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July 20, 2010



I have multiple projects on my needles right now. A shawl, a sweater (actually for me, which is rare), several pairs of socks, a baby sweater, a scarf. I think there are several others, but those are just the ones at the top of the pile. I also have quite a few Christmas presents sitting around waiting to be knit up.
Hope you enjoy your brief time off!

Mary T

Right now I'm switching between Mason-Dixon's Log Cabin Baby Blanket and the OpArt baby blanket from Knitty. Then, I need to start another baby blanket. I'm hoping to have all three done by Christmas.


I working on the Traveling Woman shawlette. I also plan on casting on a pair of socks because I am going on vacation too and plan on taking them with me. Not sure what pattern yet, but something from Wendy Johnson!

Have a great vacation!!


I have a couple of baby sweaters that need to get done ASAP (or the little ones won't fit in them!). After that, it's time to do some knitting for me. :) Enjoy your vacation!


I am knitting another pair of socks for myself - in Lorna's Laces Seaside color. But that may be interrupted - my daughter let me know that I will be a grandma for the first time!!! So her husband is telling me which colors to knit with (his favorite soccer team colors :-) or green (his favorite color)


I'm working on Chrissy Gardiner's Progressive Sock Party mystery sock for the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry. I'm using a hodgepodge of yarns (it calls for five different colors), including two of your solids -- cerulean and mint julep -- I bought last year at Sock Summit. They're lovely!


I'm a little bit stuck. I'm knitting the "Knotty or Knice" socks from IK ( for my mom for Christmas. I don't know what's slowing me down. I have nice yarn (DIC smooshy) in a lovely purple color, but I just can't get a rhythm going on them.

Maybe it's the garden outside or the challenge of keeping 3 kids busy and happy during summer (aka, the "Mom Camp"). It just seems like there's never a moment to sit down and knit.

Feeling the need for some new inspiration. These are a great winter knit, but I think I'm looking for something fun and simple to kickstart the knitting again.


I've been making lots of baby things - my sister and my good friend are both expecting baby girls. I've just finished 2 sets of baby booties and a baby surprise jacket, and I started another sweater last night...


I am knitting a pair of plain socks with Fleece Artist Trail Socks, colorway Hemlock, a beautiful dark and mysterious green which makes me feel like I am in a dark, cool forest.

Janene Reeves

Socks, socks, socks, and more socks. I'm hooked on socks right now, can you tell? ;-)


Diane, so glad to hear you are becoming a grandma! Congrats!


Oh ironically I'm using the yarn that I won at Christmas.

It's the Pagewood Farm sock yarn.

I'm knitting a Harry Potter inspired sock called Severus.

It is gorgeous stuff.

And I'm nearly ready to cast off a cardigan that I've had on the needles too long.


Im also knitting socks with Lornas Laces Seaside. Since Im landlocked in the middle of the country the colors bring back happy memories of the shore. Also working on a pair in Malibrigo sock that my daughter got from you at Christmas. Finished the Opal Rainforest Isabel in a Jaywalker pattern. Starting my first lace shawl. Want to have it finished as a gift at Thanksgiving time. Do you think I can do it?


I have too many unfinished projects right now!! I have 2 shawls that are nearly done, at least 3 or 4 socks that are started, a couple of scarves, etc etc....but I still love them all, so I will finish them!! Have a wonderful time with your family---as you have already seen, time flies by really fast with little ones, and it doesn't slow down. Unfortunately, we can't get that time back, so we need to make the most of each moment---and I don't mean just filling it with alot of activity, but enjoying time together! You'll never regret it! :) Thanks for the contest -- the colors in your Simply Sock Yarn line are beautiful!!


I'm currently working on a Haruni using two strands of laceweight yarn held together; a blue totoro for a friend; and a dog sweater for my mini-pin (making it up as I go). I have socks and a DK weight sweater on the agenda :-)


I'm knitting Anne Hanson's Butternut scarf for my daughter as a wedding shawl. I'm using a cashmere blend and making it wider and longer.


