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October 26, 2010



Allison - what an adorable photo! And just think - you only have 13 more to go (K - 12)
Not including prom pix (LOL) Did you purchase one of those special frames or albums to put each year's photos in?


Whatever they did, they did it well - it is truly a great picture that you will cherish for many years!


What a cute little guy!


OMG he is adorable!!!!! And you totally matched his shirt to bring out the color of his eyes AND his hair!!!! You must be good with color!! LOL GREAT pic!


What a great picture! Trust me, you will want one each year. My kids get such a kick out of looking at their old pictures - I keep them in one frame and just added the new picture each year. Like I said before I turn the school picture into a Christmas ornament for the tree. Since you are just beginning it is a great place to start!

Janet Miller

James is absolutely adorable! What a treasure! He looks like Mom.


James is a real cutey.


You will love these pictures as your little one grows up. I just put my 14y.o's football picture in a frame and his kindergarten picture was behind it. I put it in my wallet. It made me cry it was so sweet..


OMG - he looks like such a big boy (& so cute - you'll be beating the girls off with sticks in another 10 years or so). I second the suggestion to get one of those frames or books. They weren't out until my girls were halfway through their school years & it seemed silly to get them then but I'm sorry I didn't get them & find as many of their school pics as I could maybe I'll get them for the grands & give them to my daughter as part of her Xmas present.


forgot to say - it seems like he was just born last summer & here he is such a big boy!

Martha S

Awww, he looks absolutely adorable, just like his mommy, I'm sure! :)


Doesn't that picture make you want to scoop him up and cover him with kisses? I also encourage you to get a book or frame for the years to come. I simply bought an artist's black paper sketch book and mount photos on a new page every year. The book is in a place where I can flip through the pages anytime. I love looking at how my two are growing up, and they are stlll only 3rd and 1at grade.

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