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December 22, 2010


Sara Lee Albright

Yes, I, too, have been "Wal-Mart'd" with the question : "Why knit the socks when you can buy them at the store?", but with the addition of, "Oh, that's too much work to knit socks by hand !" ..... Don't people know we do this for the love of it ?


The most preposterous thing someone said about my knitting/yarn, (after looking at my stash): "Do you really NEED all of that yarn?" Ha!


What is memorable is the lesson I learned this holiday season. I decided to knit simple gifts for 3 friends of mine, all know how to knit and two are actively working on projects. They all were thrilled with the gifts! I learned that knitters truly appreciate anything knitted, and never have enough!

Ruth Anne

A male coworker once asked me, "What are you sewing?" when I was actually knitting. I used to cross-stitch and I can understand mistaking that for sewing, but knitting? Really?


When people say 'Can you teach me to knit?', which makes me happy, but then they get all ticked off when you start with a dishcloth instead of going straight to lace socks!


I very rarely knit for others but one year I made my MIL a nice pair of cotton blend socks, nothing special just soft and cushy and when I asked how she liked wearing them she said "Oh they are too nice to wear, I put them away in a dresser drawer".


Perhaps the funniest thing was when my kids had a play date with new friends. The friends' mom stayed and had a cup of tea with me as our 4 kids played. At one point they were playing hide and seek. My son came rushing to the kitchen where we drinking tea and said, "They couldn't find us! We were hiding in the yarn closet!" From her expression, I believe the other mom thought I was insane.

Jean Folkerth

I too have been "walmarted" but more with questioning my love of yarn and needing to have a large amount on hand because "you never know" what you might need!


Sadly, I don't have a funny story to share. but i really like this skein of yarn, so...


I was spinning on a drop spindle waiting for a doctor's appointment and someone came over to see what I was doing. "Oh it is so pretty, how do you make it?". I showed her and she got a look on her face and said "Oh, I thought you were making that.", pointing to the roving.


Kind of along the same thought, it seems every time I take my knitting to one of the kids' sporting events, there is some young child who is, ahem, a bit energetic--bouncing around, running around, and unable to sit still. When they see me knitting, they always ask what I'm making and invariably end up cozying up to me, sitting (almost on my lap), just watching me knit.


I love your story of Joe's response to the cashmere. Of course people are always asking me what I'm making, but to me the funniest response is my daughter's. And keep in mind that she loves having me knit stuff for her. I do however like to knit in the car when I'm stuck in traffic and at traffic lights. She has requested that I not do that when she's in the car. She told me that she thinks I need an intervention because I'm addicted. Oh, well. It's probably true and I don't care.


This is not so much to do with yarn or knitting (well maybe) but I guess the perspecitve of hand knitting cost compared to whatever ...the same co-worker usually asks "so how much did they or that cost you to make?" - It's the SAME person who goes on average of 3 - 4 cruises or really nice vacations per year.


I got the opposite reaction from my mother in law. She was ready to have me make *everyone's* socks from now on, since they're so easy to make, and cheap too. I overheard my husband telling her just yesterday that the yarn plus pattern plus time to knit is waaaaaaaaay to expensive

Lesa M

My 8-year-old granddaughter always seems to "need" whatever it is I'm working on. As I was knitting my 2nd pair of socks ever, she said - could you make me a pair like that - but knit my name in them?

Carrie Lee

My husband surprised me with a spinning wheel several Christmases ago and he had it shipped to his work address. When one of his co-workers saw the box and was asking about it, Dean explained it was a spinning wheel and now I could spin my own yarn for projects. The co-worker's response was - "Congratulations, you just set your wife back 400 years!" LOL

Robin Clark

I took up knitting originally to give me something to do while I was waiting at dog shows. Now I knit everywhere and anywhere. But my husband refuses to accompany me to funerals or weddings if I insist upon knitting. At dog shows people are always amazed that I can knit while I wait. I have no idea what they are so impressed with!


I don't really have a funny story either. When people see me knitting socks, they make comments that time invested wouldn't be worth it to them. But they don't get to wear hand-knit merino wool socks, do they? :)

Vivian Johnson

I don't really have a funny story either. I have people make comments that I could get them cheaper at Walmart. I made my two sisters a pair one Christmas - since then every Christmas that is all they want.

Twisted Stitcher

Does it count if they say it about you, around you? "That certainly is a fortune in yarn" seems to be the general comment relayed through the family telephone game.

I find that funny because, yes, I do love the best, but a girl has to have choices, doesn't she? I mean, I view yarn the way I view make up=match the perfect color with the perfect occasion/pattern. And, once you knit with beautiful wool or cashmere, you never go back to acrylic.

