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December 20, 2010


Barb R

I seem to knit some of the simplest socks know to man only because I knit for my men. They aint guys as you well know. So I guess, to answer your question is..VANILLA. I knit a lot of vanilla sock patterns. Cast on 78, k1,p1 rib, knit the heel flap, turn the heel, knit the foot and kitchener close.

But I do use a LOT of cool yarns...some I have spun myself...


I do not knit socks but use sock yarn for many other projects.

lisha hunter

I knit socks and lightweight garments like a suummer tank out a grab bag of bright orange handpainted yarn. It maade me the cool memi to my ggranddaughter


I made my first pair of socks with Opal. I was totally hooked on knitting socks after that! I have expanded my yarn selections since then, but I am always attracted to Opal because of the interesting patterns that evolve as you knit. Another big plus is how nicely the socks wash !


Mostly stripes and handpainted are in my stash.


This year I used mostly solid or semi solid yarns because of the sock pattern I was knitting. But I always had a plain vanilla sock on the needles using variegated or self striping. It's easier to travel with a basic sock. You don't have to worry about counting anything.
This year I discovered the self striping yarn String Theory Colorworks Continuum. Love it!


I tend to knit with variegated or semi-solid sock yarns. I use a more solid color on patterns with cables or texture while the variegated yarns go nicely with a plainer pattern. I only knit with stripes after I cast on each sock at the same place. It drives me nuts when stripes don't match.

Conni Christensen

I have a couple of skeins of Opal with which I'm hoping to knit a pair of socks for my daughter this winter. Her foot has been growing so incredibly fast this past year, that I didn't want the socks to be too small before they were even finished! Gloves worked out much better though.


Currently I am knitting with Crystal Palace, I think varigated, not self striping. But I do love the hand dyed, which I have in line for my next project.


I do love the self-patterning sock yarns. I have knit several pairs in Regia this year. But, I also love Lorna's Laces. I have a lot of sock yarn stash that I try to knit from, and for the men in my life, I usually choose a solid or semi-solid yarn. The women get to see a lot of variegated and self-patterning socks. I guess my choices of sock yarn are largely determined by the color, not necessarily by whether they are solid, variegated, or self-patterning, because I use all three.


I do love variegated yarns, but I most often knit with solids or semi-solids because I like knitting patterns that tend to get lost with variegated yarn.

Karen Sheldon

I mostly use variegated or self-patterning yarns. I love watching how the colours form in the pattern. Although I have been finding a lot of patterns lately that would look best in semi-solids.


Ilove both varigated and striped yarns but my favorite because itis so cushy is the Handmaiden Casbash.

Patty McD

I don't have a "most often". I fall in love with a color and go from there. I haven't done much in the self-striping yarns though.

jennifer barr

i use solids or varigated the most

chevybelair1 at juno dot com

Judy Ellison

I tend to do self-striping or patterning but have also lately fallen for the kettle dyed yarns that produce a more subtle effect. The bottom line is this - they are SO MUCH WARMER than the socks that you can buy - and so much more fun, too - that it doesn't matter. I love them all!


I do some of everything, depending on the pattern. Solid if a detailed lace pattern, self-striping if simple. But the pattern is first for me, then the yarn.


I have mainly knit solid colors. I recently finished knitting Embossed Leaves with Simply Sock Yarn's Solids and loved the yarn and pattern.


It's probably a tie between self-striping and semi-solids. I knit the self-striping for my kids, but knit my designs in semi-solids.

Jennifer Wells

If I could I would always knit with zauberball or crystal palace mini mochi as these are my favorites. I also love kettle dyed yarns. Unfortunately I usually have to settle for less expensive yarns!


For me, it's usually self-patterning or variegated. Socks, for me, are generally my "mindless" project, so to keep it interesting, I use yarn that does the work for me. I just wish it were easier to find guy-friendly yarn: colors that don't turn men off, in big enough hanks that I don't always need to use a little extra for contrasting toes (or heels and toes).


I love them all, but I think especially the semi-solids. But then again...those striping yarns by String Theory.


