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December 14, 2010



I start knitting in January for the following year. I have to start then because I get so distracted by other knitting projects as the year unfolds that if I want to have any knitted gifts for Christmas giving, that's the only way. Of course some of those gifts became birthday gifts and I'm now a little short of time to finish up some needed Christmas gifts.


I'm like Debby - easily distracted. I have a folder that I put pattern ideas, with post-it notes re:who it might be for, that is always in the works. I'm working on my Christmas socks (Continuum yarn......yummy!) and as soon as I finish those this week, I'll be starting on next year's gifts. Up first is a Multnomah shawl, using DIC Starry yarn.


I wait to be inspired by a yarn or a pattern that makes me think of someone. As a result some years only one person may get a knitted gift and some years I have tons...I would rather enjoy my knitting than feel I HAVE to do it.

Cyndy Landers

Actually all of the above. I start in January. Get waylaid somewhere around March, Start planning again in April and am always panicing by November!


Mostly I start after Thanksgiving (US)with some weird notion that there are like three months between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You'd think after all these years, I'd be able to read a calendar.


I actually do all of the above. Many times I start thinking about next years knitting projects before this years projects are finished. If I see a pattern for something that I think would make a great present I get enough yarn to make one for me just to try it out, then make the decision about next year after Christmas.


I usually start thinking about right after Christmas, but don't really start the knitting campaign until fall. My goal by thinking about it in January is to start doing it, but I am always tempted by something else for me or birthdays...

Sara Lee Albright

Oh, gosh, I knit every day, no end to it ! sometimes I keep for myself, and sometimes the project will end up as either a Christmas gift or birthday gift or as a donation, maybe at a chemo center ......

Theresa Martin

I usually start in the fAll, get distracted in November by new ideas, frantically try to squeeze in a few last minute items ( including a small wrap for myself). Usually one item gets finished around February!

Kathleen B.

The planning has already begun for new gift ideas and I will add those to the list I did not get finished this year. I admit it, I always seem to think I can get more accomplished than I actually can. Maybe next year I will finish the entire list.

Lisa Viviano

I normally start knitting Christmas gifts in early summer. I find that is when the pull of lucious wools hits me.


I've already started knitting for next year! I knit year round and I rarely keep anything I knit.


I have no rhyme or reason as when I start--I just go! If I get down to only 2-3 projects in progress I have to get another 2-3 started. It's an illness, but I love it!


B and C. I'm always thinking about it and planning, but i still end up panicking after Thanksgiving.


This year, it was C because I had so many other things that needed to be done. It's usually later in the year because I have a hard time keeping a secret like a present. I tend to want to give it away as soon as it's finished.


Whether it be knitting or gift buying, I put away presents year round. I had my daughter go through my sock yarn stash to pick out her socks for next Christmas. I will start these soon so that they will be done and I can knit for myself guilt free.


Well, starting in September wasn't early enough for me this year. So I'm thinking I should aim for early birthdays and Mother's Day in 2011, so when I miss those deadlines I'm not utterly screwed.


A little bit of all of the above. I try to knit some things throughout the year, especially socks for my FIL, but inevitably am rushing to finish things up on Christmas eve.


Early summer sounds good but this year I started late October or early November. I think next year I will start in early summer or late spring as I always get short on time.

Mary C.

(B) for this year, because that is when I discovered sock knitting and all the luscious yarns at SSYC. Now I'm truly addicted and will continue to make socks year round.


D) I don't give many hand knit gifts.


D. I start thinking and planning mid-summer and usually go into overdrive by Thanksgiving to finish.


Sometimes I do lots of holiday knitting....sometimes I don't do any. One year I made 11 pairs of felted slippers and had the foresight to start early enough that I could make one pair a month. That allowed me plenty of knitting time each month for other projects. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone I gave them to wears them. So....I only occasionally knit for someone else....usually another knitter!


I knit all year long and start a pile of sock to keep on hand as gifts. I always have a project on my needles!


I start way too late -- always thinking there's plenty of time! I need/want to make 2 cowls, one for each of my SILs---maybe I better get going!! Also have a few things started that I should finish......I better start in January from now on! (I'm not a very fast knitter besides getting easily distracted!!)