Some people just don't understand it, but they sure do like all twisted up for their use!

Sandy H.

Every year when I knit socks for my late husband he would be so thankful but often say it was so much work and money why not just buy the socks. Well, one year I did buy the socks and put them in his stocking instead of six pairs of homemade socks. Boy - did his face drop! The real ones were in a box under the tree though!

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

That they don't have the time while sitting there playing games on their phone :)


My husband thinks I should open a yarn store. I explain it is simply as addition to my stash . . . in case a great flood or war or nuclear holocaust comes. My dream is to retire here in New Mexico one day from nursing and have a small sheep and alpaca ranch in Edgewood or Las Vegas or Taos New Mexico and raise sheep for sheering.


Cant think of anything specific. I always discuss my knitting and yarn with my family and friends so they are aware of what I am creating and usually share my enthusiamsm for it.

Conni Christensen

"Hey Honey, those socks you made are warm." My family is still waiting for me to make them a pair of socks after 2 years of getting some yarn and patterns. There just isn't enough quiet time for a beginner like me to get at it....or maybe I'm afraid they'll like them so much that I'll have to make dozens more!!


I've been asked "Isn't that something grandmas do?" I was in my early 20s.

Lisa Page

my friends/co-workers have such nice things to say about my knitting even the "projects" that don't turn out quite right...they tell me "Lisa, your going to be one of those Grandmas that knit crazy things for everyone but they'll wear them because you made them" I am so blessed to have such wonderful people that support my yarn habbit!

bunny dimmel

"Now what kind of a machine do you use to make this stuff?"


Last year Christmas was on a Friday. On the previous Monday my sister asked me if I would knit a pair of socks for a friend of hers for Christmas. I said, (thinking she couldn't possibly mean it) "This Christmas?" And, honest to goodness, that is what she meant.


My husband was reluctant to wearing hand knit socks. After making him a few pairs with different yarns, he finally said that the socks I knit were the warmest pair he had. That's a compliment coming from him. He likes smartwool and other similar type store bought socks. So now that it's cold, he's been wearing the socks that I made for him a lot.


Last year Christmas was on a Friday. The previous Monday my sister asked if I would knit a pair of socks for a friend for Christmas. I said, (never thinking she actually meant it) "This Christmas?" And honest to goodness, that is exactly what she meant!

Jennifer Wells

My 7-year old son begged me to knit him some socks. I did. He picked the yarn and followed my progress with interest and was very excited when they were done. About 2 minutes after he tried them in, they were off his feet again. I asked him why and he said, "They feel funny.". He never wore them again. Kids!


my brother did not really question the fact that i was knitting socks(my mom has always tried to keep her 8 kids busy doing something) but did say to me, "if you used bigger yarn that would go faster."


Once my hubbie walked into the family room where I was sitting, holding some pony beads that my daughter wanted to use to make a necklace. My hubbie looked at me and said, "Do you have any yarn we could use?" At which point we looked directly at each other for about 2 seconds, then we both burst out laughing.

Patty McD

The first time I saw my Rheumatologist he walked into the exam room, saw me knitting and said "My neck size is 17 inches". I told him he was #46 on the list of people who wanted me to knit for them. Now everytime I see him he asks where he is on the list. One of these days............

Mary C.

About 18 years ago I decided to give machine knitting a try (gave it up later - not half the fun of handknitting). The machine was in an extra bedroom. When a friend happened to see it, she looked at me with a horrified expression. I asked her what was wrong and why she was startled by the knitting machine. She said, "Oh my God, I thought it was a dialysis machine!".


When I went to sock summit in 2009, I had a really hard time convincing folks that a conference on sock knitting could be either interesting or fun. I had the best time there!!
Going again in 2011.


I get the 'what are your sewing' question a lot. Or better yet, my 14 yo DS asks me 'what are you stitching?' and then follow it with 'is that for me?'

Deborah Nelson

I work in a hospital lab and someone from another department came in looking for me, actually asking everyone she was looking for the person who knits. So she was directed to me, finally found me. She needed help, with a project and needed a question answered. I started the answer with "that is easy" and someone in my department yelled across the room "we all can't be Martha Stewart like you" ! Needless to say everyone started laughing.
PS. There was a bad adjective before Martha's name.


My sister in law made a disparaging comment last Christmas to the effect of "I'm not interested in homemade gifts." Needless to say, I haven't spoken to her since.
Speaking of crafts, I'm on pins and needles waiting for those new cashmere skeins.


