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December 23, 2010


Twisted Stitcher

I wish that someone would give me a book of socks I don't already own.

I am a voracious reader and collector, so I happen to love a good sock book. I also buy them when I see them. Last year at Christmas time my sister was so excited she bought me Interweave's best sock patterns: already owned it.

This year, I sneaked into my Knitpicks box of goodies the new sock book by Cookie A. I am afraid now, when my sister tells me I better not have already gone out and bought "it", that Cookie A's new sock book is paying me a second visit.

Twice the incentive to twist up some beautiful cables and oohhhh, shop for new yarn.

Ruth Anne

I tend to buy knitting books when I want them, although I've been slowing down lately - at some point there are too many books to look through! I do always hope someone gives me a knitting pattern/stitch a day calendar, I like to keep that on my desk at work.


I don't buy many books anymore. I prefer to make up my own patterns. However if Cat Bordhi or Sally Melville come out with a new one I'd make an exception.


Stitch dictionaries - the more the merrier! I never design anything, but I love looking at all of the different stitches and imagining that someday I will. And, I love the Simply Socks Solids - just about to finish a pair using this yarn and I am really impressed with it.


Sock Innovations by Cookie A is on my Twisted Sister, if you have a surplus, let me know!!


I don't really need any more books for knitting. Anymore I get patterns off of blogs, Knitty or Ravelry. I am the type where too many books clutter my mind then I spent too much time looking at patterns, then wonder where the time went and I could have been knitting :-)

Patti Ritz

For the last few Christmases, I have asked for sock books as gifts. I now have 28 books about knitting socks. I hope that I will receive another one this Christmas. I also collect shawl knitting books.


Cookie A's new sock book is on my list. I probably don't need another sock book but I love to look at the pictures! :)

Becky B

I got "One More Skein" by Leigh Radford from the library, and seriously, there are about 8 patterns in it I want to do immediately! So, I'd love that book for my own.

bunny dimmel

my friends think i am nuts, but i shoot for the stars, si i wish santa would bring me the complete set of addi lace needles. one can always dream.

Kathleen B.

New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One by Cat Bordhi. I already have 2 of her other books and rely on them for sock knitting.


I have quite a collection of books. Perhaps, though, I would like the new Cookie A book or a nice book for knitting patterned mittens using multiple colors (haven't seen what I want published anywhere).


Cookie A's new sock book would be great. Also, maybe a lace book or two.

Nancy Rau

I would love to have Maggie's Ireland just for the photography. I look at it every time I see it on the shelf in the bookstore


I would love to own "The Book of Wool". I have quite a collection of knitting books though, so if I don't get one more, no big deal. I couldn't knit up all the patterns I have that I want to knit if I lived for 300 years, so I think I'm probably good without one more book right now.


I really want Knitted Lace of Estonia. So badly. Please, Santa.


What I want is an eBook reader, but so far, none of them can handle knitting books and no knitting books (that I know of) have been converted to an eBook format. If I am wrong about all this, please let me know!


I'd really like Knitting Socks With Handpainted Yarn. It's been on my list for a while, but other shiny new sock books have pushed it out of the way.

Linda B

I'm intrigued by lace/shawl knitting. So maybe a book, a real beginner book, would be nice. If nothing comes of it, at least the pictures will be wonderful to look at.

Carrie Lee

I would love to get Sockupied. I hesitate to buy it since I run linux on my laptop and it's just for windows and mac right now - not sure I could use it on a linux machine. :o/


I asked for Cookie A's new book Knit, Sock, Love, and just opened it last night. She's great!


my library is pretty full, but I wish listed "wrapped in lace" for my christmas gift and just got it.
beautiful stuff.


I would like one of the new books on knitting lace or anything by Cat Bondi is always nice too!


I would love someone in my family to get me either a Cookie A. book or a Wendy Johnson book, or any book about knitting. Not picky.


I have it on good authority I'll be receiving the new what else to do with sock yarn book under the tree this year. At some point I would love the handpainted sock book or one of Janel Laidman's titles, as those designs keep popping up on my radar.

I'm a big fan of giving books for special occasions.


Knitted Lace of Estonia....


Knit.Sock.Love is on my list, as is Silk Road Socks by Hunter Hammersen.


I love sock books. I'm hoping for Cookie A's latest sock book, "Knit. Sock. Love."

Patty McD

If I see a book I want, I pretty much get it then. I love to read them and will go back to my favorites again and again. A skein of yarn often triggers a remembrance, and I'll go get that book, find the pattern and off I go! After 52 yeaars of marriage cookbooks aren't much of an incentive anymore, but knitting books always are.


I didn't give any sock books but if I had, it would be Cookie A's new book. I'm asking for it for my bday in January.


I keep looking at Knit Sock Love on Amazon. Sigh. I love Cookie A's socks.

Vivian Johnson

Actually, I would like a book for knitting from the neck down. I have plenty of Knitting Pure & Simple and believe there are some other pattern makers out there for top down knitting.

Susan C.

