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December 13, 2010



Like you, I have admired the Celestine pattern..and like you, I have yet to knit it :)

I do have a knitted star on the top of my tree though - it's made with yellow wool on the back and some ridiculous gold holiday fun fur on the front! It's quirky and I love it!


Over 50 years ago (cringe) my mother knitted me the Christmas stocking I still hang up over the fireplace every Christmas. I made Christmas stockings for my husband and daughter. As my daughter was hanging hers up this weekend she said, "This is the stocking my mom made me...I'm going to keep it forever." (She's in her late 20's.) Yes, there are beautiful stockings people can order from catalogs, but they don't remind family of the love shared like the one hand made and used through the years. Each year when the box is opened to reveal the stockings laying on the top, we smile and remember the person who loved us by taking the time to make it. (When my mother gets here, she'll say, "Are you still using that old stocking; get a new one." But I know she's glad to see hers still hanging there.)

Lesa M

I've knitted small stockings for gift cards/cash gifts this year. No knitted decorations other than that.


I bought some beautiful mohair in Rome this summer and i'm making a gift for a special friend. And of course, I'm spending lots of time searching through every pattern source i have to find the perfect pattern for my Fa la la sock yarn.


I plan to make this someday
I even bought red heart holiday yarn in white with silver last year. At this rate I should start in January so it ready for christmas 2011.


I don't decorate with yarn type things, as I have cats that attack said decorations, and they become cat toys. Otherwise, I would knit or crochet things for the tree. Somewhere in the UFOs is a chain of crocheted stars for the tree. Alas.


I haven't done this yet, but it is a goal...maybe for Chrismas, 2011. I save every bit of my leftover sock yarn and want to knit up little Christmas stocking ornaments to put on a dedicated tree in my 1st grade classroom. I can't wait to do this!!!


I have not knit these but received them for a gift. Tiny knitted Christmas stocking earrings. They are so cute and fun to wear!


My kids wanted to unravel the sock I'm knitting(second one, a Christmas present for my mom made of DIC yarn) and use the yarn as a sort of garland for the tree. I tried to sway them into using some white acrylic craft yarn, but they wanted the DIC.

We settled on some beaded garland from the decorations box instead. Sock saved!

I've seen some adorable garland made with felted balls that I'd like to try next year. Also I may need to "borrow" Lesa's idea of knitting a small sock as gift card holders.


I've finally gotten around to knitting Christmas stockings. I've wanted to knit fancy looking stranded ones, but settled on simple striped ones because of time constraints.

Kathleen B.

I plan to make a mitten garland in time for next Christmas!


I have crocheted a tree skirt, needlepointed ornaments and knitted ornaments for the tree.


Unless you count the yarn decorations on my Christmas tree (only one of which was made in the last 20 years and then not by me), yarn hasn't really made it into my holiday decorating. But I love the knitted advent garlands like Smitten and Advent Calendar, so I could see those being incorporated into future celebrations.

Vivian Johnson

I have crochet a tree skirt for my Mom & Sister. They put it under there tree every year.


I knit and felted a bowl from bright red yarn I had in my stash. It's a perfect place to put all the Christmas cards we receive.


I can say I have done nothing like that. I did make some tatting ornaments this year for my tree which is not even up yet. But with tatting that is using thread not yarn. Oh well some year maybe.

Mary C.

Yarn hasn't made it into my decorations either as I'm frantically trying to finish 3 more pairs of socks for gifts. This is my first year knitting socks, and everyone is requesting a pair.


I have not included any yarny things in my decorating. However, I like the idea (see Susie above) of knitting and felting a bowl for cards. I'll have to consider that for next year!


I have crocheted snowflakes for my tree, and I use holiday knit potholders and dishcloths from swaps with friends.

Cyndy Landers

Since I'm spending Christmas up in cold country (New Hampshire) with my sister I didn't decorate at all. BUT I'm taking plenty of sock yarn and roving and plan to never be further than 10 ft from the nearest fireplace knitting and spinning to my heart's content.


I get myself involved in too many gift projects to knit decorating projects...maybe in my next life:)


It has been many years since I have knit any decorations, but when my children were small I knit them big stockings with their names on them plus lots of tree decorations. There is a tree skirt pattern I'd love to knit one of these days, The Aran Tree Skirt by Teva Durham.


