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December 13, 2010



I knit small stockings that go on the tree.


I wanted to knit some round ornaments from a pattern I have, but I ran out of time. I always seem to start late and never get to what I want to. Maybe next year!


Handknit stockings that stretch for all the wonderful lumpy Christmas surprises. Just finishing my grandson's!


My daughter (8 yrs old) finger knit a chain of white yarn that had a thread of silver tinsel through it. We hang it on the tree like garland. I also use yarn as bows for gifts.

Ruth Anne

I've knitted stockings and some fair isle "sleeves" for plain glass ornaments. I really want to do the mitten Advent garland knitpicks has as a free pattern - if I do two mittens a month starting this month, it should be ready for next Dec. 1!


I've knit some cute cabled round ornaments and crocheted hearts for the Christmas tree!

And er...other than that, my family seems to think that actually *removing* the yarn from nooks and cranies in the living room would improve the area's overall appearance. I don't get it, myself. ;)

Beverly Shearon

I like to make Christmas Red & Green ball band dishcloths to give to friends. I also have made scarves in the past for friends.


I have three knitted stockings for my two cats and one that I still hang for my St. Bernard who died last year.


There are several snowflakes on my tree that I crocheted many years ago when my daughter was a baby. They always make me smile - a reminder of when she was little.


I have not incorporated yarn in my home, but I knitted Christmas stockings for my daughter, her boyfriend and my grandbaby that will be arriving in March... They have hung them in their home.

I am knitting the Celestial Star ball for my grandbaby that will be here in is fun to knit and I can't wait to finish it.



I've used yarn to hand decorations. Who wants to find true 'string' when pretty colored yarn works and looks so much better!


My very favorite ornaments are the Santa, teddy bear and patchwork wreath in needlepoint made during our first year of marriage. Other favorites are the snowflakes crocheted with a heavy cotton thread.


I have a Christmas stocking my mother knit for me when I was little, but that's the only yarnish holiday decoration I use - nothing I've made myself. The Celestine pattern is very tempting, though; and somewhere I saw someone using tiny balls of leftover sock yarn as tree ornaments - I certainly have plenty of those I could use some year!


We have big knitted stockings on the fireplace and little ones on the tree. But best of all my son told me that he wants hand knit socks for Christmas.


I have a big bowl in the center of my dinning room table in a Christmas arrangement and in the bowl, I have lots of appropriately colored skeins of yarn. It may sound odd, but it is really pretty.

Terri Brinegar

I haven't had a chance to knit any kind of Christmas decorations, but I hang the ones that my mother gave me, every year!


I have two needlepoint Christmas stockings that my mom for my kids. They will be heirlooms and we enjoy putting them out every year. I also needlepointed two ornaments before I became a knitting fanatic!


I am giving yarn & needles as a gift to my middle grandchild who took up the needles on our last visit at Halloween. He really took to it like a fish to water - producing several inches of lovely garter stitch with perfect gauge in an hour or so. I have bought him several more sets of needles & yarn in his favorite color (green). He will be returning to Chicago with us for a week long visit (all by himself - big brother & little sister will stay at home this time.) So, in addition to a visit to the Sue exhibit at the Field Museum (he loves dinosaurs) we will have lots of grandma - grandson knitting time!


We have nearly all of the ornaments on the tree tied with either red and green yarn rather than hooks; they seem to stay secured better that way with cats running around. In addition to the yarn ties, there are several crocheted snowflakes and a few handmade knitting baskets with tiny balls of yarn and miniature knitting needles adorning the tree.

This year I planned to knit and crochet a garland for the fireplace, but, well...good intentions... :)

Linda B

As I've decided to decorate with my "vintage" ornaments from years past, I dug out my daughters knitted stocking. I'm sure everyone has the one with Santa's face and duplicate stitched name. I think it was a kit from Lee Wards many years ago. I made it for her first Christmas 36 years ago and I'll give it to her after the holidays.


I use dishcloths knitted in sparkly cotton yarn as decorations rather than cleaning. The kids love arranging them around the house.