I love all the yarns varigated, self patterning and self stripping. There is no particular brand that I like. They are all nice and work of wonderfully.


That skein is gorgeous!!! I usually prefer variegated because it holds my interest and then look for a pattern or sometimes I like to admire it in my stash. I have to agree, I also enjoy the addictive nature of self-patterning yarns. I'm not much of a semi-solid or solid fan, but add some cashmere and I can be swayed.

Ruth Anne

I use sock yarn for scarves mostly, so I like varigated yarn!


When I travel, I stop in LYS's to see if they have anything unique. Rather than buy a sweater's worth of yarn, though, I usually select sock yarn. And sometimes I succumb to sales on sock yarn. ;-)


I have more variegated sock yarn, but really seem to prefer the self-striping look for socks. I've only finished 2 pairs - one of each, and the one I am working on is variegated.


I usually use self patterning for actual socks, but kettle-dyed or semi-solid for other projects that use sock yarn like scarves, shawls or hats. I love them all though!

bunny dimmel

I love handpainted wool yarns. I feel an artistic bond with the dyer when I use their yarn. Bunny


Up until now I have mostly used self-patterning yarns from Opal, Regia and Trekking. However, I am leaning now towards more semi-solids. I recently knit a pair of socks with Briar Rose Grandma's Blessing in shades of red....Beautiful.


I love the self striping ones.

I have spent years perfecting my toe up flap heel fits perfectly sock knitting and now I just like knitting socks on auto-pilot. The self striping yarn makes my plain jane socks more fun.


I go for the semisolids, second choice would be variegated. But really -- it's all good!


Semi-Solids or Solids because I'm attracted to more complex sock patterns and don't like losing the pattern in the varigation of color.


I mostly use self-patterning yarn for the same reasons that you found. You want to see what's coming next!


I love the handpainted yarn, especially the cashmere blends. But I have to admit when I am knitting a self-striping or self-patterning in a simple stocking stitch, I do usually end up finishing the socks in a timely manner. Today's skein is gorgeous.


I seem to go through "phases" - I get hooked on a yarn or type of yarn and then knit accordingly. This year though I have really enjoyed the self-patterning and striping yarns, possibly because those are among the first I ever knit and my first socks are starting to wear out! The String Theory striping yarn is my favorite "find" of the year.


I too pick for color even if it's just a slight gradient. Since I started giving socks as gifts I try to make sure it's machine washable so Dream in Color has become a favorite.


This year it's been semi-solids in any merino/cashmere/nylon blend - Bugga! is great, also Casbah and others. I"m finding socks I made 3-4 years ago are now wearing out, so I'm steering clear of 100% merino yarns for socks (but they make great shawlettes!)

Vivian Johnson

I tend to knit with most vareigated yarns. I can't wait for the self striping yarn to come back into Simply Sock yarn Stash to get some. I am anxiously awaiting after Christmas. My list is growing.


I like the varigated yarns - it's so hard to choose though!


I am addicted to hand-painted, variegated sock yarns. Like you I often buy yarn because I fall in love with the colors and then find a pattern or project for it.

Sara Lee Albright

I like using Koigu KPPPM because the yarn feels so yummy and has fabulous stitch definition, but the price is kind of prohibitive, so I also knit with SARA'S COLORWAVE YARN (because I adore the pooling effects), and GREAT ADIRONDACK Lolita (mostly bamboo), and PRISM Merino Mia, and all those fabulous STUFF yarn melanges (Wild Stuff, Light Stuff, & Cool Stuff) ......

Lesa M

I like to use the hand-dyed or variegated mainly because a solid block of one color is just not my thing. And today's yarn looks really yummy!!

Jalinn Nobis

I really enjoy the verigated yarns where the colors change almost stitch by stitch and is unpredictable. Makes even plain vanilla socks interesting.

Bev Roberts

I most often knit with self-patterning or striping/variegated sock yarn. The one on show is gorgeous!


I really don't have a clear favourite. In thinking about it, I'm drawn to the hand dyed variegateds, but I'm just as likely to knit solids or stripes. I'm not really into the self patterning, but wouldn't kick it out of my stash! Mostly I want to knit quality yarn of whatever color, it's just a waste of time to spend the hours on cheap yarn no matter how pretty.