Carla in MT

Thinking about it.... yeah, mid-summer. Doing something about it... November. ;)

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

I kind of start in the spring, but then I usually cast on a couple of last minute gifts after Thanksgiving.


None of the above for me. I don't knit holiday gifts - if I'm knitting for others I knit for their birthdays or for no occasion in particular, because the holidays are busy enough and I'd like to keep knitting as a relaxing hobby.

Kim B

Oh I start thinking about it the day after Christmas. The problem is actually when I put the yarn onto the needles! LOL thanks for this fun event.


All of the above. At the moment I have quite a good inventory in my gift drawer, things like socks, hats, scarves, handwarmers. I usually end up knitting sweaters for younger grands and most often than not, they end up as birthday gifts as I don't get them finished!!!! Like others, I get distracted (usually by stuff on Allison's website). Oh well, it is all good.


The only knitted Christmas gift that I KNOW I'll make each year are socks for my mom. Others may get socks or a hat as well, but Mom always gets at least one pair of socks. Starting time for the gift always varies -- sometimes I'm on it right away, sometimes (like now) I'm working, working, working on it right up to the end.

I know it's smarter to knit these Christmas gifts throughout the year, but somehow I get lots more done with the "deadline" of December 25th.


I actually start way too late, and end up with only one or two finished gifts. However, last year I gave lovely skeins of yarn to some, and they chose, whether socks or scarf, and what pattern to use. So, technically I did lots of Christmas knitting in January and February, but it was retroactive to the previous year.


I start thinking about it in the Spring, but typically don't do anything about it until September or October, thinking I can get it all done by December 25!


This is the first year I've done any Christmas-knitting, and I started in November. I kept it simple - 4 hats and a scarf - and managed to meet my goals!

Patty McD

I don't knit Christmas gifts. I would go absolutely bonkers if I had that deadline and all the other things to do for the season.

Janet Miller

I don't knit a lot of gifts, but I started my daughter's sweater out of French Girl Knits in February last year. Good thing, too, because I just finished it over Thanksgiving. My full-time job cuts into my knitting time severely. I usually get real motivated about October when there really isn't time to complete much of anything.


I "think" about it during the year, but the truth is I'm usually still knitting right up until Christmas!


I start out with good intentions in Jan/Feb. I will knit socks and put them away. In the fall I get too distracted with projects I like and then I hit the panic button at the end of Nov.


This year I have taken my self off the hook for holiday knitting. I am still doing some holiday sewing (pj's for DD), but that's all.

Lisa P.

I'm kind of "all of the above". It's more when the mood or a particular yarn strikes me. I was a little later this year, but am almost done and feeling in good shape!


Since I just started a pair of elbow-length fingerless mitts on Saturday it's pretty obvious I'm a last-minute gift knitter. On the plus side, I work best under pressure.

Jolene (JoboDesigns on Ravelry)

I'm a combination Holiday Knitter... I always start out in the spring with good intentions, and often finish a lot of gifts before the summer, then remember a few more sometime in the fall, and panic till Christmas eve :)

(I have a hat and a pair of mittens to complete by Dec 25th... the mittens are Norwegian stranded. Yes I am crazy)

Jean Folkerth

I don't start until the mood strikes me. When I find the perfect pattern or yarn for someone then I do it immediately.

Connie Kinsman

I've just found a great fingerless mitten pattern and will make these for next years presents. I basically start Christmas presents when I find something fantastic but pretty easy as I make several in different yarns!


I am a fairly new knitter and still knitting for myself only, my answer to your question is (d). But I'm truly addicted to all the beautiful yarns. I enjoy you blog beacuse then I'm directed to another beautiful yarn.
Thanks & happy holidays.


I started in August, but got distracted in September and October by a sweater for Rhinebeck. (That and my sister-in-law responded to my end-of-July request for colors in October!) I'll get most of what I wanted done done (except the 4 race cars is down to two), but I should probably start earlier next year.


C. Panic-stricken after Thanksgiving. I am the textbook definition of a procrastinator.

Mary T

I started this year in June, and I'm not sure I'm going to get everything done in time! So, for next year I think I'll start on the 26th.

