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August 31, 2010



You sound like the Allison version of "If You Give A Moose a Muffin" :-)

Mary A

I agree chocolate and nap or knit when he naps


Take a deep breath. have a small square of chocolate or a cup of tea. If necessary separate myself from the kids for 5 minutes by locking myself in the bathroom. And if all else fails order pizza for dinner.

I have had one of those days today too.


Taking a few minutes for myself usually helps. And if I have a cup of tea, some knitting and great music to listen to, so much the better.


Put him down for his nap, pour a cup of herbal tea; sit out on your porch with some mindless knitting and take a deep breath. Half an hour for yourself will do wonders!


Well...cocktails on the deck after the babe is down for the night.


well, what works for me is just a good cry.
or a yell.
take the kiddo outside, stand on the porch and have a yelling contest. who ever can make the corn wiggle wins.
either that or hammer something in the garage.
preferably not your finger's or james'


Allison - hoping that for as many things that seemed to be wrong yesterday - that twice as many absolutely wonderful things will be coming your way today!


I agree with the others.... CHOCOLATE. Lots of it. For particularly horrible days, chocolate ice cream is the ticket. Give a little to the kiddo and watch temperaments change.

This was my mom's advice to me when I first had kids and it worked for us.

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