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September 17, 2010



Congrats to your family! Wow. I remember it very clearly. In my experience, the highway robbers- I mean school picture folks- give you several poses to choose from. And it took YEARS for Angus to let them take his picture, every kid is different. Hang tough!

Anna Alkema

The pics may end up looking hokey, but they are more and more priceless as the years go by. My babies are now 22,20, and 17. We are currently faced with choosing our youngest's senior portrait pose (lots to choose from and way more than $30!!!). I got a little sad thinking these will be the last "school" photos for our family. Enjoy every minute as I know you are!!!


This is why "picture re-take" days were invented :)

Elizabeth D

The people who took pictures at my kid's preschool were really, really good at working with kids, and we never got one that was not exceptionally good. And teachers should make sure he doesn't have jelly on his face or in his hair. . .

carol fun

On more than one occasion I returned pictures of my wild child to the photography company and they refunded the money. Then I had them take another crack at it on "retake" day. What really gets to be a racket, is that schools now are have two picture events each year - Fall pics and Spring pics. I love my kids but I don't need 2 sets of pics per year - I have my own camera and take plenty of pictures. Don't let them overwhelm you -- being a good mom is more than paying for the pictures! LOL!

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