Susan C.

I usually gift my items as I knit them, so at Christmas I end up giving things besides hand knits. It's a little backwards, but it does save me some panic during the holiday season!

Deb K.

I wait until Thanksgiving & then start panicking! I always mean to start earlier, but I've never managed to start until October at the earliest. This year I caved & said no handmade (by me) until next year, but my cute niece asked ever so sweetly for a dress. Couldn't resist so I'm hurrying in the face of a 10 day deadline & the fact that it's got to get to TX from MN. Sigh. Next year I'll do better (yeah right).


I start knitting right after Christmas, although I don't have particular projects paired with their recipients until later in the year. Most of what I knit ends up as gifts, actually, not always Christmas gifts, but someone else usually gets the FOs.


I'm always thinking about what I'd like for special people in my life and have found that if I start too early, they get their presents early. So now I start knitting Christmas presents around Labor Day.


I usually start in the Spring, but more importantly I start when I find inspiration.


I start early in the year, sometimes in January or February. I like to knit a lot of gift socks, so I tend to spread them out and participate in knit-alongs on Ravelry as I do them. The hard part for me is to then hold back the gift. I would like to give them to the recipient right away! I try to intersperse the gift knitting with knitting for myself through-out the year, too.

Gail Crews

I start in February or March. I love the Mini Mochi yarn. Merry Christmas.


none of the above--I don't knit gifts.


The day after Christmas I start knitting on next years gifts. Actually, Im finishing the ones I didnt complete on time. This way I have a whole year to feel Im ahead. I think this is called moving the goal posts.

Andrea W

I gather ideas over the summer. I put together project bags at the end of August and I give OTN gifts for the holiday. what can I say I am an "organized procrastinator"! LOL! But, I do love to knit and mini mochi is one of my favorites!!! (And...I don't even care what color!)


I start in the summer, if there's going to be something big/special. Fall is when smaller things start, and usually I can pull out a pair of socks or two, plus some hats and scarves. I only make a few gifts, though.




I start thinking Christmas projects in July and then start in October as Fall starts. If I start too early, I tend not to save them for Christmas, but give them out as I finish them. (No delayed satisfaction for me!). Then I enter panic mode after Thanksgiving. I keep my eyes open for quick projects that would work for special people - then yarn that they would like (or vice versa)throughout the year..

Terri Brinegar

I try to start early each year, but usually find myself "rushing" as the end is near! Maybe next year will be better!


Right around Thanksgiving it sinks in that Christmas is right around the corner. Someday I'll learn...maybe.

NancyN from Texas

Haha, no question! I am c) panic-stricken after Thanksgiving.


I do all of that! Sometimes I get really excited about a pattern in late December or January and just knit it up for the following Christmas. And I spread out the joy of gift knitting by thinking about it in early spring, shopping for yarn at MDSW in May, and knitting in the summer or early fall.


I knit socks for my special ones each year, four pair, so I try to start in September, thinking a pair a month is doable. And yet, every year I seem to come up short. This year I have an excuse: a plethora of baby knits for my new granddaughter. Squee!


One of my favourite yarn stores has a big sale for the whole month of January-so I pick out all my patterns for the next Christmas gift list and hit the sale to get most if not all of the yarn. Then about April I start my Christmas knitting. Kind of have to as I knit anywhere from 12 to 16 sweaters as gifts every year. And that's over & above my "regular" knitting.

Julie Krick

I start panic stricken around Thanksgiving so my answer would be c. So you can assume that by today, I am really in a tail-spin because I have only accomplished knitting 2 hats. Not even close to finishing my list. So I just sigh, resign to do better next year, and pick up that long-ignored sweater sleeve!


D. I always have good intentions, but usually take WAY longer to complete items than planned. Like years later!! I am proud to say I will be giving 3 knitting items as gifts this year.


WOw , I really think - none of the above. I tend to start something when the pattern or yarn reminds me of a friend or loved one. I am not good about knitting a season ahead- poor knitting planner. Guess that means I am making cowls and scarfs right now :)

Suzy Koths

I don't knit much for others because I'm slow and worry that it might not fit.


