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December 24, 2010


Carrie Lee

oooooooooo,tough question! I think I would have to go with my own handspun. I love to blend alpaca with cashmere and about 10-20% nylon for strength in the heels and toes. Sometimes I blend in some merino as well. But they come out so soft and luxurious. I can also dye what ever color(s) I want to suit my whim at the time. ;o)


Ite would definitely be Opal. I admire and enjoy the Rainforest Series. The Huntderwasser colors and transitions are incredible. And the Schafpate makes sense environmentally since it emphasizes local sheep farmers and artisans.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


I think cashmere blends have spoiled me for life. I enjoy knitting with them the most! Speaking cashmere, cannot wait for your new line. Hope to see it up soon!
Have a wonderful holiday!


This is a tough question, I love them all but would definitely pick any cashmere blend. Sweet Georgia Tough Love, Trekking XXL, Opal, and Dream in Color are some of my go to yarns.


Hands down winner for me - Fleece Artist/Hand Maiden Swiss Sock! Great for socks, scarfs, sweaters, whatever you are in the mood to knit. Love the blend; love the colors; yardage/price is great.


Although too hard to answer- that is what makes sock knitting enlightining-the varieties of yarn and dyes, it would definitely be a handpainted one. Happy Holidays!


Lots of sock yarn in my stash but if I had to pick only one it would be Trekking XXL. Gorgeous colors and great durability.

Patti Ritz

I rarely have met a sock yarn I didn't like right away. If I had to pick one, I think it would have to be Shibui sock yarn.

Merry Christmas


Wow. It's super difficult. At the moment, Hand Maiden, Casbah. I love it! I want to make 10 pairs of socks with it. At least. But I'm also super partial to String Theory & DIC. I'm with Julie (above), cashmere blends. ooooo, aaahhhhh, etc.

Sandy H.

I am a Lorna's Laces fan from waaaaay back and I'm also loving Madeline Tosh Sock and Malabrigo Sock. Too much yarn and so little time!


For a full year? I would go with Dream in Color. I am never disappointed! However, there are so many other wonderful lines out thereā€¦.

Ruth Anne

I've been hooked on Lorna's Laces this year - something about the colors has me hooked for making scarves.


How can I possibly answer this question? I am always learning about new yarns, especially from independent dyers that are unique and gorgeous. I think every new yarn I try is my current favorite!


Goodness that is a hard question. Does my stash count as a sock line? If I had to choose one though, it'd be a three way tie between Trekking XXL, Dream in Color, and Cherry Tree Hill. But then again Anne is fun...


For me, I think Lang. I'm a sucker for sock yarn with silk in it, and it comes in guy-friendly colors. Unless I know I'm going to be making socks for BIG guy feet, in which case I want something more like Briggs and Little Tuffy!

Conni Christensen

Hmmm...I have a skein of Opal and one of Trekking...eenie meenie meinie mo....I guess I pick Trekking!


I'd have to go with Dream in Color, too. Although if I needed pure solids for lace, I couldn't do better than your own line, Allison. Such a great color range!


If I had to pick any at all, it would be Wollmeise. I like twisted stitches and Wollmeise looks fantastic when knit with them. From SSY, I would pick Dream in Color because of all of the colors.

Vivian Johnson

I have to go with Lorna Laces - smooth, not stringy, versatile. Solid or variegated. I have to go with Lorna Laces.


Fleece Artist - without a doubt! Can't get enough of the stuff.


I would pick Fleece Artist. I love the colors and have made socks in both Sea Wool and Trail Sock and the Traveling Woman shawl in Hand Maiden Casbah. Got great results from all and loved working with this yarn.

Patty McD

What a dilema! I love the Fleece Artist/Handmaiden, Casbah yarn and the way they feel, but I keep coming back to Shibui Knits Sock Yarn. I really like the way it sits on the needles and works up. But the Casbah feels so good....and Dream in Color is wonderful too...