I have some fleece angels and fleecey sheep Christmas ornaments. I have hand crocheted Christmas stocking that my mother made 30+ years ago.


I always use left over yarn, usually three or four strands together, to tie up my parcels and to attach gift tags. Like others I find myself frantically finishing off gift projects.


The past two years I've knit stockings for my husband, my son and myself. This year I need to finish them off with loops for hanging.

NancyN from Texas

I've been using yarn in place of ribbon lately. I especially enjoy using yarn from the project when I am wrapping a knitted gift.


I have made some fair isle type Christmas stockings and some felted tree ornaments. I started some felted snowman but ,like you, life got in the way. The snowmen are naked ,armless and alas,blind. Made next year they will come to life like Frosty.


Does using lengths of my precious colorful yarns to hang homemade bird goodies on the trees outside count as decorating? If so, I'm in.


My lone yarny Christmas decoration is a knit pair of wee tiny mittens that I hang on my tree as an ornament. Every year, I mean to knit more ornaments - tiny sweaters, little socks, crocheted snowflakes - and never seem to get around to it!


I knit a pair of baby socks recently that ended up being so small that I've converted them to Christmas tree ornaments.


I have knit eight of our twelve christmas stockings. The first sock I ever knit was a christmas stocking for our daughter for her first christmas. I was hooked on sock knitting!

Susan C.

The Celestine star pattern has been in my queue for at least two years now - someday I will make it!

Susan Fahning

I've knit Christmas stockings, which have been felted. In fact, it is my favorite gift to give at a baby shower, as well. Also knit some wreath ornaments, and regular socks galore!

Janet Miller

Beside my computer at work, I have displayed a gorgeous skein of BFL Socks in a clear flower vase. It gives me knitting inspiration as I'm working.


I put out a basket of red and green yarn on the shelf in my hearth room next to the fireplace. I also have some Christmas yarn that I add in as well.


I mostly knit, but I dust off my crocheting skills for Christmas every year, and crochet snowflakes and other items as package decorations. That way, not only does the giftee get the present, they take home an ornament too. I'm thinking about tiny socks next year, with some of the scrap from socks I knit earlier in the year. (Maybe even coordinating the ornament socks with the ones that the giftee got earlier in the year...?)


Nothing yet. I'm too busy trying to get knitted Christmas gifts done.


I did not decorate with yarn, but it will be apparent during Christmas that I am a knitter and love yarn as 13 pairs of socks will be opened that day that have been knit by me.


I haven't knitted any Christmas decorations yet! I live in an apartment, so I have a tiny tree that is barely big enough for lights, let alone ornaments. Someday, though, when I have a mantel, I want to make KnitPicks' mitten advent calendar to hang above the fireplace.

Patty McD

I have snall knitted socks on my tree and ornaments that have a knitting theme tucked in with the other "usual" Christmas ornaments. And I've knit stockings for everyone in the family except my daughter, Katy. She has one knit for her by a relative when she was 4, 48 years ago. Getting out all the old familiar items is one of the best parts of Christmas decorating. It's like saying "hello" again to old friends and loved ones.
Merry Christmas everyone!


Well...if you count my latest WIP laying on the couch as a decoration...

Actually I'd like to make one of those yarn ball wreaths one of these days.

Lisa Viviano

I've been too busy knitting gifts. I do like the idea of sparkly knitted stars.


Well, several years ago I purchased some cotton sweaters from Goodwill, one red, one green, and one white, with the intention of frogging them and using the yarn to knit xmas tree ornaments, BUT. I tried on the red sweater one day and it became part of my at-home wardrobe. And the other two sweaters? Still in a box in the closet. Maybe next year?


This year I took white sock yarn with sparkles and red sock yarn and knit them together to make the coolest fingerless mitts. They are a hit, everyone wants a pair..

Linda Shields

I haven't done any decoration type thing with yarn yet...but I could see a few ornaments in my future...the ones that look like tiny sweaters are adorable.


My best Holiday knit has been several Santa/elf pointy hats with bells on the tip, made of Christmasy striped yarn.

Cathy Goldman

Oh I love contests...never win but it's fun to hope


I have the pattern and yarn to make stockings for all the grandkids, but with all the knitted gifts I'm doing, I haven't gotten to them yet. Maybe if I start right after the first of the year, I can have them ready by Christmas 2011. One can only hope.