The only thing I ever hear is, why don't you make me more socks? That's from the size 9 or 10 guys!


I usually get a weird look or comment when I discuss just "dropping" in the LYS for a second. I always ask my sister to go with me and she always says "absolutley not!" She told me she could not understand how I could spend that much time in a shop and so much time checking out different websites.


I can't think of anything that stands out. I guess what I hear most often (since I'm usually working on socks when people see me knitting) is that they'd like to knit socks but they are much too hard. Don't think so!

Susan C.

At a family reunion a couple of years ago, a few of us wandered into a yarn shop. I decided to treat myself to a skein of "souvenir" yarn that would always remind me of this trip. Upon seeing the price, my father almost fell over. "How much is that!?! for yarn!?!" To which I replied, "Some people collect spoons. I collect yarn. To each their own." He left it alone after that. :)

Mary T

My sister once told me I didn't need any more sock books!


I've gotten the "why knit socks when you can buy them" comment many times. The muggles just don't get it.

Megan Hatch

My 6'4" boyfriend asked me if I would knit him one-piece footsie pajamas. He was at least half joking, but could you imagine how many years that would take to knit?!

Lee Ann

the question: "You made those? Then why don't they match?" I prefer fraternal twin socks not identical twins. They are more fun and I get lots of comments. If I have a solid or semi-solid yarn I use 2 different patterns to make them. Same yarn, two different socks.


The one I get all the time: "Would you knit me a ?" If only they knew how many hours it would take!


I don't really have a funny story...
A friend once told me she thought I knit in my sleep and that is how I get so many knitted items finished so quickly. I thought that was funny because I don't think I knit that quickly and I know I don't knit in my sleep! I may dream about knitting and patterns and counting stitches but no, I don't knit in my sleep.


This is more cute than funny but after knitting a scarf for my grandson, he wanted to know if I could knit one for his stuffed gorilla.
Love this skein of DIC.


I was waiting in the car for my son to finish work. His boss stopped by to assure me that he'd be done soon, and I assured him that it was OK because I had my knitting to keep me busy. A couple of minutes later the bosses wife came out. "OMG, he said you were knitting and you are! I thought he was kidding!" Which led to a whole conversation about how she wants to learn. Next time I stopped by, she came running out rolling up her pant leg to show me the handknit socks her aunt had sent.


My husband did a reverse on the Wal-Mart comment. He said once, early on in my knitting, "Well, it's cheaper to make socks than buy them, right? You're saving money." Well, the look on my face gave away that answer. When I did confess that many of my wonderful socks yarns are $20 or more...well, you should have seen the look on his face! He's very supportive of my knitting, tho, I'm happy that he's happy! :)


People always ask me what I am crocheting (when I am knitting) and then tell me it is too hard and they do not have the time. I refuse to knit for some family members because they do not appreciate the time and effort that go into the item, but other family members will show me a picture and tell me they want that.


My family supports my knitting habit although they have on occasion expressed wonder at why I would spend so much time knitting something that is mostly covered with my shoes!


I watch who gets my handmade socks. I made a pair for a dear friend last year and this year my friend is getting a pair and my cousin is also getting a pair. Last year the friend told me after Christmas her daughter wishes I was her friend. I also have several coworkers that I have mentioned sock knitting to and I get oh make me a pair. They fail to realize that it takes time to knit socks. I prefer to knit socks for enjoyment not for job.

deena lonzo

Yesterday I was in Windsor Button in Boston to get perfect buttons for knitted gloves (this place is great for buttons and yarn). I was wearing newly knitted 'Wrenna' from French Girl Knits and the clerk said, "Is that from French Girl Knits?" I had altered the pattern by making long sleeves. I was amazed! I have NEVER had someone recognize and name the pattern of something I have knit!! Wouldn't it be great if the whole world was FILLED with nice fiber lovers???

Janet Shott

The most memorable statement: "Those socks you knit for me FIT! It's the first pair I've ever had that 'worked' = including all purchased socks. I hope you knit more for me!" from my sister-in-law who has tiny, fat feet, with high arches.


Here is something I actually said to my husband (without thinking much of it)while I was blissfully enjoying beginning a new project: "I wish I could knit while on the treadmill!" He thought I was crazy!

Judy Gates

OH... now you're really in my favorite color family...

Well... a lot was said when my family actually had a serious "yarn intervention" for me back in September... and, no... it hasn't led to me decreasing my stash... I just reminded them that I CHOOSE my yarns carefully as opposed to my relatives...


I was knitting a dishcloth while visiting my dad, and my stepmother made the why-knit-a-dishcloth-when-they-are-a-dime-a-dozen comment. I said, Well, these are knit with love. She countered, You can BUY things with love!


