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July 19, 2010



When my kids were little, I relied heavily on "Whole Foods for the Whole Family" - the pages are stuck together from spills!

Cyndy C.

I would recommend buying a modern pressure cooker especially the Kuhn Rikon brand. It is not like the scary one my grandmother had. In it you can make many heathy eating recipes in less time. In place of ground beef in many recipes (pressure cooking and others)you can use ground turkey (93-94%). Don't use the completely fat free turkey, it is painfully dry. I would also recommend Pressure Cooking Everyday and The Best Light Recipe from Cook's Illustrated.


This is exactly the type of help I need- have just put both on my library list.
Keep it coming, please!

Cyndy C.

If a cake can be healthy...this one is ...delicious, nice to look at and uses olive oil .
Scroll down to TigerCake.

Debbie B

I have a slow cooker and I love to use that during the summer. You can make all kinds of meals in it and it doesn't heat up the kitchen.


Jacques Pepin has a great cookbook for that: Simple and Healthy Cooking. Ours is all tattered and water-splashed with use, so that tells you we actually use it with relish.


If you like vegetarian dishes I really like the Vegetarian Pleasures cook books by Jeanne Lemilin especially the Simple, Quick and Main-course variations. Joy of cooking is also one of my main go to cook books for basic and fancier food. Enjoy your summer


I was where you are at 13 years ago... And the challenge for balance continues but in a different way. With high blood pressure a problem this year, healthy eating is a must and this cookbook has been invaluable:
Healthy Calendar Diabetic Cooking [Book] [paperback]


I, too, like Eating Well magazine. We eat a lot of salads. Easy, cool and you can put anything on them. The biggest thing I've found recently are power bars. I am especially fond of Luna Bars and Cliff MoJo bars. I eat half of one before I go to the gym and the other half after my work out. They are sweet and filling and I find I don't crave sweets all day.

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