I hang my knitted stocking every year that my aunt made me over 50 years ago--yikes! She passed away this fall btw.
I knit a stocking this year for my new grand nephew, knitted mitten ornaments, corcheted red capped mushrooms (very cute) from Garnstudio's JuleKalender.


We have knitted Christmas stockings which I made many, many years ago. In recent years I have make several different knitted ornaments for the tree, including miniature stockings, and "cork people". I was planning to make some "emergency yarn ornaments" this year, but I haven't done it yet -- they are simply a hand-wound mini skein of yarn inside a hollow glass ornament. I figure I've got time until the ornaments are packed away for the year.

Maureen L

So far I haven't knit anything Christmasy other than socks for gifts, but in my mind I have planned to make knitted birds for friends. I made one 30 years ago that I just love...but where, oh where is the pattern now?

bunny dimmel

I haven't decorated with yarn yet, but I am challenged by my knitting in a different way than I expected. I am busy searching for boxes that will hold the unfinished project and the yarn and the pattern so that each of my grown children will know how much I love them even though I didn't finish their gift when they open it. Bunny

Suzy Koths

I am knitting a pair of fingerless mitts from your 2010 Christmas sock yarn. With the leftover yarn I'll either knit an ornament cover or something for the kitty.

Mary A

Santa's suit and long johns for Christmas Trees and Christmas Stockings for a bunch of people are my main Christmas knitting

Holly B

I used some white fun fur and a bulky white yarn and did a long, long i-cord that is the garland on my Christmas tree. It looks awesome.


Love the yarn - love the star! I have bought a few knitted Christmas decorations...have yet to make any. Would love to make felted stockings for my family. Guess I should start soon for NEXT year!!


We have cats, one of whom enjoys eating yarn. An Addi Lace needle is kind of fun to chew on as well. It keeps things lively.


I knit new stockings for all 5 of us this year.


I've knit miniature socks, mittens, and sweaters to decorate a mini tree.

Mary T

A couple of years ago I made some snowflake ornaments. I gave them to a friend who has a tree decorated with snowmen. I also have been meaning to make some miniature sweaters.


I knit my MIL a stocking two years ago, after she knitted stockings for me, my husband, his brother, *his* wife, and their two daughters!


Thanks for reminding me of the Celestine Star year i hope.


I use leftover sock yarn to make Deck the Balls ornaments. I use leftover ANY yarn to make tiny hats, socks, and mittens for the tree. And I have a tree garland that is simply an i-cord made from white eyelash yarn (I'm not sure they make that stuff anymore, but it was really popular a few years ago!).

I like the idea of a felted bowl to put cards in. I have made many felted boxes using the Mason Dixon pattern - that would also be a good choice to catch all those cards.


I've had Celestine queued for ages. And I have a skein of Starry...I should get on that. Maybe next year.

The only decorating I've done with yarn is I made my kids some elf hats. Red and green stripes, with jingle bells on the end. Not sure if those count...


ouple of years ago I knitted red, white and green stockings for my Grandchildren adapting a sock pattern. I charted their names for the cuffs. This was fun as I had to knit them upside down. I made them huge so Santa could stuff them with many toys and treasures. They are too heavy to hang by the chimney with care so every year they are laid very carefully under the tree.

Patricia Richardson

I've not technically incorporated yarn into home/interior decorating, but have used yarn to decorate Christmas gift packages; usually substituting yarn for ribbon.

Shelley Whetter

I haven't decorated with yarn yet, but I would love to make a tree skirt one day. I also really like the tiny sweaters that people make as ornaments, so maybe one day I'll make those as well!

Mary Buchan

I have knitted socks for Christmas presents - hope everyone likes them! This will be my first year of giving knitted presents


Over the past several years I have made a fair isle stocking for each of my children, my husband and myself. We do not have a fireplace in our house so I showcase them on the wall in the living room above the table with the christmas decorations.


I have several small knitted socks and mitts on my tree. I really want to get some felted hearts done too-why don't I think of these things earlier!


I knit myself holiday socks and then wear them all month (with appropriate washings, of course) then kick my shoes off every chance I get!

Emily S.

I have some knitted cable ball ornaments on my tree and I plan on knitting a new one this week.