C, pretty much. My family draws names for giving, but not until Thanksgiving, so i'm never sure who I'll be knitting for.


d) none of the above!

i usually start thinking about it near the end of the summer, and decide right then whether or not it's gonna happen. this year was a great big no, instead i knit for people as i feel like it. it's much better for me!

Mimi Dillman

Answer: D: none of the above. While I do some Christmas knitting, I finish up the plan and start knitting in late summer after I've finished up getting all my things ready for entering into the local Fair. By then I know what I have that's finished and available to gift so I can figure out what is left to make.


I do not knit for Christmas. I knit for birthdays instead. They are spread throughout the year and there's less pressure that way.


I am a c) start after Thanksgiving, but leave out the panic-stricken part. I get done what I get done! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


None of the above. I give my most appreciative sock lovers their socks as soon as they are done.


Since I am still knitting away on the scarf for our Son - I think I better start right away for next year!


I start thinking about what to knit in the Spring, although I don't do a lot of Holiday knitting.


c) After Thanksgiving.


I like to start making gifts in late spring and really start to panic if things aren't all wrapped up by the start of November.


start to think about it in January and wait for panic to actually start. I always am waiting for just the right yarn and pattern! J


Either C or D.

Beverly Shearon

I usually start thinking about it during the summer. Of course, that doesn't mean I get started then. It's usually Sept. or Oct. when I start working on the gifts I want to do for friends.


I knit all year long and stockpile projects to give for Christmas or Birthdays.


This year I started during the Summer. For next year we will see what I have to make. I get ideas that I will be good and make stuff but life gets in the way.


Usually I start in the fall. I have to leave ample time for small projects, like socks, mittens, or scarves, because I'm often hiding them from someone who lives with me. This year, all I knitted for Christmas was a pair of fingerless mitts for my daughter...


Since I only knit for three people and they all want socks, I start in October and usually have them done by Thanksgiving.

It's such a blessing that my brother loves handknit socks because otherwise he's impossible to buy for. He has size 14 feet and it takes two skeins of Opal to finish his socks, so there's lots of mindless knitting. Glad he likes the bright colors. At least it's not totally boring.


C.... ish. I started my crafting projects super late (uh... hi there fabric I just bought yesterday! How ya doin' half finished scarf on the coffee table?), but I'm not freaking out about it. I'm not over committing myself. A few small handmade gifts, that's all.


I start whenever I see something I want to make for someone. Since I do other crafts (baskets and soaps among others) I don't rely on only knitting for gifts.


Knit and crochet all the doggone time...and always have plans for the upcoming Christmas :)


Usually I'm knitting thoughout the year and then when Christmas rolls around, I find patterns I like better and do the Christmas "rush" knitting until Christmas eve!


I don't actually think about Christmas knitting throughout the year, so I guess that makes me a d). But then, people don't get knitted gifts from me unless I'm really, really sure they'll appreciate it. I hate to disappoint, but I also hate to feel rushed. So actually, my knitting tends to be for birthdays instead. It's slightly more personal that way. (And I'd say spread out, but my sweeties' family has birthday on 12/13, 1/7, and 2/9, so not so much.)


I've already started checking out patterns for 2011 gifts. Although the knitting doesn't start until this years knitted presents are done..maybe midnight on the 24th!?


d. I burned out on Christmas knitting a few years ago when gifts to in laws were shrugged off. I might knit for close family but only on occasion and not with a Christmas deadline.

Patty valdez

I've started this year. All my projects that fail this years deadline will be used for next year!


I try to start sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving, but progress doesn't really seem to happen in earnest until after Thanksgiving! It probably doesn't help that since I'm a teacher I'm also trying to wrap up the semester and get all of my papers graded.

Robin Clark

I pretty much knit only for myself. Occasionally a friend will compliment one of my pieces and I will gift them with it. But I don't wait until Xmas!

J.T. in missouri

I start as soon as it's cold enough to really knit.


No special time, I knit and if I think someone would like what I am making I gift it to them as soon as it is finished. My only exception to this rule are comfort shawls and new baby gifts. Deadline knitting is such a drag for me, takes all the fun out of it for me.

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