I think I'd go with Fleece Artist too. All the different yarn bases would keep me busy for a year - I've been dying to try Casbah (come on Santa!!!), as well as the more basic sock yarns like Trail Sock.


Well, I haven't yet knit with Casbah or Dream in I suppose it would be one of those.

Barbara Kerr

I would like to try Blue Moon Fibre Arts yarn for the first time this year, but If I can't, my favourite yarn for the year would be Sisu - warm, great for cables and colour work!

Lisa Viviano

I'm very partial to Pigeonroof Studios Siren Two Cashmere. I've used it several times and each time am amazed how wonderfully it knits and the feel on the toes...aah.


I think I would use the unique sheep gradience yarns.
I'm such a sucker for them.

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

Definitely Lorna's Laces - doesn't split, gorgeous colors, soft, and wears well.

blogless grace

I like Blue Moon Fibre Arts. The spinning is great for hardworking, wear forever (almost) socks. The semi-solids and colorways are beautiful--I am partial to the Raven Clan group.

Mary Helgesen

I choose Schaeffer Yarn, Anne just because I'm knitting with it now, and I love it! Wish me luck in finishing this gift in time for Christmas. It may be a partially completed gift with a promise to finish soon. Does anyone else do that?


Wow, that's a really tough question. At the moment, I think I'll have to say Wollmeise, but that's only because I've got so much I haven't tried knitting with yet. I just love the colours, and the fact that it's nylon in the 80/20 base. I'm pretty sure the answer will be different in a year, though, I have some interesting yarns in my stash. ;)

Happy holidays, I hope you'll have a good and peaceful one!


Casbah, for sure. I love it for socks and scarves!

Andrea W

wOW....TOUGH QUESTION! Fleece Artist. So sorrry you other guys...I really love y'all!


It would have to be Malabrigo Sock. I have never knit with it and love the idea of color and softness....... Though, with so many other yarns out there I haven't tried yet, I can definitely be swayed to try another.


You really saved the toughest question for the last day. I'm scratching my head here. From a color standpoint, I'd pick Dream in Color. I think their yarn holds up pretty well given that it's 100% superwash with no reinforcing nylon. I adore the semisolid colors. But if I were truly only going to knit with one line for a whole year, I think this year I'd pick YOUR line, Allison, so I could really experiment with colorwork. I'm just beginning to dabble with stranded knitting, and that would give me a good disciplinary structure in which to explore and stretch my knitting.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


I would pick BMFA's Socks that Rock. I prefer the mediumweight because I knit so loose. I don't have to go down to 0's or lower to get them to feel good. :)

Carla in MT

Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I love the colors - I can never choose just one! and I really like that the yarn is already divided into 2 parts, dyed to match.


sKnitches could be my first choice but ultimately it is Opal. I love Opal the colors are fantastic, it has enough elastic and yes it does use local farms for its wool. Ohhh! It has fantastic color.


Probably Blue Moon Fiber Arts - I love their colorways!

NancyN from Texas

I would choose Fleece Artist Trail Socks. It's comfortable, durable, and the colors are absolutely beautiful.


I have so many different sock yarns but one of my favorite to knit with is Koigu yarns..


I think it would be BMFA socks that rock, but one of my goals for the year is to knit with all of the brands that are in my stash that I have never used. It's good to try new things!


Really? I can't pick. I love them all and I'm totally addicted to socks. but only for this blog would I put down that for a year I would prefer to knit with a cashmere blend...


I would have to choose Opal. I love all the different color patterns and I have never been disappointed with how they wear. I also like that I can throw the socks in the washing machine and they look great. My stash is currently full of a great variety of yarn (since I am constantly tempted by all the great yarns from Simply Socks) but if I could just pick one, it would be Opal.


I'm way too much of a newbie with all the gorgeous, quality yarns to pick just one line. I'm still working my way through all the yarns I see and hear about, and haven't been disappointed in any of them yet!


