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September 06, 2010


Sandra D

And by the time I finished my coffee, I had already checked the website and placed my order! I'm looking forward to knitting socks in the cooler autumn weather. It's a gorgeous weekend here in Tennessee as well! Enjoy your day, and thanks for your efforts with the Harvest Mist Kit.

Martha S

Allison, you are such a wonderful and giving person. I love this kit! And my order is in and the weather is super great here in the mountains of North Carolina! Now if I could just get my voice back, all would be well! ;)


Allison, thanks for the wonderful Harvest Morning kit. I can hardly wait to get it and start making the socks. I placed my order at approximate 6:30 am on the east coast. The weather in Washington, DC is great also. I just finished by slipper socks from the September Dream in Color Sock club. Absolutely love them.

Patricia Richardson

Got my order in. Thanks, Allison for all you do. Looking forward to receiving my kit in the mail. Be blessed.

Elizabeth D

Didn't read any of your posts in time to order on Labor Day, but I'd already resolved to send a check to my local food bank today. Another way to help is this: our library has a box by the door where people can drop off canned goods and other nonperishables, and it always has things in it, often to the point of overflowing. They've been doing this, with no fanfare, for over a year -- it's a really great thing.

Kim B

Fabulous news that the kit sold out. Your generosity will help many people. Awesome!

Cyndy C.

So happy it sold out. I looked at it in the morning but the craziness of having 19, 18 and 16 year old kids distracted me until it was too late. Next time, I hope.


I'm anxiously awaiting my kit! What a great idea. I thought of ordering 2 but didn't want to deprive someone else. That is gorgeous yarn & can't wait to get the kit.

Sandra D

My kit arrived yesterday - gorgeous! I love the HUGE yellow flower on my bag, and the yearn is perfect for my intended giftee. Thank you!

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