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November 16, 2010


Willa Jean

Three year old boys are not supposed to be good at sitting still. Some are good at sharing, but often to a kid that age "sharing" equates with "letting the other kids steal my stuff." He's got a bazillion new synapses firing every day. He'll grow up fast enough; just give it time.
If you have any serious concerns, you might try volunteering a little bit at the school, so you can get a peek at what's going on. Just remember that kids are supposed to have disputes, so they can learn how to solve them. It's normal and healthy and necessary.
Are you planning to share recipes? ;D

Willa Jean

Sorry about getting on my high horse, there.


LOL - Allison - I have a 24 year old who doesn't listen. I don't like when schools expect so much out of the younger children. I have worked full time in schools and volunteered in church Sunday schools and mid week activities and every child is on a different level at any age. Just focus on the positive comments. My employer is 56 and cannot sit still for 5 minutes and if he can remember what he was doing 1 minute ago... I feel like I am baby sitting somedays. (and my boss is a multi millionaire so don't sweat anything re- James :-)

Kim B

He is adorable and is just 3. Heck, he probably focuses more than some husbands. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Willa Jean- high horse is welcome! I wouldn't write about it if I was worried about getting opinions. They are all welcome.
My husband's attention span is definitely in need of some improvement, but I'm sure it will never happen. No wonder James get's 90% through something an loses interest. Just like his daddy!


What a cutie-pie! Most 3-year-olds that I know are still learning the whole 'listening' thing - add 'boy' in there and the percentage goes up! ;o)

I host Thanksgiving every year and every year I make Alton Brown's Cranberry Dipping Sauce - and every year I am the only person who eats it. *sigh*


Sounds like a perfectly normal 3 year old! The one thing I have to make every year is a traditional family recipe that has been handed down in our family for generations. It's called Irish Potato Stuffing (or Dressing) - basically mashed potatoes with eggs, onions & bread - very yummy (much more than it sounds like it would be) - it is rich & yummy especially if cooked inside the bird Several years ago (10 or 12 at least) we had my partner's family over for Thanksgiving & I made the dressing like I always do. When his mother took a mouthful, her face just lit up & she said that it was exactly what her mother used to make when she was a little girl & that she hadn't had any since.


We go to my brother's for Thanksgiving, and since he is married to a Chinese woman from Malaysia, there is always very wonderful fried rice, and if her cousin feels like it, wonderful steamed dumplings, too!

The rest is more traditional - turkey, gravy, stuffing muffins (regular stuffing mix cooked into muffins), rutabagas, Chinese broccoli (how could I forget that?), cranberry sauce, peas, yams, and pies for dessert!


He's a three y/o that likes to clean up, he's good at numbers letters and shapes. OMG that is fantastic!!! Apparently he can focus long enough to do that so I say he's doing a great job!!

As far as Thanksgiving, we keep it very low key here. Since I'm more of a *we should be thankful every day* and *I don't need govt to tell me when to have a family meal*, we tend to buck the system and have dinner only with who lives in this house. I usually make a lasagna. One year we moved into our house and ordered pizza on thanksgiving. However I do buy all the fixin's and make a dinner when my family comes up from So Florida. THEN I make a turkey dinner.

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