucania Ranco Multi will be my favorite, with the Zauberball purple/orange being a very close second. I say Ranco Multi first, because I love the way the colors blend together, and I'm not overly fond of actual striping. The Zauberball though, I just LOVE the way the colors slowly shift.


All of the above but mainly semi solid or solid so I can do more patterning.


I like knitting socks out of semi-solids, mostly, as I tend to gravitate toward complicated patterns that work best without colour interference, but I have some stunning variegated fingering yarn just calling out to become a scarf or a shawl of some sort. Soon, my pretties!


I use a lot of the self patterning sock yarns. Just love them!

Mary T

I tend to choose semi-solids.

Lisa Viviano

I mostly knit with variegated yarn. I love watching the yarn change colors as I knit. This year I plan to knit with solids more and possibly something in Fair Isle.

Kathy Sue

So pretty!! I mostly use variegated or shaded yarns because I love the play of colors as I knit. I mostly make shawls, but have been known to make socks and fingerless mitts to match. I also like trying different fibers and combinations of fibers.


I LOVE self-striping/self-patterning sock yarn! It looks great for even the simplest pattern.


Simply Socks has nice stockinette patterns.


I've used them all but am totally fascinated by self patterning/striping ones. I know what will happen next but it's always interesting to watch it!

Alene Sternlieb

I love to knit with multicolor yarn of a variety of types.


I use mostly self-striping yarns for my carry along sock project, because I think those look best with a plain sock pattern. I use variegated and solid/semi-solid often for shawls.


I love stripes and use Knitterly Things Vesper a lot. I also loved Woolen Rabbit sock yarn and Ball and Skein sock yarn. It's especially nice because all of those dyers are friends of mine.


I used to knit more with self-patterning yarns, but I seem to have shifted more towards solids and semi-solids now. That is because I have gone in the direction of socks with stitch pattern or colorwork. It's fun to hold two different yarns together and see what colorwork possibilities are there.

Mimi Dillman

I think I approach yarn use like you do... try to match the yarn to the project either because I find a project that I want to do so I find a similar yarn (how nice when it's in the stash!) or have a yarn I just have to knit so I'll search for something to go with it. It's usually fingering weight, though, whichever it is... semi-solid, self-striping, wildly colored, or sometimes even solid color (no, say it isn't so!) particularly when knitting for my husband (any color you like as long as it's navy)


i own mostly semi-solid sock yarn. but i have just fallen in love with the hand-dyed, variegated stuff!

my first socks were in self-patterning, which made all my non-knitting friends think i was the best knitter ever, haha.

Debbie B

I love Lorna Laces and the colors they make. But in all honesty, if I see a skein of sock yarn and fall in love with it....well it doesn't count as stash right?


I feel the same way. Vareigated yarns SCREAM to me but the socks I've knit that are PAIRS were mostly from Opal and Regia and Austermann Step. I've only got a handful of yarns I won't knit with ever again and most of those had glorious color but unpleasant fibers or irked me for some reason (i.e. Cascade Fixation; HATE the stretch).

Terri Brinegar

Mostly handpainted are in my stash, with a sprinkle of stripes


I love variegated yarn - the more color, the better.


I usually knit with varigated and love unusual colorways. But my addiction to sock yarn is such that I will knit with most any sock yarn that finds its way to my knitting needles.

Stephanie M

I have knit mostly with self patterning sock yarn, but have started (hording) stashing semi-solid. I have lots of hats and fingerless mitts in my queue to knit with these.

susan carter

I most often knit with semi solid just because it helps the pattern stand out but all sock yarn is fun!

susan carter

Oops forgot my email to last post!


I love variegated in the skeins, but then have trouble matching to a pattern. So I've been leaning more to semi-solids lately.


I like textures and cables - so I like solids and semi-solids. But it's hard to pass up some of the variegated colorways. Dyers are so wonderfully creative....

Traci Frederick

Self striping. I'm a sucker for color!


I love Opal Rainforest yarns. The self patterning designs are fun and the colors fabulous. Also, the Opal socks wear really well. There's nothing worse than spending weeks knitting a pair of socks to have them wear thin within a month. I have Opal socks I've worn for years!


I knit with variegated yarn for plain vanilla socks and use the tonal or semi solid for patterned socks or shawls, gloves and mitts. I love working with this yarn weight the best.

Kathleen B.

My stash is predominantly variegated sock yarn.


In the past I mostly knit self patterning yarns but I find I am getting very tired of them. I do like variegated yarns by the geniuses at Alchemy & DIC. But I also am very fond of kettle dyed.

Andrea W

I like handknitting w/self patterning + variegated to watch the pattern develop. Since I also sell socks though...I use all kinds inc solids/ heathers/etc. Luckily my husband likes all colors....even pink! Prefers an earthtone heather w/ contrast heels + toes though. If using my knitting's mostly Kroy + 4 ply Regia although some other brands @ times. Limited choices locally. Very funky skein featured today...I think I see a cowl hiding in there!!!


I mostly knit with variegated colors but recently, I find myself drawn to semi-solids. For intricate lace patterns, I like to use semi solids to show it off. I buy yarn purely for color with no particular project in mind!


I like Lorna's Laces Shepherd stock a lot. This year I knit my first pair of socks with Koigu and loved it. I can't wait to knit with it again.


Mostly I've used semi-solid but I've got some variegated skeins waiting for me to wind.


I am a total sucker for self-patterning yarns whenever I'm doing a mindless basic sock pattern. For a more complex design I stick with the semi-solids so the pattern will pop out. :)

julie. depauw

I love varigated yarn and this one is very special!! I, too, usually fall in love with yarn and then search for the pattern. I have a hard time the other way around.