I'm working on a Snapdragon beret and a plain, neverending pullover with sock yarn at a firm gauge.
thanks for this giveaway! enjoy your time off!


I'm currently knitting Elizabeth of York ( - the original is a vest, although the first two projects are pullovers) for my mother - it's her much-delayed Christmas present from 2008! I also am working on Frost Flowers Stole ( in some overdyed Zephyr. My portable project is not my usual socks, but a one-row lace scarf that I'm finishing for a friend (it was started by a mutual friend before she passed away, and my friend just can't bring herself to finish it.)

Enjoy your time off!


I've got socks as usual, right now it's the Waving Lace ones from the cover of Interweave's Favorite Socks book, using Brown Sheep Wildfoote in Camel.

Debbie B

I am working on my very first color work piece it's called the Palette Cardigan by Kathleen Taylor. I cannot believe how much I am enjoying it!


I'm working on a pair of fingerless goves to go with the Denature socks:


I'm about to move many states away, so I am not knitting. But I kind of want to start some socks anyway.

Mary A

Just found out about a second grandchild, a few weeks from knowing gender, while I'm knitting socks and shawls I'm planning baby knitting, any baby blanket needs to have a matching doll blanket for the older sister who just turned five today

Janet Miller

Fibertrends' Landscape Shawl in Noro Silk Garden Sock. And socks in Tilli Tomas Milan in Sapphire, a pattern from Cookie a's book. Have a wonderful vacation, Allison!


Hmm I have 3 socks on the needle. One is a simple vanilla sock and the other 2 are patterns. The one is from Wendy's sock book. I am also working on a Christmas stocking that I got the pattern from a group on yahoo. I liked the pattern and when I started it didnt know who was getting it but I now do have an idea Finally I am also working on a crocheted afghan. I keep busy and also have fun.


Currently on the needles are some Jaywalkers, a Traveling Woman and the Every Way Wrap.


My current projects are the second "just ribbing" sock (I'm on the foot!) and a Cardigan To Love which can be found here... I've also recently gotten some Cascade 220 to knit the Lily cardigan in, can't wait to start that one!

Have a great vacation!


Knitting on the last pattern repeat on Alix's Prayer Shawl and on the 4th, two-row repeat of the nupps on the Swallowtail Shawl using Fleece Artist Suri Blue 'Aurora. Also have two pairs of socks on the needles and trying to decide what sock pattern I want to do next since I just finished kitchenering the 3rd pair that I had going.

That is certainly not my total list of what I have going right now. My longer term UFO pile is really quite large: I grab something out of it at least once a month and either finish it or rip it out. Drastic but it works for me!


I have a sweater (a test knit of a super gorgeous cardigan to be released in September), a vest (Cloud Chaser) and a pair of Bobbie gloves I'm finishing up.


I'm working on 2 pairs of socks right now - one that I'm improvising out of a pretty handpaint, and a more serious sheepy sock out of some natural Jacob sock yarn. But the Mad for Plaid is in my queue, so I hope I win the yarn! and
Enjoy your vacation!

Debbie R.

I am currently working on baseball socks - my first stranded sock ever! :) I am also working on matching short sleeve sweaters for my boys and a lace baby shawl/blanket for a friend who is due in September. I have lots of plans for the future and am having a great time knitting! :)


I'm working on an Autumn in New York Shawl in Noro Silk Garden sock, and the SKA Progressive Party Sock.


I just finished a pair of Bricker socks (pattern by Anne Hanson) in a wool/cotton blend of Opal sock yarn. Members of Ravelry can see them here:

My current project is another pair of Bricker socks in an Opal handpainted, seen here:

I'm further along than the pictures show. Last night I finished turning the heels and I am almost done with the gussets. I knit my socks two-at-a-time.


about six different sock projects. I need to focus.

J.T. in missouri

Making another Hedgerow sock, and making my first circular shawl, Cherry Blossom.