I've had my eye on the new Cookie A knitting book. That would be a great gift!


Two, but I can't remember the exact titles of either right now. (Oh, wait, three)

The Enchanted Sole
Something something Handpaints?
Socks from around the world? (maybe?)

Sara Lee Albright

I downloaded Cookie A's new book "Knit. Sock. Love" .... I'd just like MORE yarn to knit MORE socks !!!!! thanks, all ......


I don't feel the need for pattern books with so many choices on Ravelry (although I do have some), but I'm really looking forward to the Yarnharlot's new book. I'm pretty sure there will be knitting .....

Patricia Richardson

I would for someone to gift me Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits.


I don't have either of Cookie A.'s books, so maybe one of those. Stitch dictionaries are always good too!


The Enchanted Sole by Janel Laidman

Abby M

I would like my own copy of The Knitter's Handbook. I love it for beginners so I frequently give it away or buy it as a gift but haven't managed to keep a copy


The latest book I added to my "wish list" is Cookie A's new one, Knit, Sock, Love. I think I added it too late to receive it this Christmas, though. I also would like to receive A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker (to complete my set), Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders, and Brave New Knits. There's an excellent chance I'll get something from this list.

Oh, yeah, -- then there's the two books I already bought for myself and told my hubby to wrap them up for me: the new version of Aran Knitting by Alice Starmore and Around the World in Knitted Socks by Stephanie Van der Linden. (Those were set aside quite a while ago, so I almost forgot them).

Knitting books make perfect presents for me!


I have a pretty big library of knitting books. Would love to receive either the 3rd or 4th volume of the Barbara Walker treasury books to complete my set.


I'd like to have the book Continuous Cables but I probably wouldn't get it for myself because I have plenty of cable books so it would be a nice gift :)


I love the new Cookie A book Knit. Sock. Love


I have a lot of pattern books and I rarely use them - I tend to search for patterns on ravelry and buy them there. So, nope, no knitting pattern book on my wish list this year.


Yes, Knit. Sock. Love By Cookie A.

Barbara Kerr

On my Christmas wish list is the new book "Country Weekend Socks" by Madeline Weston - a wonderful chance to play with colour!


I have several on my "wish list" on Amazon!


I received a knitting book last Christmas that I still haven't knitted a pattern from, and I feel bad about that. so I don't think I "deserve" any new knitting books. :\


Cookie A's new sock book is on my list!



i keep favouriting patterns from the book on ravelry, and gosh, i want to knit them! i'd love to have that one but no one i know is gonna get me a knitting book, that stuff is all me. unless, of course, i get a gift card!


Next to knitting I love mysteries so mysteries with a knitting theme are not only fun to read but inspire me to knit!


Cookie A's new sock book or Brave New Knits. Seriously, though, I really should be using the books I have!


This year, I managed to pick up most of the new sock knitting books that I wanted. My favorite one that came out this is One-Skein Book for Sock Yarn. Lots of great sock & non-sock patterns. I could see one of the shawls patterns using your brick or caribean color ways!

Maureen L

The Knitter's Book of Wool is on my Amazon wish list. I could send some cozy winter reading time with that.

Kathy Brandon

I couldn't believe it when my husband handed me Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders by Judith Durant. I really enjoy knitting socks and I wasn't that crazy about this book until I started thumbing through it. Now I can't wait to knit up some of patterns in it. I think my husband was hoping that I would use up some of my sock yarn stash but I just can't wait to buy more (heee, hee).....

Jean Folkerth

I love sock books although I tend to make self striping socks so don't like lots of patterns. I am so impressed with people's creativity. I know I am getting one cuz I picked it out and was there when it was bought but can't remember its name! Oh well, I will be somewhat surprised!


I have lots of books but that doesn't seem to matter! I have on my list Sock Yarn-One Skein Wonders, as well as Cookie A's new book and Brave New Knits


I know the Cookie A book is under the tree for me (as queen of all internet at my house, online shopping is my domain!), but there's a chance Margaret Stove's Wrapped in Lace is tucked under there too. I was hoping for Silk Road Socks, but clearly, it's not done quite yet.


Knit Sock Love has been on my list. Sockupied has caught my interest as well.


I really really really hope to receive the new Cookie A sock book this year! I've hinted so I'm pretty hopeful...


Brave New Knits is on my list - I'm interesting in understanding the thought process of the new breed of designer who hasn't necessarily been knitting a long time. Often, their designs are less reliant on technique and are almost architectural.


Any of Cookie A's or Janel Laidman's sock books or any stitch dictionary.


I've asked Santa for Barbara Walker's books. Especially the 2nd Book of Treasuries for lace patterns.


Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders. I have so much sock yarn, this book seems perfect for alternatives to socks.

Beverly Shearon

I would love to get Cookie A's book. Of course, my family doesn't ask for what I want for Christmas and we don't have a decent knitting shop here. My husband isn't great at ordering online. Oh well, guess I'll probably have to gift myself :-)


1. I love color cards because they really help with the yarn color choices. Thanks for offering these.

2. Cookie A book is great but I was even more excited when I saw Wendy Johnson's Toe-Up Socks in a Box which are knit card patterns from her book of the same name.