Mountain Colors Bearfoot. It's a little bigger and I am a loose knitter so I can knit them on a #1 as opposed to #0 with most sock yarns. And, they're WONDERFUL to wear!

Seattle Amy

Totally easy!!!

There are so few self-striping yarn...therefore, it's be Caitlin's yarn - String Color Theory!!

It makes awesome socks, everyone I knit them for LOVE them...highest praise? "Cool socks!" The response from my 14 year old nephew - who wears a size 13 shoe and is still growing.


Provided I had unlimited quantities? Fleece Artist - I like the slightly heavier yarn, it comes in a wide variety of solid and varigated colours, and in my experience it wears very well. The only problem is that the skeins are a bit short for making taller socks or more complex patterns.


Only one??? The first thing that popped into my mind was Dream In Color so I'll go with that but I also love ..... :)


Tough question! I'll choose Alpaca Sox, too. Love any and all alpaca -- so soft and warm, love the colors, as well!


Gah! Ummm.

It would probably be Knitivity's Down Home Sock Yarn. Solids and beautiful hand dyes from a small dyer would keep me entertained for a year. And it's just plain wool/nylon, so I could make a year of good, durable socks too.


I think I'd have to go with Woolen Rabbit. Or maybe Sophie's Toes. I can't decide!


if it was free, madelinetosh sock. if not, probably lorna's laces or even zauberball!


That question is almost impossible to answer. At the moment, I am enjoying knitting my second pair of socks from Sweet Georgia Tough Love. But for a whole year I would go for Opal.

J.T. in missouri

probably Fleece artist. They've got lines from all sorts of bases, and you can use them to make things other than socks.


Not hard at all. Numma numma, hands down. :-)


Wow! Hard to choose! But I'd have to go with the Alpaca also - it's so soft. Then again, I haven't tried some of the other brands. Maybe that would be a good resolution for this coming year???


I would definitely knit with the Sweet Georgia Yarns. The yarn bases are lovely to work with and her colourways are fantastic. They are great for socks, shawls, gloves..etc However there are so many nice lines it is really hard to choose!



Err, Socks that Rock. It would have to be Socks that Rock. So many colours, and semi solids too.


Shibui ... I love their colors.


I would have to go with the wonderful self-striping Knitterly Things Vesper Sock yarn. I love the colors and the stripes. Happy holidays and thanks for hosting the giveaway!


If I really had to pick just one yarn to knit with for a whole year then I would have to choose Dream in Color because of the beautiful, rich colors and the soft, squishy feel of their yarn. I love this brand!

Susan C.

My first reaction was "Dream in Color" so I'm sticking with that. Especially since they have a few sock yarns to choose from - smooshy, starry, and their cashmere blend that's just divine!


String Theory Continuum hands down. Never a dull moment!


I'll say Sweet Georgia. Although I've yet to buy any, I have some on my wishlist as I love the colourways and texture of the yarn. I will definitely be buying some SG in the next year. Plus, they are local to me which is great!

Maureen L

Probably Opal. Most of the socks I knit are for others and Opal has such a good track record for being washable and easy care with good results.


Malabrigo sock! It is so soft and the colors never fail to amaze me!


OMG Wollemeise - like hen's teeth but everything I've seen in it is gorgeous!


How can you pick just one sock yarn? I love the one I'm knitting with right now --so I guess I'll choose that one --Caper Sock by String Theory.
This has been a fun 12 days of Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best in 2011!


Yikes! Only ONE!! Dream in Color - because it's so.... smooshy!
Not a fair question. Have a happy happy Christmas, Allison!
I'm sure we are all happy you have the shop for us and wish you the best of everything this holiday season has to offer and continues this next year!

Patricia Richardson

I would choose Dream In Color because of the wonderful colors and because it is superwash.


I would choose Dream in Color - but I think I'd have a hard time choosing between Smooshy or Starry...