I am currently knitting a felted purse and crocheting an afghan.


I have two projects on the needles right now. The first is a scarf which will be packed away for somebody's Christmas present. Light yellow worsted weight in a lacey pattern. The second is a beaded shawl (my first beaded project!) which will be for me when it's done. It's time consuming but I'm loving it. Have a wonderful three days off Allison. Enjoy!


So many things on my needles! I am working on a Knitting Pure and Simple summer sweater, a Swallowtail shawl and a pair of socks from The Little Box of Socks. I am looking for a scarf to begin so that I don't get bored!

Cyndy C.

A basic sock from Opal Harry Potter yarn in the Harry Potter colorway, Multnomah, Log Cabin Throw, etc....all stalled since our AC unit leaked water and soaked the basement carpeting AND we have had 28 days above 90 here this summer. New AC tomorrow!!!

Enjoy your time away.


Hmm, let's see... I am finishing a pair of Leticia socks, finishing a Pas de Valse, working on a Flow tank for me, and although summer is absolutely my favourite time of year, I find myself dreaming of fall knitting...
(list edited out of embarrassment at the number of UFO's floating around here)

Have a wonderful holiday, Allison!


baby socks, very plain pattern, very bright yarn, or very now colors NO PASTELS


It's going slowly, because I'm not spending much time knitting lately, but I'm working on the Percy shawl ( I'm on the chart with both sides patterned, so at the moment it's not a good multitasking project, and I've been reading a lot lately.


I am knitting a scarf with yarn from our alpacas, a take along scarf for when I'm in the car,and a sweater for my daughter.


I'm working on the Featherweight Cardigan in Lion Brand LB 1878:

I've got a pair of Zauberball/Noro striped socks almost finished, but I've stalled since I turned the second heel.


Lots "on my needles". I have Ode th Eames Socks, Pom Pom Peds, Knee High to a Grasshopper going strong. Two sweaters and a Saroyan Scarf. I hope that you will be getting more of those fabulous monster Noyoni skein. I have some left over and am trying to find just the right pattern!


I have some plain vanilla socks in the Online DK and a "Spring Forward" sock in Miss Babs and a sweater in Dream in Color Classy.

susan f

Hi; I am knitting the lovely skein of yarn that came with the mug for your 5th anniversary kit. I am knitting Esther by Stephanie van der linden. I am hoping for a lovely pair of socks. susan


Thanks for doing a giveaway - fun! I'm knitting an Ishbel using Dream in Color Baby in Happy Forest.


I am just about to start Alice's Illusion Socks. My goal is to make (myself) three pairs of socks before the kids go back to school.


I have 1 baby sweater, 1 childs sweater, an afghan and 2 lace projects on the go. One lace project is an easy, mindless task and the other is count every stitch, every row or else! kind of project. My current sock project is the Branched Fern pattern by Kathleen Williams from the book "Think outside the sox" (a must have for every sock knitter I think) in
Alchemy Juniper-Summertime Blues colorway from the last sock club. Gorgeous pattern and the yarn really does it justice.


....5 stripey socks, 4 funky mittens, 3 little hats, 2 wooly sweaters and a shawl in a ....oops! wrong song for the season but you get the jist ;).


I have a lot of projects on my needles and I'm really trying to reduce them. So, I'm working on a project or two at a time until they're finished. The current project is a hand towel for the guest bathroom. I'm using this pattern and hope to be on my next project soon.

Ann Devine

On the needles right now, I have
1. Moc Croc Socks, a free Knit Picks pattern
2. A feather & fan stole in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport, colorway Baltic Sea
3. A mitered square dolly blanket in Lily Sugar N Creme, for my niece
4. A lace tank in Classic Elite BamBoo
5. a series of "Grumpies", see Knit Picks pattern for Grumpy the Lump of Coal
And probably 3 other things that got shuffled to the bottom of the WIP basket!


