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December 27, 2010



I cast on with long tail - out of habit and comfort level - someday I guess I should experiment with a few stitches and just try different cast on methods - just to learn something new. Once in a while (mostly with a scarf) I'll cast on with a size larger needle and then start my ribbing with the size needle I will knit my project with.


Magic Cast on


Another long tail cast on user here. It's the method I learned first and I'm most comfortable using it.


Long tail cast on over two needles to guarantee a loose enough fit.


Turkish cast-on for toe-up and twisted German for cuff down.


I like the Old Norwegian cast on for socks. It's nice and stretchy. I actually use it for other things I'm knitting, as well.


I am a top-down sock knitter and always do a long-tail cast on over two needles. I've never had any trouble with the socks being stretchy enough to fit over my foot. I keep thinking I want to experiment with other methods but since I've always been happy with my results, I haven't yet tried other methods.

Vivian Johnson

I am also a long tail cast on.


For top-down socks I use a long tail cast on over 2 needles so the first row is stretchy enough.


Long-tail over two needles for cuff down. JBMCO (magic cast on) for toe-up.


I use a long-tail cast on, but over two needles. That way I can cast on tight but even and it's still stretchy enough.


I use the twisted German cast-on, done over two needles.


Judy's magic cast-on for toe-up socks.


I knit top down with a long tail cast on over two needles. It works, it's quick, and I can get on to the fun part - seeing how the sock is going to look in the yarn chosen.

Kathy Brandon

I have to agree with Jeannie.. I prefer Turkish cast-on for toe-up and twisted German for cuff down.


Unless the pattern specifies a cast-on, I usually use a 1x1 ribbed cast-on since most of my sock cuffs are 1x1 ribbing. For this, I use the instructions on the Interweave site. I also usually cast on over a needle one size larger than I am knitting with. If I use Old Norwegian, though, I can use the same needle size.

Anne fiorenza

I use the twisted German cast on for cuff down. It has a better stretch than the long tail, even over two needles. Lucy neat by has a video demo on line that contrasts the two.


for toe up I use Judy's Magic Cast on and for top down I use Jennie's Surprising Stretch Cast On. Both are ingenious and both have videos so google for them!


All I do are toeup socks. Making toeups make the most sense to me. So for that I do turkish cast on. A very simple way to go.

Seattle Amy

Judy's magic cast on - for toe up.

And for the cast off for stretchy cuff? Russian bind off from Wendy's toe up book! AWESOME stretchiness.


Judy's Magic cast on for toe ups, regular long tail over two needles for cuff down. I really like the German twisted long tail, but usually don't have the patience to actually do it.


I use long tail cast on, though should try some other ones.


Long tail for all cuff down socks. Toe up socks ... vary, depending on how my toe begins.

The long tail cast on has the advantage of being easy, repetitive, and looks good with ribbing.


I use the long tail cast on for just about everything. Instead of using 2 needles for casting on, I put my thumb just in front of the most recently cast on stitch before casting on again. This maintains a certain amount of space (about a quarter inch)between the cast on stitches & makes the cast on row loose. Any word on when you'll be adding the new cashmere Canadian yarn to the shop? I really, really want to buy some & I also am loving the December DIC yarn. So I'd like to order this week.

I've always used the Long Tail, but that's only because this is the first time I've heard about Norwegian Cast On. Since I like my socks long, I think I will try the Norwegian Cast on to see if I can tell there is a difference.


I generally use the long tail cast on because I've used it forever but I've started doing the cast on using a crochet hook. I'm not quite sure what that's called but it gives a nice, stretchy cast on. I never thought of doing the long tail over two needles but I'm going to do that tonight when I cast on for a ribbed pair. Thanks for the idea!


If I'm doing cuff-down I use the Twisted German Cast On (which probably has other names). If I'm doing toe-up, I use Judy's Magic Cast On.


Judy's magic cast on.

Cathy Goldman

long tail cast on over two needles....I'm that kinda gal casue I never change....


I use long tail but I think I'll check the Lucy Neatby demo.... I've never done toe up socks. Guess that should be a goal for this year.

Tina Smith

I use a cable cast on. Cuffs are always stretchy plus it leaves a nice edge.


I use long tail cast on for all of my top-down socks. To ensure the cast on's not tight, I use 4mm or 4.5mm needles (which ever I have handy), then proceed to knit with 2.5mm or 2.25mm needles for the rest of the sock. It looks a little 'loose' or 'flared' whilst you're knitting, but once you try them on it stretches out to match the rest of the sock, and you'd never know.


I learned using the long tail cast on and continue to use it although I make very sure to make the stitiches loose.


I use a short-tailed cable cast-on & start from the top. This is SUPER STRETCHY and great for ribbed (any rib) cuffs. It's done with two needles & isn't about cables. You can find directions here (& elsewhere, of course):
This has a few other methods as well. Good luck!


I see that Tina and I are alone in this, but I use the cable cast-on for almost everything, including socks. It's easy, pretty, and - when knit loosely - stretchy enough.

Kathleen B.

I recently learned the Estonian cast on and really like it for socks.


I use Long Tail Cast On when I'm knitting top down socks. When I'm working toe up socks I always use the Turkish Cast On


I just discovered the tubular cast-on - very neat and stretchy!


I knit my socks from the top down and have always used the long-tail cast on. Never really thought about doing anything else until reading the other comments. I'd like to research and try some of the other methods mentioned.


I usually knit top-down and use what Nancy Bush calls the double start cast-on, over two needles. Even when using a single strand (I almost never bother with more than that, since I hate having extra ends to weave in) it makes a nice decorative edge, and it's just as easy as the long-tail. Here's a link to a video demonstration:

Patty McD

I use the long tail cast on over 2 needles for stretchiness. But I am about to google Jennie's Surprising Steetch Cast 0n.


Twisted German cast on, with the 2x2 ribbing cast on (same INterweave instructions)recently for giggles.


I also use mostly the long tail cast on. I never have trouble with any tightness at the cuff for my top-down socks. It works!

Willa Jean

Judy's magic for toe up, long tail over two needles for top-down.

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