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December 14, 2010


Cathy Goldman

There is nothing better than a warm pair of socks. even here in Florida's now 41 and going down...brrrr

Linda Fields

I start in the Summer. I have too many family birthdays in March, April and May to knit gifts for to start any earlier. Usually 4-5 projects on the needles.


We don't have Thanksgiving here in the UK, so there is no holiday that says "hello you are near Christmas - panic now!"

So I just start when I feel that the time is coming, and sort out what I'm knitting for everyone. It's usually end of October looking for yarn and thinking what people would like.

Not sure if I'll get everyones pressies done this year, but husband and daughter can wait a few days as they both have plenty to open. :)


I guess I'm none of the above - I have a self-imposed Christmas gift knitting limit of two knitted items - one small gift for my book club gift exchange (fingerless mittens, a hat, or something similar) and one gift for someone else. I'm working through all my friends and family - eventually everyone will get something!


I actually start in the summer when I have long weekends at the lake and can relax and knit.


Well, I usually start thinking about holiday knitting toward the end of August, and the panic kicks into overdrive in mid-November. This year, though, I took a break to finish WIP's. So, if everything works out, holiday knitting will be able to commence early in the year.


I think it would have to be d) none of the above for me too - I start before Thanksgiving, though not usually before November. And I don't knit a lot of Christmas things, because I don't give a lot of Christmas gifts - my family does a non-secret Santa thing for the grownups, so I only have a few adults to give to, and I tend not to knit for the kids for Christmas. I do knit for birthdays and other holidays, but those are much more conveniently spread out through the year.


C. Panic-stricken sums it up.

Emily S.

I would (unfortunately) have to go with c, just after Thanksgiving. I usually over plan myself and think I can somehow knit about 14 projects in a month's time and then knit like a fiend for the 48 hours before Christmas while things are baking in the oven!


I usually start sometime in January and then hold them till needed.

Kathy Nielsen

close to a) for me - I start in January with an assortment of projects, and then divvy them up in Decejber!


I have to answer "D". I knit all year long and if I'm knitting for someone besides myself, they usually get it as soon as I finish.


I always have great plans to start in January...right after I knit a little something just for me... However, the fact that I realized yesterday I needed 2 pairs of adult felted clogs and 3 kids size pairs by Christmas Eve, tells me that somewhere along the way (probably about mid-January) my plan goes awry!

Linda B

Although I don't have a formal plan, if I'm knitting a gift it usually gets started between Halloween and Thanksgiving. But then again you know about the best laid plans...etc!


I knit for fun so I make Christmas gifts whenever I find the perfect pattern. There are enough other deadlines so I don't make knitting ones.


None of the above for me. With a rare exception I don't knit any holiday gifts. But if I did, they'd be pretty much done just in time.

Tina Smith

I start knitting when i get an idea what i want to do for christmas. I have to know exactly what i am making for someone. also, i need to be put under pressure, otherwise i will procrastinate.


I usually start in Jan but a lot of times I can't wait until Christmas so they get the gift early. But, I've learned over the past two years to not panic, not stress, and if the knitted gift gets done in time for Christmas then great! if not, then it is a head start on next year.


Probably c, but its more like December 10th in my house.


I usually start in the summer, but get so excited about the gifting that I end up giving many of the gifts by mid-fall.


Halloween seems to be when I usually start working on projects although I try to limit the number of projects so that I still have a little sanity by christmas time.


I start thinking of Chritmas knitting in the spring. Then I run around trying to knit them all for Christmas.


I usually start stressing right after Thanksgiving. This year I decided to be proactive and start knitting in Oct. It didn't matter...along the tradition of my eyes being bigger than my stomach, my list of gifts was my greater than my available time. I am, once again, really behind in my knitting. If only I can figure out how to not sleep for the next two weeks, I might finish in time.


I don't know if it's luck or not, it doesn't feel like it, but my gift list is short and not many people on it really want knitted gifts. So if I do have any to knit, I can start, safely, in the spring.


I would have to say in general - start panic stricken after Thanksgiving. Why do today what can be put off till tomorrow... :) just kidding.

Ruth Anne

d - usually sometime in the fall before Thanksgiving - but I'm in crunch time now!


I start planning everything by the first of the year.


I knit for people whenever the urge strikes, and I give them what I make as soon as it's done. None of this save-it-all-up-for-December nonsense. I'd rather have it somewhere else and in use than taking up space in my house.

Robin F.

I celebrate Chanukah and start knitting for it on spring break, Since Chanukah can occur anytime from late Nov, to late Dec. I try to do the tank tops in summer and the socks

Patricia Richardson

I usually start to think about it late spring. The operative word is "think". I don't usually get started until Oct/Nov.

Debbie H

This year I started in August. I've now got 6 hats done for all my co-workers. Debbie in Alaska


My answer is D. I don't have many people who appreciate hand knit gifts so I tend to give a few spontaneously throughout the year instead of planning knitted gifts.



Yarn gift

My answer is b. I always knit in spring time. Thats my best time to do. I already have one little bag done. Very nice and interesting question. Thanks for the great article.


I don't usually knit Xmas presents. I did make felted oven mitts for all my nieces & nephews a few years ago but usually I avoid putting that extra stress on myself.

Maureen L

Last year I started knitting in January and it was such a good idea that I'm going to do so again this year.


I'd like to believe I will start in July or August, but I usually don't start until october or november. We will see!


I don't really knit for other people. I did knit baby blankets for my nieces and nephews. I just want to finish all my works in progress.

Stephanie Miller


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