Why socks of course!! I got carried away with startitis and have 4 socks going. The current ones I'm working on can be see here:
My daughter loved the purple mosaic socks I did for the contest so now I need more yarn so I can make a pair for me.


I do have projects on needles, but am not working on any due to an unrelated injury to my hands. I'll be starting on the Wavy Bee Scarf in Fiddlesticks Silk Sensation just as soon as I can move my fingers well enough. Actually, I have started a dishcloth (where neatness and tension won't matter) as therapy. Awkward, but making progress.


I am working on the Blackrose Socks from Knitty using Malabrigo Sock - Archangel colorway. Love the Malabrigo Sock yarn!

Lisa P.

I have 3 different sock projects going right now. First is in the online DK relax I got in your sale section; 2nd is a garter rib in opal antonia I purchased from you awhile ago; and third is a leftover yarn sock using three differnt yarns. I'm loving the way it's turning out. I too am taking some family time this Friday through next Thursday.

Enjoy your time!


So much yarn and ideas and NOT enough time! Making A second "Monica" from knitty for my grandaughter and working on A cowl for her mommy in Cascade Dolce. I'm looking for the perfect pattern for my Brach's colorway sock yarn.Those will be for me!Oh yeah and all the baby booties, blankets that have to be done by Oct.!


I've got a Citron on the go and a Vixen shawl in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. And I'm wanting to cast on some excellently stripey socks for halloween, hence being here and checking out your wares!


Heading out for vacation myself on Saturday. Hoping to start and make good progress on the Presto Cardigan ( great sweater pattern by my friend and LYS owner. And I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to start a new pair of socks (yeah, I know I will) and what pattern I will be doing.

Susan D Murphy

A coat made of Berroco Keltic is patiently resting while I decide which style of sleeves I'll make. Meanwhile, I am almost finished with some socks for myself (for a change) using a double strand of Plymouth Happy Feet. Doubling sock yarn not only makes the project go quickly. since it knits up at worsted gauge, it makes a thicker, sturdier sock. I prefer short, slouchy tops on my socks, but I want them warm and durable. Doubling fingering weight yarn works great.

Kim B

I'm finishing a pair of striped socks for myself and also have started a pair for my best friend as a Christmas gift. Am knitting Boneyard Shawlette in fingering weight. I made one in DK and I want this to be just a scarflike accent for around a sweater this winter. For a while I seemed to lose my sock knitting mojo but fortunately it has been found!

Linda B

Put my quilting/hand embroidery aside for a bit and picked up the needles again. Working on a knitted market bag and casting on socks tonight to take on vacation next week along with additional sock yarn in case I get really ambitious while visiting family!! :>)

Sandy H.

Right now I am working on making several Azzu's shawls
from Araucania's Ranco Multi. Every year my daughter needs Christmas gifts for my grandson's nursery school teachers so this year I'll have the jump on it! I also am working on a baby afghan.

Kathy O'Sullivan

I am getting ready to leave on vacation for a week at the beach in North Carolina. I have 3 socks started for the is a "second sock", a mindless plain vanilla sock using some patterened yarn on size 2 needles so I can knit in the car. My second project is from Candace Eisner Strick's new book, called Raspberry Truffle. It is on size 1 needles and is a little more complicated, perfect "on the porch" project where I have good light. My third project is a sock from a local shops mystery sock project, it is called Politically Correct. I couldn't do their top down version, I am a total toe up sock addict, it took me a couple of days to figure out how to change the pattern around..... two more sleeps till we leave for the beach.

Deb K

I've got a 'large' version of the Simple Things Shawlette designed by one of my Rav buddies. She envisioned us all using sock yarn for it, but I was gifted with 5 skeins of Schoppel Wolle from a friend who's in Germany right now. I wasn't sure what to do with it, and had just finished my 'small' version of Simple Things and it's such an easy & fun knit, I thought that if I used the gift yarn, it would be like a wearable hug from a friend who's far away. It's a little warm to be working it, but it should be done soon, and this fall when it's cooler, I'll be able to wear a hug - that's something worth smiling about.