I would say Fleece Artist, Spud and Chloe, or Misti Alpaca--all are fabulous!


I would have to go with Opal, Trekking or Socks that Rock (had the club this year and haven't knit one yet). Mostly because I have for me a years worth each in the stash. If I was to pick a non stash yarn I would pick dream in color or pagewood farms for their great colors.


Oh I can't answer this question. I'm still so new that I'm just trying to discover all the yarns!


Like everyone else, I have a hard time picking just one, but I have really been loving Lorna's Laces recently. It just has the most wonderful feel when knitting it. And the colors are fantastic, too.


I'd have to go with SweetGeorgia, because I love the colours. (Note proper Canadian spelling, which is making the spellcheck happy.) And if I could get her to track down some of her old non-superwash base, I'd be ecstatic, because it's one of the favorite pairs of socks I've ever knit.


Wow - that is a tough question. I would probably go with Madelinetosh Sock yarn. I love the color combinations and it is wonderful to work with!


I am so addicted to self-striping yarns for socks that I usually go to Austermann or Opal - but after reading all these comments I realize I need to break out and try some of these other wonderful yarns.

marsha salcedo

I am a beginner so my experience is limited. I like cashmire just on principle. I have RA so I am in pain all the time. I am learning to knit socks so I have some that don't exacerbate my foot and ankle pain.


BMFA has always been my fav. That was the first premium type yarn to hit my hands so it's my first love, the one I always go back to. I don't buy so much of it but the skeins I have, I cherish.


I'd choose Dream in Color. Love the colors and the smooshy feel of the yarn.


This is a very difficult question. But forced to pick just one I would go with Lorna's Laces for it's diversity and machine washability (is that a word?).


Dream in Color's yarn with cashmere would be my pick. There's nothing like a pair of socks with cashmere for warmth and softness.


Malabrigo sock!

or maybe I would try Madeline Tosh sock...


Oh that's easy!! Wollmeise if course! But that's only if I could get my hands on enough of it!! Yummmm!!

Connie Kinsman

I would knit with Fleece Artist or Casbah! These are beautiful yarns and beautiful colors. Make knitting a joy!

Debbie H

My fav is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. So many pretty colors! Debbie in Alaska

Cathy Goldman

That's a cruel question.....For a whole year...omg It would have to be a line with solids as well as stipes etc. I take( to be safe!!!) Opal but then there's Lorna's Laces...and on and on...Cruel I tell you cruel


Dream in Color, though I am a bit obsessed with self striping yarns at the moment.

Karen Sheldon

So hard to choose, I love them all. But since I have to, I will choose Lorna's Laces. Love all the colourways, solids and variegated.

Kat Gatzke

It would definitely be a cashmere blend. The first one that comes to mind is The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga. Feels great and gorgeous colors!


Miss Babs! I love the twist and the colors are vibrant!


Juniper Moon Fiber Farm's sock yarns. Although they're not from the flock, they are from small farmers. And the yarns are dreamy! Can't wait until her new sock line is in the stores!


I think the one yarn I would knit is Lorna Lace's. There's a lot of different colors and it's durable for socks.

carol fun

There are so many gorgeous sock yarns that it is hard to choose just one but if I had to I think I'd like to knit a year of Lorna's Laces. I love all the different colorways and this yarn makes beautiful socks and my newest obsession - little shawlettes! Merry Christmas!

Kathleen B.

I would not want to limit myself because something I like better might come along during the year.


This is difficult because I have only knit with a couple of brands. I would like to try "socks that rock" this year. I will be trying lots of other brands this year too because I have 12 sock yarns and patterns ready to knit. Many of them are indie dyers so it will be a fun and interesting year.


It would have to be Malabrigo in any form! Love the colors and the way it knits up. Just needs to come in a cashmere form, now. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


It would be Madeline Tosh for me, it's beautiful and comes in so many colors, also when you need a break from sock knitting you can use it to make so many other great things.

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