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September 27, 2010


Janet Miller

Allison, I so appreciate your making the club "all about the yarn." I dislike paying inflated prices for extra fluff. I want my cash to count, on superb yarn. I can buy candy and gadgets anywhere, but the yarn in your clubs is definitely a cut above. I still have all four shipments from the Four Seasons of Socks club in boxes under my bed because it's so beautiful, I haven't been able to bring myself to knit with it yet. It needs to age like fine wine. When the time and project are right, I will take it out and revel in every luxurious stitch.


Janet, thank you for sharing your experience. I really do my best to provide SSYC knitters with something special, and it's wonderful to hear that I've met my mark in this club.


I agree with Janet - that's why I only did the Blue Moon Fibers Socks That Rock club for one year. I also like that you leave some space between the clubs. I used the sock club Summertime Blues colorway to make birthday socks for my grandson & he likes them more than any socks I've knit before. I've dabbled in other clubs & they are nice but none are as special as yours. The yarns are fantastic & the dyers do a top notch job coming up with special colorways. It seems that each new version of the club is better than the last - you keep outdoing yourself & you'v got me hooked!


What is the cost of your sock club? I can't seem to find it. Thanks.


Just click on the links under the header for cost and to order. It's $145.


Hi Allison, I got a little windfall so I'm treating myself to the super skein yarn club. I am looking forward to seeing what you pick out for us. If Garden Party is any indication of what's in store, I know I'll be in love with what you send us. I'm the one who asked you for that last skein of Garden Party you left over from a sock club. It's gorgeous.


is the sock club full? I really wanted to get in on it, but had to wait until pay day.


The Sock Club is closed now, but if you want to be put on a waitlist for a possible space, please e-mail me at [email protected]

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