What sock yarn do i use most....probably varigated because I always have a plain stockinette sock in my purse and I like the varigated yarns for stockinette. But I will choose the sock yarn that will work for a pattern be it plain, varigated, kettle dyed or whatever....


I go back and forth between varegated and semi-solid. Depends what mood I'm in and the pattern I'm knitting.


I too like variegated. I love watching how the colors come onto the sock. I bought some self striping this fall though and plan to start it soon!

Judy Gates

I'm also obsessed with self striping/patterning yarns.... can't get enough of them & I've been experimenting to learn how to use them to their best advantage. Hubby just shakes his head when he sees me staring intently at a skein spread out before me because he knows I've been transported to the magical yarn realm & won't be back for awhile...


I am SO influenced by color(s)and I rarely knit in a solid color unless a pattern "speaks" to me. Even a tone on tone like Crock O Dye Silk Blend works for me - but I do like variations in color(s) when knitting :-)


I always tend to stray to sock yarn with lots of different color that never works with my preference of knitting cables and lace. I usually end up with beautifully colored socks that hide the pattern. I just love all the colors!


Most of the time I knit with variegated yarns. I have a ton of self striping and variegated in my stash.


I'm a self striping, self patterning gal myself. Normally I use Opal but recently I've fallen in love with String Theory.


Dream in Color was my absolute favorite, but I've branched out and I'm liking the self-striping. Mainly String Theory and Yarntini.

Jolene (JoboDesigns on Ravelry

I like everything! though lately it seems I like to work with handpainted stuff. I love the pooling and flashing!


I love all sock yarns but I find myself finishing both socks when using self patterning or self striping yarn. I can't wait to see how they'll BOTH turn out.

Lee Ann

I love to knit plain socks with self-patterning yarn. And I usually rewind the yarn for one sock so it will be opposite of it's mate. Sure makes fun socks!

Terri Lambard

I like self striping the best. I still laugh about my sister-in-law asking me how hard it must have been changing all those colors.


I most often knit socks with the self-patterning yarns.


Started out with the self-striping because I was new to sock knitting and was knitting a basic pattern. Now that I have been improving, I find myself liking the semi-solids and varigated.


I, too, am a sucker for color! I am, however, starting to lean towards more neutral variegations--tone on tone even. The other day I was driving my daughter to school with a dreary, rainy, predawn sky overhead and told her, "The colors in the sky would make a great colorway." She rolled her eyes!


my kids love the self striping sock yarn!

Connie Kinsman

I use self striping or patterning the most! I definitely use a colorway that I cannot live without!! I love Miss Bab's Frog Princess, Opal and Lorna's Laces. I have just gotten some Fleece Artist (Seafoam) and love it. I have finished the socks that have the most beautiful pattern or colorway. Some yarn ends up being a disappointment and only one sock is finished alas not to have the second knit!


I try all varieties except silk blends. I especially like Regia and Opal in vanilla or basic rib patterns. If I had time, Id go into solids in patterns which require more concentration. Maybe next year.

Linda B

Although I love love love all self patterning sock yarns, I'm hooked on Opal. Love the way the pattern forms and they are easy to care for.

Twisted Stitcher

I have so much sock yarn in my stash, I couldn't begin to say for certain what I use the most. I do love solids or variegated because when I am twisting up my knits with cables and yarn overs, I find that all of that work has a better payoff in solids or variegated.


Me? I like them all - but really it is B - I love color and the unpredictability of it all...

then of course I like to use multicolor with a solid to make a very cool patterned sock....ahhh color...


I love really happy and bright variegated colors like fuscia, orange and yellow. But I also love solids and nearly solids. I just made my first triangular lace neck scarf using a nearly solid blue yarn, and it turned out awesome. I am eager to learn how to make more garments using sock yarn. Thanks for the contest. Happy holidays!

Mary C.

I almost always knit variegated yarns. The mixture of colors is just so exciting to me, and I love seeing the patterns that are created as the sock progresses. Of course I often try several stitch patterns before finding the one I like best with the yarn.