My grown, non-knitting, daughter was with me yarn shopping one afternoon. I was talking with a couple women about something specific they were looking for and I told the women where they could locate it. I told them to tell the shop owner I sent them. During this conversation my daughter was trying to get me to leave. She kept whispering to me about the dangers of talking to strangers (she's in law enforcement and very protective). I told them they were knitters and everything was fine, but she kept insisting I shouldn't talk to strangers. A couple weeks later, I was in the shop I sent the women to and I heard someone mention to the owner that they had been sent by someone but could only remember the first name. The owner started laughing and pointed across the store to where I was standing. The woman found the yarn she was looking for and I got a referral credit.


How do you keep the all those needles straight?


I was asked while knitting a beautiful lace pair of socks, if I was making something for my dog!! This was from a man, of course, but I have no idea where that comment came from.


Okay the dairy goat thing is hilarious. That is just the best. It is how my husband and I relate to each other via yarn = not on the same page!
Anyway, my Mom always used to say if I could I would knit walls for the house because that is all I ever did was knit and soon everything else would be covered.


I am often surprised how many people feel telling me something I knit looks "store-bought" is a compliment. IT IS BETTER THAN STORE BOUGHT, IT IS HANDMADE! Thanks for hosting giveaway

Carla in MT

Just this week, a friend at church, who was watching intensely while I knit, says "I just can't believe she never drops a stitch!". Over & over she keeps saying this to anyone who walked by. :) I just sit there smiling.


I was staying with my cousin and her roommate walked by while I was surfing Ravlery... She said: "Oh, that's so cute that there's a website for yarn". I replied: "That's so cute that you think there is only ONE" :)


I think the best comment I got (which I took as a compliment) was when a coworker called me "the knitting ninja" due to my constantly knitting at work while on the phone. I have also gotten the comment that my hobbies make me seem like I am 80 (I am under 30 lol). I also love the comment that people say they don't have time to knit but can tell me everything that happened on "Lost" or "American Idol"


I don't think anyone has said anything funny to me about my knitting. Just a few odd looks and a simple "Why?"


My husband has an extensive collection of wine (brother in law is a wine merchant). One day he said to me, "I know why you keep buying yarn. It's like wine, there's always something new."


Only grandma's knit! Followed by this person now calling me "grandma".

Karen Sheldon

It's not a comment, but my husband wandered up to the attic with me one day and discovered that my stash had taken over the entire attic. The look on his face was worth a thousand words. If he could have formed words I'm sure it would have been "memorable".


From darling husband, "Hey, why are you knitting socks, when we could be having sex?"


I once made a very large felted bag as a baby gift for a shower at work; other members of my department put gifts inside of it. Several months later, the new mom asked me if I'd make one for someone at her day care who "will pay you whatever you think the bag is worth." I just told her that I only knit for friends and family, since a conservative estimate of time and materials would run over $200!

Lisa Viviano

The most memorable thing anyone has said to me about my knitting addiction comes from my mother...She was happy that I'd found my passion.


I told an out-of-state friend that I was knitting slippers for my little boys for xmas. She immediately offered to pay me to make some for her little boys. Then she said what she really wanted was for me to knit them blankets! I told her it would be cheaper for her to FLY me to her and pay me to teach her to knit!


Last year I knit my father a pair of socks for Christmas using HazelKnits Road Warrior colorway, a deep green/brown. very sedate, I thought. When we had our Christmas call, he said he had received them. "Do you like them?" I asked. "Well, they're pretty wild!" he said. "I guess I could wear them to bed."

Sheesh. No more hand knits for him!


I have been walmarted lots. My sister told me it was nice I had a little hobby that keeps me occupied (I am the busy one working and doing elder care) I teach at the LYS and my son asked me if I really knew what I was doing and was I really qualified-well yes- and seemed amazed that I actually got paid too! this year I started knitting for my knitty friends-best decision ever

Dani Czapiewski

This one was just said to me last week while i was sock knitting on my dpns while waiting at the Drs office.
A lady asked me "what are you weaving"
and I looked quizzical at here & said "weaving???....this is knitting"
And she said, "but your using that frame thing, i thought it was like a small version of what they weave on".

I looked down at the 4 dpns & realized that maybe it did look like a sort of frame, or loom.........but that was certainly the first time anyone said that to me.

Of course i quickly educated her on double point needles & the joys of sock knitting:)


I can't think of anything particularly outrageous at the moment, but this morning a fellow knitter asked me which socks I was wearing. When I tugged up my pant leg to show her, an (unknown to me) colleague muttered, "Women!"