Stacy and the rugrats

Hmm...probably Opal. Or Three Irish Girls Adorn.S


I have a whole beach bag full of mostly handpainted (I think I have one solid sunny yellow skein). I fall in love with the colors in the skein, fall out of love with the colors when caked, and rediscover some color love when knitted up. I'm getting better at pattern selection with the variegated yarns.

Anne fiorenza

Variegated! Hands down! I too am a sucker for color and almost always pick yen first and project later!


opal especially the heavierweight. Jane


Probably vareigated because it's so much fun to buy, but I like the others too.


I love variegated or self striping yarns. It helps keep my interest in the knitting because I like to see the next color come up.


When I started knitting socks, I usually used striping yarns. But now I have been using more varigated yarns. Malabrigo Archangel being my favorite from this past year.


I am drawn to variegated yarns or self striping.


I love self striping and tonal variations in sock yarn. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


Variegated! And I LOVE Sweet Georgia yarn!

Rollie Abkowitz

I have been knitting socks for many years for my husband mostly (40 pairs to date) and my family members occasionally. I like to do the afterthought heel which I reinforce as I do the toes. It's easier than turning the heel and easily replaceable if a hole should find it's way. I use all of the sock yarns available, striped, solids, multicolors and with left overs I make my own designs based on the Scandinavian patterns using them and a solid color. Pable Neruda wrote a wonderful poem about the gift of socks which I include when I give them as a gift.


I mostly knit with varigated yarns, especially handpainted ones. Like you, I match pattern to yarn and not the other way 'round, and those look the most scrumptious in the skein.

I often find myself admiring cable or lace socks, though, and thinking I should really add some semi-solids to my stash.

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

I started with the variegated, but now I am almost through the variegated sock yarn stash. Right now, I tend to buy more semi-solids or very subtle variegated yarn. I only have a few skeins of plain solid sock yarn.


I always knit socks in solid colors - I'm not sure why, now that I think about it! But I make a lot of shawls in self-striping and variegated yarns, so I like all three!


Most of my socks have been done with self-striping yarns, but I'm now branching out into the semi solids and doing more patterns in the socks.

NancyN from Texas

My favorite is variegated, because I love seeing the colors appear under my needles.


I had been using self-striping yarns for the most part. I just recently bought myself some solid color yarn so that I can do some pattern work and be able to see it more easily. At least that's the theory :)

Jean Folkerth

I love self striping yarn. I too have discovered that those are the socks I finish. Although I did do my brother's in record time and it was just a dusky green. I don't have a favorite yarn, whatever strikes my fancy.


It's hard to say which kind of sock yarn I knit most often, because I use all kinds: self-patterning or self-striping or variegated yarn for plain stockinette socks, tamer variegated yarn for simpler patterns, and solid or semisolid for more intricate patterns.

Debbie H

I mostly love veriagated yarns, because I love color. I have even dyed my own because I couldn't find that just perfect blend of color. Debbie in Alaska

Lou Davis

I like the self striping yarn like opal. fun to watch how the colors in the stripes unwind.


If you looked at my stash, it would indicate variegateds, followed by semi-solids and self-stripers bring up the rear. However, my love of patterned knitting means I should be using more semi-solids, because patterns can get lost in the variegateds. (Then again, Christmas socks were 4 solid yarns and one variegated. So who knows? Certainly not me!)


Varigeated, striped, solid, I love them all!


So far, self-striping is my favorite, but I've not really knit socks yet. This year I knit seven bookmarks from Mini Mochi that I won in a contest! I still have one skein and a part, so now I have to find something else to knit!


I prefer solids and semisolids since I like textured knitting. Solids tend to show off the texture better.


Without a doubt variegated,hand painted yarns are my very favorites. I like to knit socks,scarves, hats, mitts out of it. I must admit that the self patterning yarns like Opal do keep me going to see what's going to happen.


Definitely variegated yarn. I too am a sucker for color. I have several patterns I want to knit and I love picking the yarn to go with them. Thanks to Allison I plenty to choose from - but still never enough. :)


Self-patterning/striping are what I generally seem to finish, although I have a lot of variegated yarns in inventory that have yet to develop either into socks or some other great project.


I like Lorna's Laces the best. Seems to wear well, stitches look sharp, soft, pretty colors to make me want to knit.


I love them all! Right now my fascination is for semi solids.....

Robin Clark

I go thru phases. I started with self patterning, then did kettle-dyed solids and plain solids, I went thru a varigated phase, and now I am back to self patterning. Socks are my go to project for social and around the town I've been doing plain vanilla sock pattern in really crazy self patterned yarns that have nylon. I wear my socks EVERY day and they need to be very sturdy.


I love variegated yarn for both socks and scarves. I knit socks for my daughter. She works in a hospital as a dietitian, and has a very strict dress code, but she can wear any kind of socks she wants. So she jazzes up her life with fabulous, colorful, handknit socks. For scarves I try to keep the colors more subtle.


I am always experimenting with different sock yarns including various small-produced hand-dyed yarns. It is all just fun and comfy.


I knit mostly with variegated yarn but must agree that I finish any self striping yarn projects much faster.

Maureen L

Mostly I knit with self striping 'cause I went kind of crazy buying that yarn when I first started knitting socks. I love to watch the colours/patterns change too.


These days it's semi-solid or solid. I'm having a romance with cables and they really show off best when they don't fight with the patterning of the yarn.


Semi-solids, since I knit a lot of lace, but I've used and like them all.


I tend to use variegated or self-striping yarns. I like the color play!


I don't think I can say one way or the other. I like all kinds of yarn. I do, however, really enjoy knitting with self-patterning yarns. I just finished two hats using Opal Rainforest Schmetterling, holding the self-striping yarn together with a solid for both. It was amazing how different the two hats looked, one with the gray solid and the other with orange.

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