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December 20, 2010



I'm with youse guys - I love all sock yarn! My sad little pea-size brain is easily entertained by color changes, but need solid-looking yarn for anything with patterns - otherwise, what's the point?


Is yes a wrong answer? Of the three socks currently in progress, one is a solid, one is variegated, and one is striped.

I like knitting with everything, although I suppose I knit with variegated most often because that's what I bought the most of when I first started collecting yarn.


I'm like you, I have great plans for lacy solid colored socks, but somehow Opal and Step keep finding their way into my sock drawer.


I have a lot of variegated yarns in my stash, and enjoy those, but I hope to knit up a good portion of my self-patterning stash this year in good old, plain stockinette socks. :)


Any kind of sock yarn is my kind!

I love color. I like well dyed hues. I find light solids make up beautiful cable design socks. And then again, some times the color makes me think of some part of nature, like a variegated mossy green I want to use a seed/moss stitch, and a variegated orange/green, makes me think of fall leaves, and then I want to knit it with a leaf-type pattern. And a red-white stripe makes me think of candy cane socks.


I mostly use the varigated yarns, but it's true about the self-striping yarn- it is motivating to keep on knitting and to see the next stripe join. Looks even more impressive to the nonknitters!!

Michelle W K

I love color amd mostly knit with multi colored yarns. my faborite socks I have are knitted fro Pagewood farms, the one with the cashmere in it! I am also makting lace shawls out of sockyarn.


I prefer solids and especially semi solids,

Glyn Komkai

I knit with variegated sock yarns mostly. Occasionally solid or semi-solid, but almost always hand-painted. I love color and pick yarn first, too!

J.T. in missouri

varigated, then self patterning.

Abby M

I like a sock yarn with a blend of wool and nylon. I love the great colors in a lot of variegated yarns, but find them hard to pair with patterns at times. So now I find myself looking at solids more often.


I love all yarns, but I'm finding that when I am knitting a patterned sock with cables or lace work, the semisolids or softly variegated yarns show the work to best advantage. So I seem to be buying more and more of those!


I have knit loads with self striping yarns for other people, but will admit that I much prefer semi-solids for me, so I can see the fancy patterns!


I prefer semi solids to wear, but prefer variegated to knit with. Either way, I'm happy.


I knit simple socks that will show off the yarn colors. I've used self striping with patterns and they're not worth the time invested, so now pretty much just do plain socks with colorful yarns.


Most of my socks so far are in variegated yarns but I find I am starting to gravitate to solids/semi-solids.


I have to go with vareigated, I too, am a sucker for color and because the more the better, I want it all at once, ha!

Tina Smith

I have found that I have to feel a yarn colorway and see what happens from there. Recently I have been working with self patterning yarn and like it. Haven't liked it much before. I had to let go of the idea that the socks would match. I made one pair matchy matchy and didn't like it so much. I think non matchy socks scream hand knit, and I like that.

Diane Mastrodomenico

One of my favorite sock yarns is Malibrigo. Being from the South,
I have started looking for lighter weight yarns and have enjoyed knitting Panda Cotton and Sockina Cotton. Solids, stripes, variegated...I love any type of sock yarn!


I could count on one hand the pairs of solid color socks I've made and have fingers left over. Variegated is my first love and then some of the LL stripes. Can't get enough Opal and Fleece Artist for the colors.


I'm definitely a variegated yarn knitter. I love watching the color patterns as they knit up. Since I tend to knit up scarves with my sock yarns this works quite well.

Patricia Richardson

Most of my sock yarn is variegated, but I also have a lot of self-patterning.


i love to knit with self patterning yarns for socks, and semi-solids for shawls and scarves.


I like Opal yarn the best. Yarn like that is so cool because you let the yarn do the work. After dealing with the public a mindless knit is the best.


I use Opal 6 ply and Trekking XL the most in variegated colours. The pattern keeps me going and I don't get bored. I love other more exotic yarns, but since I knit socks primarily for my husband and two grown sons, these yarns have continually and reliably stood the test of time. These boys love the patterns and the socks wear like iron. I really liked the sock colours Alison chose this year for the 2009 yarn club though too. Alison, you did a great job and each yarn was lovely. I especially like the Mother's Day kit as well with the pink and variegated yarn. I knit a pair for myself with pink top, heel and toe and the striped part for the body (just plain stockinette). Love them. Really looking forward to new sock club (live in Canada so haven't received first parcel yet).And I am definitely going to buy String Theory Continuum Striping if I can get my hands on some. Those stripes are mesmerizing.

Cynthia Landers

Definitely veriegated yarn. I get sucked in by the gorgeous colors


I buy mostly variegated the color combinations. But I'm waiting for some self striping yarn and can't wait to try it out.

