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July 12, 2010



My sister in law had her first baby- a girl - in May. I knit a few items but didn't pre wash before giving. Baby items are SO tiny and I knew she would be washing things herself. With the knit gifts - I did include a lingirie bag that was large enough to hold several baby sweaters, socks, etc or whatever else she wants to wash in it. So easy to lose baby things - even when washing them by themselves. And you never seem to have enough baby laundry to do an entire load. I also included in my gift a bottle of Dreft as it is way more expensive than "regular" laundry detergent - don't know why.

The blanket is BEAUTIFUL!! Will have to get that book and try the pattern - if only for a lap size one for myself :-)


Oh! I did not think about the laundry detergent thing. I have knit baby gifts in the past but can't recall if I washed them before gifting them - maybe not since most of them were cotton bibs and burp cloths (from M-D). Now I am knitting for my first grandchild, so I will be sure to either not wash or to wash in Dreft. Thanks for the heads up! Your blanket looks great!


I just finished a baby blanket and I washed it in Soak and then blocked it. I never get it a second thought. Now I'm hoping that it's not a problem!


I usually don't wash the baby items. Like you, I figure the new mom will want to wash it her way with her chosen soap.
Your blanket is beautiful!


Very nice! I wish I had time to make one. :)


I wash if only to get off any residue from my dogs that 'might' have gotten on the item. I use just a few drops of unscented Dr. Bronner's castile soap and haven't had any problems.

I never use soap with a scent (it bothers ME!) and the castile soap is what I wash my socks in.

Elizabeth D

I always wash anything I give as a gift, whether to someone I know or for the various organizations I knit for. I haul my knitting all over the place, and who knows if it's as clean as it should be? Washing also reveals any ends that aren't quite finished, or other trouble spots. I use a detergent with no dyes or perfumes (which is what we use here at home anyway).

Patricia Richardson

I always wash the baby items I gift. I use Dreft and include care instructions. Love the colors you used for your Modern Baby Blanket.


I washed the last baby gift I knit, but only because it goes to work with me and being a hairstylist it gets lots of hair in there. Idid let the mom know I washed it but that she may want to use her own soap since it has been a few years since my last was a baby.


I may be the only one, but I cannot stand the smell of Dreft. It's gross.


The blanket is lovely. The colors are great!
I'm getting ready to start that pattern in primary colors for a baby gift. The mother already has other things in those colors. I have not knit this pattern before and hope I don't have trouble with the border.

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