Patricia Richardson

Right now I am working on a crochet afghan for my cousin who graduated from high school. It's a Lion Brand pattern in his school colors of maroon, white and gold.

natalie mclaughlin

I have two socks on the needles currently and am getting ready to knit a beautiful shawl in a cashmere yarn. I am also starting a pair of fetching fingerless mitts for my daughter..


I've been working on the knitters version of insanity - a full sized blanket made out of sock yarn scraps. It is currently 5 feet wide and at least 5 feet long. Very relaxing and beautiful.


I'm working on a Bandwagon Shawl in handpainted fingering yarn and the Snowflake Wrap. I'm collecting my sock books and courage, they're my next new endeavor.


Have 5 orphan socks that need mates. Have one second sock on needles. Started a lovely shawl with Araucania, and will start the Victoria Sweater (Knitty, first fall 2010) when I get the classy worsted RED yarn.

Mary Lee

I'm knitting a pair of Willistead mittens (designed by Spillyjane knits) for my Mom for Christmas. In red and white, it's like knitting peppermint candy! Unfortunately the one photo I took is still in my digital camera only. :( !!

Cindy B

I am working on the Dream Catcher Baby Blanket, socks, coasters and a shawl. Have a great vacation!


i'm working on swedish fish socks (pattern by spillyjane knits) which is the july/august KAL for my san francisco one-sock-a-month group. and i'm also working on some interlocking leaves socks which are another KAL for that group from way back in november of 2009 - i'm very happy to finally be close to completion!

my fish socks:


I'm a teacher and enjoying this uninterrupted knitting time (daughter comes home tomorrow). I just finished a pair of socks in the Anniversary Kit yarn. I did Charade. Loved the yarn. I am now working on Summer Flies shawl and will probably start a pair of socks in the Fruit Loops pattern which is in Knitty as a free download.

I'm working on Yet Another sock design, this time with Trekking XXL yarn. I'm also swatching a mesh pattern for a possible summer sock with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn.

- Mary the Hobbit


One of the things I'm knitting is part of a kitchen set for a friend who's moved into her first house! It is the 'Mitered Hanging Towel' from 'Mason-Dixon Knitting: Outside the Lines', Ravelry link

I'm making two of those, at least one dishcloth, and at least two potholders, all from Lion Brand Organic Cotton and Paton's Pure.

Thanks for the contest!


Well darn, I thought I sent in a comment but I can't find it so I'll try again. I am making a pair of socks with Crystal Palace Yarn, a sweater for my Granddaughter and I am also working on a prayer shawl... not to mention the MANY projects that I've started and need to get back to. Happy vacation Allison!


I am finishing up a "scrawl" made with Sockina yarn that I got in your store last month. This is turning out great--it is light and will be perfect for tossing on in these over-air-conditioned places this summer. It will also be light enough to toss in a bag so I can have it with me "just in case." Hope you're having a great time!

Elayne Mordoff

I have just finished my third pair of socks. YAY!! And I'm about to start another one -- I have vowed I will always have a pair of socks going. I try to have at least one crochet and one knitting project going at the same time (it helps my muscles) so I'm also working on Kristin Omdahl's crocheted Vinga Shawl. I'm about to start a sweater for my husband -- the first one I've made him since we were dating -- and we just celebrated our 21st anniversary. It is Rhapsody in Tweed by Kathy Zimmerman, which can be found in the free download of 7 Patterns for Men from Knitting Daily.


Right now I have two projects...both by Knitspot...Longjohn Socks and Rivolo Scarf.

Rachel HB

Knitting yet another pair of Cookie A's Monkey easy and fun. But really, I should move on!


Hope you are enjoying your fishing trip! Maybe you will be inspired to come up with a colorway dedicated to the fish.... :) On my needles are: baby blanket, baby suprize jacket, pair of socks, 2 shawls and countless other projects running through my mind to do as I finish one.

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