I have one knit sock and one cross stitch sock hanging on the mantle for my two sons.


I have knit some small ornament stockings and the wine cork elf.

Jolene (JoboDesigns on Ravelry)

My favorite "Yarny" Holiday item is the stocking that my mom knit for me when I was a child... it's bright red and green, with santa on the front (with full googly eye and bushy eyebrow goodness) and my name duplicate stitched in at the top - AND it's big enough for me to stand in and pull up past my knees! And another awesome fact?! the Christmas after Husbeast and I got married... mom made him an IDENTICAL one with his own name on it ;) Priceless!


Since I have started knitting I have added a 2nd tree. It is a small tree filled with only sheep, alpaca's and yarn and knitted mini sweaters & socks and mitts!


Just one more idea to add to my queue! Never enough time. :-)

Connie Kinsman

I have a beautiful old ornament that was given to me when I worked in a yarn shop. The dear lady that gave it to me, could knit in her sleep I'm sure. Every year I bring that ornament out and fondly remember the lady that gave it to me. It is a little plastic canvas knit tote that she filled with different little yarn balls of different colors. Then she added some gold little needles. It is adorable! P.S. I would love to win this is gorgeous!


For the second year I'm using three strands of bright red left-over Lopi as my wrapping ribbon. This is working so well that when the Lopi is gone I'll be buying a skein of Christmasy colored yarn specifically for package wrapping.


Stockings. Someday, I'll knit stockings...or I might get inspired & knit a teeny pair of socks for the tree this year, but that would push back all my other Christmas knitting... sigh...

Barbara Kukuchek

I taught my five-year-old niece how to finger crochet and she is making a chain to go on the Christmas tree.


So far I've knit one little pair of red and white mittens. I plan on making matching stockings. First I have to finish a pair of mini stockings and mittens for my aunt.

Tina Smith

My yarn addition to christmas is the little bits of scraps that my son runs away with as i am trimming ends of my knitting. They are all over the house as I am in christmas knitting overload right now. If i sit down and don't have anything to knit, i feel lost.

Theresa Martin

Of course knitted stockings. I've also made many knitted mini sweaters, but they always end up as little gifts and never seem to make it to my own tree!

I have some crochet thread ornaments that were given to me. Sometime I'd like to make some knit ornaments - the ones that you knit around the glass balls.


I don't know where my post went to sorry if this is a duplicate....

I love to make little sock ornaments out of leftover sock yarn and beads. It is a great way to remember all the socks you have knit for family and friends.

Years ago I made God's eye ornaments out of leftover yarn and toothpicks.


I have plans for the future - I see all sorts of gorgeous stockings, but don't currently use one, so that's a down the road kind of knit. The one thing I've got is one of the mittens from the Knitpicks advent garland - I was knitting up ones for my co-workers as Christmas gifts, and ran a touch short, so the funky two-colored one is now mine! (The joys of using up the last little bits!)

Robin Clark

I knit 3 Christmas stockings for my boss, her husband and her little girl. In exchange she let me knit at work!


Hand knit stockings are the only yarny decorations--a tradition started by my mother. She knit for all of the kids and grandkids, except one--because she could no longer knit. Now that I am a knitter, I knit the entire family's newest member's stockings. I am even asked to give a Christmas stocking as a new-baby gift for dear friends!


I usually knit one Christmas stocking a year for one of my boys.


I have thought about knitting some ornaments but not actually done so. Crocheting angels or snowflakes could be nice.


Sadly, nothing yet. I would like to make a tiny sweater, though


L make mittens for grandkids, and socks for christmas.


I make garland for the Christmas tree.

Debbie H

I haven't done any decorating this year. I work retail and it sucks all the fun out of it. Someday I would like to make stuff for future grandchildren. Debbie in Alaska


I'm still trying to get a few snowflakes knitted for my Christmas tree.

Stephanie Miller

Holiday colored balls of yarns artfully placed in festive bowls!

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