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October 11, 2010



Candy corn...mmmmmmm.

I don't know about favorite costume, but the most unusual one I ever saw was a guy dressed as a toilet.


I don't have a favorite that i have worn, but i just saw a cool one in a magazine. The wearer was dressed in white from head to toe. Over the head was a clear umbrella and long tendrils of bubble wrap created tentacles hanging from the umbrella - a jellyfish! I thought it was the most brilliant homemade costume ever.


Favorite custom is the pregnant nun....that is just my sense of humor!

Sue H

More years than I care to admit to I made crayon costumes for my DH and myself. I was purple and he was red. Then when the kids came along the first year he took them out wearing his red crayon and I stayed home handing out candy in my purple crayon. Those costumes are long gone but I still remember them!


My favorite Halloween costume is one my mom made for me when I was a kid - she cut the bottom out of a paper grocery bag and made arm holes, then stapled empty boxes (rice-a-roni, mac & cheese, fruit snacks) around the top and attached a long register receipt. She always came up with the best costumes - my sister and I never wore a store-bought one!

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

A couple of years ago, I put my son in a new firefighter's costume. As for his younger sister, I just pulled out a random costume from a previous year. Once I got everyone all ready, I realized how perfect they looked...she was a dalmatian dog to his firefighter! It looked like they had an organized mom that planned their costumes :)


Last year my son dressed as a fire fighter and my daughter was a dalmatian. Very cute pair.


I don't like to admit this because it shows my age.....but I remember a Porky The Pig costume that I had as a kid. I LOVED it for some unknown reason.


My girlfriend brought her 2 daughters to my house one Halloween. Erin, the eldest was big bird - she had an adult yellow hooded sweatshirt with ripped strips of various yellow fabric basted onto it as feathers. Her little sister, Brenna, - about 8 months at the time, was in a robin-egg blue snowsuit and was big bird's egg! So fun!


My favorite was the Zombie Prom Queen -- it was made from the bridesmaid dress my daughter wore to my niece's wedding - it was black with a BIG white bow across the chest area. She was dripping blood and after we had to do so darn much altering on that dress (the other bridesmaids were grown ups - she was 13ish) and I really am not a sewer at all.
Well, now it is funny. That darn dress. ugh.

Ruth Anne

Some years back a girl came to our door dressed as a toilet. She had a toilet bowl/seat/lid strapped to her front, and her "tank" was a big cardboard box she had put over her head, complete with a flush handle. When I opened the door she lifted the toilet seat and said "trick or treat," her candy was in the toilet bowl.


My favorite costume was a white dog with black spots. My mom made the dog costume and I wore it when I was 4 and so, when my son was 2 I made the same costume for him to wear. The pics are so cute and this costume will forever be my favorite!


My favorite was the year my daughter was just two months old and she was a little dinosaur.


My favorite had to be when my son dressed as the Green Power Ranger with a gold shield. Very cool!


I love the frog costume my kids both wore as babies.


I made a Tinkerbell costume for my daughter when she was 4 years old-Halloween is her birthday so it is always a nutsy day. She wore that alot during the next year


I have two favorites. One year my son was Captain Crunch and he wore a pirate hat with a blue blazer and painted two scrub brushes in yellow paint for epaulets. Of course he carried around the Captain Crunch box. The second was a couch potato, when he wore a bathrobe to school with a tv remote control in his pocket. We made him a beard with coffee grinds and vaseline.

Lisa P.

I kind of have two favorites. There was a clown costume and black cat costume that My mom made and my sister and I (she was not quite two years younger) traded off for several years. Just brings back good memories :)

Janet Miller

Last year my daughter and her friend went as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth. Since my daughter's name is Beth, it was perfect! She even found prosthetic breasts to wear. Needless to say, they drew a lot of attention both at the party and in traffic while driving there. Many photos were taken. This year they plan to add more members of Dog's family to their entourage.