Marie Gassler

Just recently finished a "Cookie A" sock with purple variegated from Lorna's Laces as a Shower gift for my granddaughter. I told her they were "leisure socks' for a cold night on the sofa with a book or TV. She loved them

Other than that it is usually patterned yarn for younger grandkids socks (or for me!)


No preference--it depends on my mood and pattern. I love the variety available.


Currently I am enjoying the kettle-dyed/semi-solid colors. These really show off pattern details nicely.

Ruth in So. MD

I go back and forth, usually variegated, but also the occasional stripes. Plus, I've been especially drawn to the semi-solids lately, even though I don't have much in my stash.


Lately I've been leaning toward the semisolids although I have variegated and self striping yarns in my stash.


I most often knit socks kettled dyed yarns.


I'm all about the variegated yarns!


I use varigated most often.. I love them.


Variegated/ Self-striping especially opal/ love Opal.


I actually don't know the answer to this question. I think I'm about 50-50 between self patterning and almost solids.

When I knit self-patterning, I use a plain vanilla pattern. When I knit an interesting stitch pattern, I use an almost solid.


I like self striping sock yarn for a plain pattern and a kettle dyed or semi solid sock yarn for a pattern with some lace or cables.


So many options.... I love the ones that are lightly variegated and usually hand painted.


I like semi-solids best! They're so pretty!


I love the self patterning yarn best.

Teal Cuttlefish

I crochet, and seldom make socks, but I love silky fabrics and variegated colors. They make marvelous scarves and shawls.

Carla in MT

probably the variegateds more. Although, I've done several patterned ones. It's what is in my stash. I don't have a lot of solids, which is sad, cuz most of the patterns I really like need near-solids. But I , too, love the colors of the yarn first.


I'm a fool for variegated but I'm starting to fall madly in love with semi-solids because I'm enamoured of knee-high patterns lately!

As far as brand, I'm not picky.


I like more mild variegation if I'm going to knit a pattern, but I've found that most of my favorite socks to wear are plain or ribbed, so that frees me up to use all kinds of wild variegates and self-striping yarns. Woo!

LN in Texas

I like the variegated yarns best.


Variegated and self-patterning/striping seem to win most of the time (I'm easily amused LOL). Having said that though, the current SIP are a solid colour.


I love using multi-colored and/or self-striping yarn (although i must admit, by the time i'm done with it, it's never striped quite correctly... Solids never quite "rocked my socks" *da dun- chi!* XD) but that yarn up there is gorgeous O.O looks just like sunset!! I can think of quite a few soft fuzzy things i'd whip up with that XD


Unfortunately I am a novice but I am inspired and can not wait to try every sock yarn there is....I love all varigated and first pair are solid which I have a sock on the needles my next pair will be varigated.


I'd say variegated colors usually, but every now and then I see a self-patterning yarn that I really like. I have probably used more Lorna's Laces than any other yarn.


I love the look of multicolored hand dyes - I don't have to worry and can just knit plain socks and show off the yarn, but I'm finding I'm leaning more and more toward semi-solids to show off fancy patterns.

Joyce Morrow

I knit mostly with self-patternig yarn. I do love color and I think watching the colors knit off the skeins int differing patterns forms a rhythm wich speeds along my stitching. jemknit


With whatevery yarn will look the best for the pattern that I want to knit. I am knitting with my Christmas String Theory right now and using the pattern that was suggested with the kit. It is easy and turning out beautiful (had to make the size small than the pattern called for. I have a small foot!!)

Peggy Oppocher

I knit with various kinds of sock yarn. I love to see what the knitted yarn looks like when I finish. When you knit socks, you can see the knitted yarn sooner than knitting sweaters, etc. Gives me satisfaction in no time at all.

Wendy McD

I ADORE hand painted VARIEGATED yarns! They have to be deep, saturated colors and I do mean colors! LOTS of colors with one main color that it "reads." I have a lovely 2 at a time toe upper that I use every time! Some times I will add beads to the cuff with my beaded picot cast off but for the most part I'm very please to just knit plain. That said I do make alot of knee highs and stockings as well since we live in the mountains where it's chilly willy!

I'm such a simple person that to branch out into designing a solid sock is an adventure. Yes, design... I don't normally like to make something that is very popular or that 1/2 a million others already have done. Currently bought on a light lime DIC Starry and am working on a lovely little pattern for it. TMI right! I LOVE SOCKS AND LACE!!!!! :-) Have a great day Alli.


I definitely prefer sock yarn with either varigations or self stripes. No plain yarn here! lol

marsha salcedo

I'm just learning so no favorites yet. I do love malabrigo in all it's forms though.

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