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October 07, 2010



You had me at first click.


Allison - are you knitting this yarn on size 1 needles?


It's totally addictive. And I bought (and ate) the candy today too.


I'm knitting it with size US 1 Kollage square needles (new in the store). They create a tighter stitch and seem like the stitches are more even. I love them.


This yarn is just too tempting!!




Looks good enough to eat. I too love the Kollage needles - the only metal DPN.s I like & their circs are fantastic for Magic Loop because they are so flexible. The folks at Kollage say that, generally speaking, you need to use a Kollage needle one size larger than you would normally use to get the same gauge. I find that I get pretty much the same gauge on their size 2 (2.75 mm) as I do on other size 1 1/2 (2.5 mm). I have figured out the exact circumference comparisons before but I am tired & coming up with obviously wrong mistakes. But generally speaking, a size 1 (2.25 mm) Kollage would be about the equivalent of another brand's size 0 2.0 mm). [the comparison is made by calculating the relative sizes of a square inside a circle & normally I can do it in a few minutes but I didn't get much sleep, went to the opera & am sleepy.] Ah I just saw your comment "new in the store" - YAY. I've been getting mine at Paradise Fibers (a great store by the way for general use yarn & spinning supplies but not so great for sock yarn - I usually buy Silky Wool & needles there) but now I won't have to come up with an order of other stuff & can just add some to a SS order (I am horrible about losing needles)!!!!!


I do not have a favorite costume, but a favorite group of costumes. One Halloween we had a group that was all dressed as the characters in the Wizard of Oz. They even had Toto. They were great.

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