My favorite is from when my daughter was a baby. My husband is 6'3" and stout and he has a full body winnie the pooh costume. My daughter was his honey pot complete with lid and he carried her around. When she grew out of the honey pot we dresses her as piglet.


I can't honestly say that I have a favorite, but I love to see homemade costumes. I just love seeing the creativity some people have.


Love 'em all!


The pretty pink princesses my daughters were when they were in grade school. So cute!


My favorite costume was when my husband and I were dating and I made black/white clown costumes for us. I made wigs out of red yarn. We painted our faces and had sponge red noses!! We were so well matched and still are after 28 years!!! These costumes are still around and they have been well loved and used!!


my favorite costume ever is a teabag. Clear plastic trash bag, cut legholes, step in, put some leaves in the bottom, cinch at neckline. (obviously, wear over leggings + shirt.) You can make a little tag, with a saying on it if you're being Salada.


My favorite costume was when I was a Black Eyed Susan--I wore green leotards and some yellow-orange "petals" that my mom and I made and I blacked one of my eyes.

Absolutely nobody got it. :(

But it was still fun.


A couple years ago my boys went as tissue boxes. Turned out pretty cute!

Love this yarn!


My favorite costume was a dinosaur costume we made for my son when he was little. He wore a green sweatsuit with a big dino tail sewed on the pants that he could sway from side to side. He had "stegs" down his back and we put felt claws on green gloves. He had a great time with it!

Nancy H

Okay, I'm just a softie grandma. My favorite costume was my 5-month-old granddaughter's pumpkin costume last year!


My mom is an awesome seamstress - she made me some really cool costumes over the years (a genie, a princess, Peter Pan - clearly I didn't worry too much about gender stereotypes!), but my favorite she ever made was one for my brother when he was about ten - the striped suit Beetlejuice wore from the film. My brother did his own makeup - it was pretty awesome.


My son was a deviled egg one year, wore white and a red speckled yellow top (the yolk and paprika of course), with devil ears; he also carried a pitch fork. That's my best memory for my own kids!


My favorite was the year my Papillon (little dog) was dressed as a pumpkin. I thought he looked so cute. He could hardly wait to get it off.

Terri Brinegar

My favorite was the lion costume that I made for my oldest son, when he was 2yrs. old (he just turned 19). He was sooo cute in that costume! I miss those days of cute halloween costumes!


My favorite costume is a mushroom. Dress the child in all white. for the cap, you use red crepe paper with white polka dots on it. Cute, cute, cute!


My most creative adult costume was the year I went as the Boston Tea Party -- Red Sox jersey with tea bags pinned to it, a party hat, and a protest sign.

One of my favorites as a kid was the angel/fairy costume my mom made me. I had wings and a halo and a magic wand and a gauzy dress that I'm certain Mum made me wear over warm clothes for Trick or Treating.

I love this time of year!


When I was in college a group of dormmates dressed up as phrases from "America the Beautiful". My favorite was the woman who wore a big brownish poncho with fruit attached and represented the "fruited plain"
It was hilarious.


My fav costume was the year I was Mrs. Potatohead! I made the costume myself and went out clubbing with sister to in it. I danced like a crazy person and lost ALL of my bucket of parts but I got a lot of compliments and had many dance partners so it was a great night.


My favorite and easiest was a basket of laundry. I took an over sized jean shirt and pinned socks and towels to it. Then I took a collapsible cloth laundry basket, cut out the bottom and slipped it over my torso.


My favorite costume was when I went as a present...until it tried to sit down!

My next favorite? The purple spider costume for my Schnauzer! I can put it over his sweater when we are in super cold environments or over his rain coat when we are in Seattle (ie rain).

Maureen L

One husband and wife went as a strawberry and a bunch of grapes (balloons). Cute!


The best costume ever was a kid that wore a suit and hat and had gauze wrapped about his head and hands.... The invisible man! So simple but yet effective!!!