Hmmm... It really doesn't seem as funny when written down...


The comment I get most often when knitting socks in public is, "Oh, that must save you a lot of money." When I explain that hand knit socks are not cheaper, they usually give me a look like I might be a crazy person and stop talking to me.


I think the most interesting thing anyone ever said to me is "what do you think about when you're knitting?" I don't know what I think about - most of the time the TV is on, or I'm in a meeting (shameless meeting knitter), but when I'm alone, I always remember my Amma and my mother, who were great knitters. I don't think I think: I think I try just to be. Knitting.


Don't have a funny story to share but I did enjoy the article in today's Wall Street Journal about "Ugly Christmas Sweater" parties. Who knew? I think all Christmas sweaters are lovely.


Don't be too hard on Joe.... My husband writes programs and so when someone asks what he does I say "computers".... hehehe

I had a boss that once made some snide comment about knitting and rocking chairs when I mentioned I was going to knitting class.


I gotten the "I wouldn't have the patience" from sils. Mostly I am thinking it is how I get patience.....

NancyN from Texas

When I showed my husband my first skein of handspun, he said "What are you going to make with that?" ^ ^ (me) "What?"


I have a funny story that's a little bit opposite....

My girlfriend does not knit, and has vehemently stated that she doesn't want to.

One evening, when I was knitting a sock, I showed it to her. She looked for a moment, then handed it back to me, and pointed a section of the leg.

"Hon, I think maybe you forgot a yarnover in that repeat. And do you think that decrease leans the wrong way? Were you supposed to knit two together, or slip knit that one?"

Yes, my girlfriend is my best enabler. Even though she doesn't knit, she can spot a mistake in lace pattern and then *diagnose it correctly*. I'm a lucky girl. :)


At dinner with my family I'm extolling the virtues of hand knit socks when I dropped my napkin. As I sit back up I noticed their panicked expressions. They thought I was going under the table to take off my socks!


Don't really have a funny story, but when people ask about my stash, I point at a little wooden chest I keep it in. They comment 'oh that's not too much' but when you actually look inside, they are all vacuum-sealed and tightly stacked. So I think the little box is a bit deceiving.


I got asked on why the hell I would want to make socks, and to be productive and make sweaters instead. My response was not everybody wants a sweater, I'm not interested in knitting up sweaters, but you can always use a new pair of warm socks.

Connie Kinsman

When I showed a good friend a pair of socks that I was excited about knitting, they said "well I suppose that's what I'll get for Xmas"! Totally rude and NO, you will not be getting socks from me now or ever!


At one of our company's construction projects, I was knitting socks (one at a time). One of the foremen asked "Why are you counting the rows?" It is nice when both of a pair are the same size!


It's a toss up between "But why would you want to knit socks? Don't they (the store-bought ones) fit you?" from a friend or "You could open up a yarn store with all this yarn!" from my sister who has only been allowed to see some of my stash (which isn't all that big, really.)

Jolene (JoboDesigns on Ravelry)

Funny story about yarn...

I was doing a Spinning Wheel Demonstration at a heritage fair this summer... and I had an Angora Shawl out for display. A little girl and her mom came up to see the spread, and she picked up the bright yellow shawl and asked what it was made from. I told her it was Angora, and that the fur comes from a Rabbit. She got the saddest, most disgusted look on her face, and looked as though she would cry. She said "moooooommmmm, this was a rabbit!" and had her eyes well up with tears. I said - "Why are you so upset? You don't have to hurt the Bunny to use his fur... it just sheds when you comb him, or you cut it off like a haircut!?!"

She looked at her mom, took the shawl down from her face and simply said "Oh. You don't?"

I thought I was going to choke... lol. I think she thought I'd killed the rabbit!


When I was having a particularly frustrating moment with a pattern/project and I was cursing and (gasp) threw it down on the ground, my husband said: I thought you said you knit because it was relaxing.

Andrea W

" TELL people you made that????" (Nothing like shattering a beginners dreams!)


It keeps me from robbing liquor stores.....

Char Kohl

My son, who is 34 years old, stopped over one day while I was knitting a pair of socks. While I was getting us a cup of coffee he walked over to the breakfast room table and looked at my handywork. "Wow!" he exclaimed. "When did you start knitting with toothpicks!"

Beverly Shearon

No real funny stories. I've had friends' husbands say why go to that trouble when you you can buy a pack of socks cheaper. I just tell them I love knitting and Wal-Mart does not have the type of socks I like and I'm worth the expense :-)

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