Kim B

Two of my colleagues had babies this fall and I knit a Christmas stocking for each of them....with little matching booties for the babies. I figure the booties will be good for their dollies when they outgrow them.

Jean Folkerth

Well nothing. I have been too busy knitting scarves, socks and coffee clutches for friends for gifts!

Sara Lee Albright

I make Christmas Tree decorations every year with yarn : curtain rings covered with double crochet and then woven insets in a contrasting color and tied in a bow, knitted covers for the ball-type ornaments, and miniature stockings with maybe a candy cane stuck inside ! colors don't matter, but sometimes I coordinate with people's houses or living rooms ......


I haven't incorporated yarn into my holiday decorating...but I celebrate Hanukkah, which is now over, leaving me more time for knitting! So I'd love to win this gorgeous skein!


That's a great idea! I never thought of using yarn to officially decorate. Any yarn that is out is a result of laziness not intent!


Started off with latch hook and made a 2-foot stocking and a tree skirt. Moved on to embroidery and made pillows and wall art. Then decided to teach myself to crochet to make ornaments. I made it through only one (there's a limit to my self-teaching abilities). Eventually I learned to knit but have never gotten around to more ornaments. Now I just use yarn in place of ribbon on packages.


Every year my nieces, nephews and grandchildren get a hand made and usually knitted ornament for the tree, complete with their name and date on it. This year it's tiny sweaters on tiny hangers.


I'm knitting (still!) stripey socks to wear during the Christmas season. I'm a teacher and I always dress up for the last few classes of the year.


I have a growing collection of Christmas stockings that I knitted and hang on the rag garland that runs down the banister. I also knitted 12 mini hats and 12 mini mittens for a garland that hangs between the kitchen and family room.


I have a red and white stocking I knit years ago.


I made stockings for my husband and I a few years ago. We're expecting our first baby any day now - I'm due on Christmas - and his stocking is almost done. I think I'll wait until he's born to hang it though.

Mimi Dillman

I haven't knitted Christmas decorations, but I've tatted more than my share of ornaments shaped as stockings, stars, snowflakes, candy canes, etc.


I am slowly working on mini socks and mittens to put on a wreath-maybe next year.


A few years ago I knit some Santa hats for ornaments. Every year I say I'm going to knit stockings but I never seem to get around to it.


I have knit little mittens and socks and placed them on packages.


I've mostly knitted Christmas gifts and not decor. This year I am knitting a 'Purled Christmas Tree'. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


I've never used yarn to decorate at Christmas, perhaps I might have got round to it this year, but then decided to do two toddler jumpers due to the very cold spell we've had here. So they were brought forward by a few weeks, and the Christmas sock knitting - I've totally run out of time and two pairs of socks to go!


Yikes, I don't decorate. Sad, but true. Naked house. I knitted a Christmas Stocking for someone - There was a new grandchild in the family and she wanted a stocking to match ones her mother made for everyone over 20 years ago. Does that count as a decoration?


I have knit Christmas dishcloths to use in the kitchen and ornaments for the tree.


Yarn decorates my house every day! :) I've made ornaments in the past and used it to tie packages.


I've knitted tiny single use on the tree, to hold $$, to decorate packages.

Elizabeth D

I have made 1 -- just 1 -- thumb-sized Christmas stocking. The intention was to knit many more, of course.


I try to make a pair of socks for each of my kids and husband for a present. I also like to knit a different ornament each year..usually something simple.


I don't decorate with yarn but I do use novelty yarns to wrap presents.


I've knit stockings for the grandkids.


I knit Christmas stockings 2 years ago and last year felted clog slipper pattern and this year I am knitting MORE slippers. That is a very popular gift. I also knit a couple sock yarn shawls as gifts.
The best part of decorating the tree is opening the box of handmade ornaments. Some I knit/crochet, some the kids made and the angel for the Christmas tree made of the leftover fabric from my wedding dress (30 years ago). It was pink with a white lacy top of white so you only saw the pink if you REALLY looked, but I knew I had on a pink wedding dress :) Hey I was 18 y/o


I don't really decorate because I'm usually traveling for Christmas.


I knitted 3 of our 4 stockings: the two for my daughters 20 years ago when they were very small, and my husband's last year. His is also felted; the pattern is on Ravelry at

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