Susie Pitts

My favorite Halloween costume is my granddaughter's princess gown. She is only 3 and she looks and acts like a little princess whenever she puts it on. Twirling around and around to see the full skirt flow. ;-)

Judi Kennedy

My favorite Halloween costume was my grandson's when Grandpa dressed him as the tin man from the Wizard of Oz. He covered a box with aluminum foil and alum. tape. Put his legs in dryer hose and made a large funnel for his head. He was so cute, but didn't finish with it because it was so hot. We lived in Florida.


One year my twin nieces went as a bag of chips and a can of Pepsi...


An all-time fave is still the shower costume from the original Karate Kid movie. Loved it then, loved it now.


One of the best ones I ever saw was on the Internet; it was some guy who built a car costume that he could "transform" into a robot to become a real-life Transformer.


My favourite was a frog costume that a friend of my dad's made for him when he was younger. I wore it for a few years in a row right before I quit trick-or-treating.


When my kids were little, I made them Halloween costumes each year. My son's favorite was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume.

Jolene (JoboDesigns on Ravelry)

My favorite costume was a hand made Robot costume my dad and I made one year... we spraypainted a box with silver paint, and added dials and buttons and levers... he even had the idea to use an old spiral dryer duct as my arms and legs! (Back in those days the duct actually fit comfortably over my knees!) It was fun to be creative like that!


I think my favorites are all the cute fluffy animal costumes for babies/toddlers. My husband refused to let me dress his son as something cute and fuzzy, so I've had to admire from afar.


My favorite halloween costume was when I was 9, my best friend and I went as salt and pepper shakers. We made hats from aluminum coated bowls and used heavy poster board for the salt and pepper shaker bodies. One of us wore white jeans and a white turtle neck and the other all in black for the pepper. Pepper has a mustache (it made sense). The only problem was it was Colorado in late October. Halloween that year was a blizzard. We ended up in ski outfits instead and decided to go as Jimmy and Tammy Baker looking for donations to our candy fund. It was hilarious.


When I was a kid my parents dressed up as girl and boy scouts and I thought it was so cool.


I'd have to say my favorite one is the one my daughter thought up and made three years ago. She was a paper doll, and it was so unique. She had the little fold over tabs on her paper outfit and everything. Very cool.


I ordered my younger son a glowbot costume. I haven't seen it yet, but it looks like it will be really cool.

Tracy Hite

We've got three boys who are nuts for video games. Last year they decided to make their own costumes. Two of them went out as Mario & Luigi and the other dressed as Bowser, complete with a pillow shell and spiked tail stuffed with balloons.


My neighbor who came as a Whoopee cushion.

janice fischer

Friends of mine once went to a party dressed as a cleaning lady and a dust ball. It was pretty cute.

Cyndy Landers

My favorite was when I went as a Spanish dancer. My Mom had a black velvet skirt that had been handpainted and I wore a black lace veil. I felt so beautiful in it. there aren't any pictures so I'm believing that I was!


I made my daughter a Piglet costume when she was about 4 - so cute!!


I don't have a favorite costume, because I'm a living history reenactor. I spend most of my spring, summer and fall weekends dressed in clothing of a different time period. I like to dress up, and my hobbies afford me the opportunity to do so. :)


The coolest costume was one this guy made that looked like a Transformer. When he is standing it looks cool, but then he can curl up on the ground and turn into the car form of the Transformer, too!

Judy Gates

I went out as a sheet of "bubblewrap" one year... I was lucky to make it home without being completely "popped"!! Why do people have this NEED to pop bubblewrap???? Is it in our DNA??? Everyone from 2 to 102 was running up & popping me!

And I absolutely LOVE candy corn.... I have all kinds of "corns" around my office all year long.... "candy corn" yarn would be just perfect for me!

Mirna Cannon

The best ever costume was the one that my best friend (who has since passed away) made for my daughter when she was a little girl. It was The Little Mermaid costume, complete with the sequinned fish tail and the sheer top to look just like a mermaid! I loved that costume and truly miss my dear friend that made it special for my daughter.