3. Yes, there are knit books available for e-readers and my Kindle also holds PDF files so I can keep the pattern I am working (or shopping for) with me. If you want to see what knit books (including knit fiction) go to Amazon and use the Search drop-down box to select KINDLE and then type KNIT in the search field.

P.S. I still buy hard copies of knit books but will read knitting stories (like Yarn Harlot books or knit novels) on my Kindle.

Connie Kinsman

I would love to recieve Cookie A's new sock book! Although sadly, I know the people who buy for me would never buy it!! Alas, after Christmas (if I don't recieve it), I will buy it for a belated Christmas present to myself!!

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

I would love the new Cookie A. book...who wouldn't want that book?!

Robin Clark

I bought the new Cookie A book for myself for Xmas. Hopefully it will arrive today. And I asked for Signature DPNs for Xmas from my husband. Is $45 too much to spend for knitting needles???


I've decided I'm not getting any "knitting" stuff from anyone but me so I plan to buy Sock. Love. by Cookie A.


I'm hoping to receive the reprint of Aran Knitting by Alice Starmore, but my Amazon wishlist is full of knitting books so I'm not feeling too picky!


Nobody ever gives me books about knitting, because if it's something I want, I've already bought it!

Andrea W

Beggers can't be choosers. I'd take any book. I love them all!


I would love to receive Cookie A's new book Knit.Sock.Love


Oh, anything with various stitch patterns that I can use to adapt to my socks. I am always looking for new stitch designs!

NancyN from Texas

I would like to receive Knitted Lace of Estonia. I am just getting into lace, and it's fascinating.


I don't have any books of sock patterns, and I'd like to have one. Any of them would be fine with me.

deetyblue many books. I'm hoping for the new Cookie A. one, I keep trying to find the Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn, even a stitch dictionary would be welcome!

Dani Czapiewski

the only knitting book on my list is the new Cookie A. book:)


Any book by Louisa Harding. I love her sweater designs.

Lisa Viviano

I was so hoping to recieve Kristen Niholas two books on color that I ordered them for myself. As soon as they came in I wrapped them and placed them under the tree (I didn't even crack open the covers for a little peek). I see hours of enjoyment reading though the patterns and hopingly I get braver about colorwork and then order more Simply Sock Yarn solids.


I'd like to get Cookie A's Sock Innovation. I still haven't gotten it and there are so many great patterns in it.

Kathy Barton

I would really like cookie A's new book or one skein wonders - sock yarn. I am at my mom's for the holidays and I brought some sock yarn with me just in case I get one of them!

Nancy Gappa

I have a weakness for books. I was raised in a large city but now live in a small rural area with limited resources so I find I must have all types of handy references and books so that when the time is available I can go ahead and take advantage. If I didn't have this available I would lose out on many opportunities.

Wendy McD

We have "The Great Wall O'Books", 20 foot long by 8 foot high. I would love to add Cookie A's latest book to the menagerie.


I would love someone to give me a copy of Pitsilised koekirjad by Leili Reimann for Christmas. It is the Estonian lace book that I think triggered the current resurgence of beautiful Estonian lace shawls. Such inspiration would be hard to find, but priceless. And I would be forever grateful.


I would like Santa to bring Sock Yarn OSW but it's on back order at our LYS. Perhaps the New Year's Baby will bring it instead?!


I would love to have Cookie A's sock book.

Jolene (JoboDesigns on Ravelry)

My Friend Jo is a sock knitting maniac! I'd love to get her the new Cookie A book for Christmas... but unfortunately it's not available in time (I preordered months ago hoping... but no such luck)


I already received a book store gift card for Christmas and plan to get the Interweave 25 Favorite Socks book.


I hope Santa is bringing me "Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders" by Judith Durant


I have quite a few knitting books and haven't always knitted anything from them. So many project deas, so little time!


I asked my sis for Cookie As new book & I think I'm getting it because she called to say it wasn't out yet when she originally went shopping. She loves giving me books like that because she'll end up getting lots of pretty socks.

lynne florig-beck



Nobody in my family would buy me a knitting book, because no one else is interested in knitting. My best friend might be so inclined, but she would ask me to pick it out so that she got me one that I did not have and it also would have patterns that she could use. She knows how to knit, so I am teaching her how to make socks next year.


I would love it if someone gifted me with Cookie A's new book.


Ysolda's Little Red in the City! I think it's just available for preorder now, but I would accept a late Christmas gift!


I collect Rowan Knitting Magazines and have for years. I have #1-46 but #5 has always eluded me. So if Santa is listening...please, I've been pretty good this year.

Joyce Morrow

I buy soooo any knitting and cooking books that I had to make a New Year's resolution to buy fewer(!) last year and I have kept it, I think. But now I need/want so many more sock knitting books - and Santa, I have been good. . .jemknit

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