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July 29, 2010


Patricia Richardson

You are so right Allison. All of the socks are "simply" awesome!!!


Amazing!!! I have to admit that, while I am impressed with the skill & technique of the Fair Isle/ Mosaic socks, I am just a huge fan of stripes. But there is not a single pair that shouldn't have the knitter's buttons popping off with pride! I have been in quite a slump for the past month or so & these socks have fired up my creative juices. I think I'll have to vote & then buy a bunch of the SS yarn (I've been meaning to anyway.)


I feel like snatching those sheep socks off of Amy's feet. I love sheep!!! Someday I will have to find the patience to tackle Fairisle "anything". The stripe patterns are TO KEEP for future inspiration too, and I am now also wanting to make a pair of mismatched complimentary color socks. The thing is - I have some of these sock pattern books but have been too "chicken" to try them - but now seeing these knit up - I think I will have to try. Thank you knitters for very much inspiration for design and color combination.


Unbelievably beautiful hand-knit socks. I'm amazed at the talent they've displayed here. (Came here from Susan B Knits blog).

I have been in a knitting 'slump'. Thank you for the e-mail with the socks; I have started to knit a pair of socks to-night; "out of my slump!" Thank you. Marlene Y.


Thanks Diane for the nice comment! These were fun to knit and the idea just sort of came to me. I love sheep, too, and I wanted to include some in my design. So, I experimented with creating the sheep in fairisle and used the green check to simulate grass. Voila! These socks were born. I'm so glad that you like them.


Vote for #12


#12 gets my vote!

Karen Drickamer

I voted for #12! They were all beautiful and fun, but #12 knocked my socks off!

arlene magid weber

Number 11; simply gorgeous!!!


Number 8

Luanne Western

I vote for # 12--such a nice combination of patterning in the body of the sock with the striping of the heel and sole. Beautiful


#14 gets my vote

Martha Clay

I hope the pattern for sock 10 will be published at some point. I LOVE those sheep!


They are all beautiful! It's difficult to hoose just one but I like #4. The colors are stunning.


I vote for Socks 7, very unique idea.


I vote for sock #5.....It says spring to me!

Tammy Diener

They are all amazing but #4 get my vote


All the socks are absolutely wonderful!!! What a hard choice to make but I am going with #10.


All are beautiful, but if I had to choose, #8.

carol christoffersen

i vote for #11, but also have a fondness for #14. love all of them


These socks are beautiful. I am inspired and a little intimidated.


I vote #11


I vote #2

Tam Peters

I vote #4 -- they just say summer to me -- I just love the color combinations and they work so well with the pattern!!!



Dianna Jorgensen

They're all wonderful. I vote for #8

Barb R

Had to choose #1. I am a pinky....


Susan Meyer

#13. Beautiful, thoughtful work. Kudos!


Lucky Number 7. I love the little flowers!

Honda Janak

Very hard to choose, with so many pretty entries! I choose #2 because of the unusual color choice.


I like 7, 4, and one. Seven for the theme, four for the colours and 1 just because I like them.


#13 is the most outstanding of all the wonderful socks.


I cannot decide. How about 'every body wins!'? They are all so fantastic. Nice job, everyone.

Pat O'Grady Daley

Difficut decision but my vote goes to #1

Cynthia Long

I vote for #8. Wow, they are all swock divas in my book

[at martin

#9 best in show

Pat Martin


#2 for me -- the colorway is terrific!


They are all wonderful! But I think my choice would be #8. Boy, was it hard to choose.
Thank you

All these socks are so very wonderful! I am voting for #10 because I just love the sheep. Great job everyone!


My vote goes to number 10.


I'm partial to pinks so #1 does it for me.

Penny Farthing

Wow, this is hard!
Which would I want to wear myself? Number 11
Which showed enviable skill? Number 11
Which colour combinataion? Number 15 but wished they were fitted up the leg a little further
Which inspires me to start another pair myself? Number 7.
So which shall I vote for? Number 7


No. 4 gets my vote. I love the colors.


Vote #1 but they are all inspiring.


I'm voting for sock #10, can't resist the little sheepies! But I really like sock #11 too. All the socks are wonderful!!

Janet C

Socks 9 appeal to me because of the "op art" effect.


I definitely will knit the tulip socks..they look like fun to make. I may change the colors, but then I always do.


Amazing! Congrats to all the entries - they are so beautiful.


I vote #14

Marie Gassler

I'm on board with No. 14 - great color combo and the maze pattern is intriguing.


I vote for #6...but I loved them all...they all should pat themselves on the back


I vote for #12. They're fun!


#1 gets my vote. They are my favorite =)


I would vote for #10, they are so clever and original. Very creative and so cute too!


I vote for Socks 10


My vote goes to #12. Good use of color and pattern. Actually, they are all beautiful ,& it was hard to settle on just 1.

Carol Laubach

Every single pair of socks is fantastic and amazing. I loved them all and find choosing difficult, but I will vote for #12. Couldn't they all win??!!!!


I read my email too late to vote, but I do not think I could pick one anyway. They are all just beautiful. Oh what handwork. They are all winners.


Such wonderful socks!! I love them all!

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