Christina F.

My favorite costume was when my mother made my brother a Super Chicken costume. My mom did a lot with a hot glue gun and felt when we were little.

Kristie Hammond

I don't have a favorite Halloween costume, but love these yarn colorways!

Josie Linzner

My favorite costume was the year I told my Mom I wanted to be a 'genie' for Halloween. My Mom is quite a talented seamstress and turned a bikini bottom and unique cropped top into a flowing pair of genie pants and sleeves. I think I was about 11 years old. :)


My favorite Halloween costume was when I went to a party dressed as the Statue of Liberty - I modified a flashlight into a really nifty torch - had the crown on my head and a sheet tossed around me. The only problem was that I couldn't keep my arm raised the whole night because I wanted to nibble the party food! :)


My favorite was one I wore. I went trick or treating as a Christmas tree complete with baubles and bangles.


My favorite will be my 3 year-old's this year... he's asked to be Santa Claus and that fits his happy personality just right.

julie ann smith

My little doggie Emma was a lovely little black/gold daschaund. She is in puppy heaven now, but one year we dressed her as a princess. Tulle skirt, tiara, little pink suspenders...she was adorable. I miss her so.

Kathaleen Tobin

I was BROCOLLI four years ago, and an ELEPHANT about 20 years ago.

Cherie Estok

My favorite costumes where those I made for a set of twins years ago. They were the Hershey's kisses (both silver and gold). They turned out sooooo cute.

Bev Z

My favorite costumes were the ones my daughter made for the grandkids -- Mulan and the dragon. They were amazing.


When I was pregnant I made a pumpkin costume for myself. The pumpkin covered my middle. I wore green tights and a stem hat.


I was dressed as a ping pong table. It was the BEST!


My favorite was I was in a black garbage bag with leaves stuffed in and around my head - I was a bag of leaves.

Bunny Dimmel

When my husband and I first married, we were invited to a Halloween party and I was distraught trying to come up with costumes for us, that in the end, didn't win. The winner? One couple came in blue jeans,beige t-shirts with brown magic marker dots all over them and 2 pieces of tape that made "X's" on their butts made out of white tape. I stood there appalled that they didn't dress up like the rest of us. I asked what they were and was told: "Hot-Cross Buns!" They won!


Way back in college days, one of my friends went to a Halloween party in blue jeans and a ratty shirt. He played his guitar and sang in a nasally way and told everyone he was Neil Young. I thought it was a bit of a cop-out but he really did sound like Neil.


my favorite halloween costume was one i saw once in a bar in seattle: a woman was dressed as naked. she wore a beige body suit and had drawn on nipples and pubic hair with a merker. she really looked naked! it was so simple and so outrageous at the same time.

Renate Walnsch

My mom made me a Crest or Colgate toothpaste costume when I was young. It even had the roll up key at the bottom of the "tube". I could probable find the picture if needed.


My favorite Halloween costume was when my Mom and Dad dressed up like the Coneheads. My Mom Made their costumes and they looked awesome! I absolutely love STC's colors!

Debbie B

My best friends daughter went as "I dream of Jeannie" Her grandmother sewed up the outfit and it was just incredible! She even had a little Genie Lamp to go with it.

Cathy S

Each of my children went as M&M's--one wore the "plain" costume while the other had the "peanut" one. Too cute


My MIL was cleaning out her closet years ago and had an interesting piece of material on the trash pile. It was silver lame, very thin. I took it and made my daughter into a big Hershey Kiss, complete with the tag sticking out the top of her hat. Priceless!

I made her sister into a slice of pizza.

What a pair they were!


My favorite costume was a woman wearing layers and layers of clothes with a sign around her neck that said "nudist on strike". Absolutely loved it...


I loved it the year my daughter dressed as an 'oxymoron,' either a 'devilish angel' or an 'angelic devil.' She did get tired of explaining it.