Doreen Righter

Self patterning. It's so interesting to see what lands where especially with different types of stitches. Love it!

Kim B

I knit self-striping and varigated yarns most often. But, I have a skein of solid ready for after Christmas knitting for me. I really want a lacy sock for Spring.


I use a bit of everything! And, I do like to mix up the brands, too. There are so many wonderful options!

Marie Holmes

I use variegated yarn for socks, hats and scaves.


I knit varigated and semi-solid most often. But I'll pretty much knit any sock yarn as long as it's not cotton.

Cathy Briggs

I mostly like semi-solids because I think they show off the pattern that I spent so much time on.


It would have to be B for me, varigated seems to be my choice of yarn


Anything with COLOR - LOTS of COLOR!! Kettle dyed are probably my faves, then I can use a beautiful stitch pattern that will compliment the color.


I'm hooked on varigated yarn! I try to buy solid colors but at the last minute I'm always drawn to varigated. I'm going to branch out in 2011, however, and knit a pair of socks in self-striping yarn. I love yours!


I used to like the self-striping yarn but now that I'm trying more complicated patterns, I like solid colors best.


I used to fall for the handpaints, but lately have been drawn to the shaded solids.


Variegated or self patterning, I get bored knitting solids. Most of the time it's a take-along vanilla sock so interesting yarn makes it go faster.


I used to go for variegated yarns a lot, but now I tend to favor semi-solid yarns. I enjoy knitting cable patterns, and I like being able to see my stitchwork!


I tend to use Opal for socks for the family as I know they will never hand wash them.

I keep all the hand dyed stuff for me, as I know I hand wash my socks.

I use Lornas Laces and other coloured yarns, but like to use semi solid yarns for patterned socks.

Carrie Lee

I don't really have a favorite. Depends on what colors speak to me. I also use sock yarns to weave with and love the way some of the scarves have come out.


Socks are usually knit from varigated or self-patterning in my standard design. However the many new books on socks have so many lovely patterns that need a semi-solid or solid to show off the design that I am leaning that direction. My preferred yarns are the lace and fingering weights for almost anything.


My favorite would have to be semi-solids.


Heavy sock weight.Makes great winter socks!


I mostly knit variegated, but love the stripes too. I love the MCN base too.


Love them all, really! That's the cool part (or at least ONE of the cool parts!) of knitting is the variety of all the fibers, colors, solids, variegated, striping, kettle dyed, home spun....and on and on and on! Whatever your mood or pattern or budget or whatever, there is something for you! YAY!


I use more varigated yarns, but I'm discovering just how beautiful the semi-solid colors are.


Mostly I knit with variegated or semi solid yarns so I can try out new and or favourite patterns. However like you, I do find that when I work with self striping yarns I do tend to get a project finished more quickly as I'm always eager to see what color is coming next!

Lisa P.

Mostly self-patterning yarns, or variegated. I RARELY do just a solid sock. Even the few pattern socks I have done have been with a vareigated or hand-dyed. SOLID just seems too boring!


Primarily use variegated and self-patterning yarns for socks.

Fran Bott

I use a bit of everything - whatever tickles my fancy at that moment! I can be any color or pattern - just whatever happens to speak to me!


I love semi-solid, and then variegated. I mostly knit socks with a lace pattern, so the semi-solid allows the pattern to show, but keeps me interested in the subtle color changes. I often buy sock yarn on travels, to match the landscape and feel of where I am. This year I went to Arches National Park. I found yarn that matched the colors of the canyons and made socks with in an arching lace pattern with a picot hem to remind me of the hoodoos each time I wear them.

Becky B

I like semi-solids and kettle dyed, but also the long color changes like Poems Sock.


I knit lots of socks and find that I'm addicted to self striping which I usually knit in plain patterns - but not always. I love the challenge of new sock patterns so also knit varigated.


All of the above!


I've mostly used self-patterning. The Opal 6 plys are wonderful! I've purchased the solids (hope you appreciate that Allison...), just haven't gotten around to knititng them up

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