Christy Thomas

My favorite costume(s) is the ones my sons are wearing this year. My older one wants to be Luke Skywalker, so we're making the younger one be Yoda. :)


The White Cat costume I made my Granddaughter when she was 5 she's 16 now.


My favorite costume was the clown outfit I made for my daughter when she was little and I painted her face all up and she looked so cute. I love the homemade costumes the best.

Vivette Ashen-Brenner

My favorite costume was probably the year my daughter wanted to be a witch, but a pink one. She had sensory issues and we felt every piece of pink fabric in several fabric stores until she found a pink flannel that she liked the feeling of. We even made a pink witches hat for her, and painted a mini broom stick pink. Got lots of great looks when she trick or treated!


My favorite Halloween costume is dressing my pug up as a hotdog! Its a fitting costume since she loves food so much and all the neighborhood kids love to see her every year.

Suzy Sawkins

I loved the costume Hubby and I made for our son when he was about 9 years old (he's 23 now). He went as a Borg.

We dressed him in black turtleneck, black sweatpants, and black tennis shoes. My husband raided his stash of circuit boards, transistors, and computer parts. I sewed them on to the turtleneck and sweatpants.

To add to this, we used small flexible plastic plumbing pipe, making it run all over his outfit. On one arm a large plastic piece of tubing slipped up to the elbow and his hand operated a mock whirly blade like thing and pincers, just like a Borg. On his head was a black sweatband that we fitted with an led light to be worn over one eye. The entire outfit had battery operating blinking led lights sewn on it.

That year our son won every contest he entered!


Fat Guy in a Little Coat. One of my sister's college friends dressed up as this funny scene from the movie Tommy Boy. He was a bit on the large side, and wore a teeny little jacket that didn't fit. So funny.


I don't have a favorite costume but I do love the homemade ones the best! It is so fun to see what people come up with (or, as we did when I was a kid) to see what people have in their "dress up" box!

Debra Clanton

All-time favorite: an elf costume that I made for my then fifteen-month-old daughter. I used dark green felt to make short pants and a vest with red lace-ups, red and white-striped socks pulled all the way up under the shorts, white blouse and, of course, elf hat and shoes with up-turned toes with a bell on each one. She had blond hair and we put makeup on for rosy cheeks. She looked adorable and was smiles the whole evening. We did lots of neat costumes, starting with her being a little witch at three months old to Raggedy Ann to geisha with many others in between, but that's my favorite...and she still, at 32 years old, loves doing costumes at Halloween.

Marsha Davis

My favorite costume is the "Firehouse Dog" costume I put together for my Irish Terrier Griffin, who is the same breed as the dog in the movie. He wore a fire truck outfit on his body, a fireman's hat, and I even made him a toupee!


Several years ago a couple came to a Halloween party dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy. She had made everything, even their wigs. So cute!


mMy favorite Halloween costume was one I made for my son when he was in Grade 4. I took an old kelly green silky hockey jersey, and using a tagging gun I borrowed from the store we were operating, attached about 100 plastic tags all over the front back and sleeves. To each tag end I balled up aluminum foil to make balls about the size of apricots. The jersey came down to his knees. Then I bought a pair of kelly green tights, and dyed his hair green, making it stand straight up (it was a short hair cut) with extra strength mousse. We found a pair of antennae that were attached to springs on a headband at the dollar store. I spray painted an old pair of runners silver. Then we did his face up with face paints to make him look like an alien (you know the look I mean), as well as putting face paints on his hands with black fingernail polish. The effect was out of this world, no pun intended. TEachers at the school still talk about the alien costume.

Joan Siegel

Don't know that I have a favorite costume, but when my children were younger and went trick or treating, the one major feature that we looked for in a Halloween costume was the ability to fit OVER a winter jacket! There were even some years when it had already snowed by Halloween and they needed to add boots to their outfit!


After many years of beautiful, handsewn costumes, the one that made the biggest hit with the other kids was the year my daughter wore my old, fuzzy bathrobe, curlers in her hair and furry slippers to school. Everybody stopped her to comment!

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