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July 07, 2010



When we were little - and even older - our birthdays were only with our family (Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters) and at least one set of grandparents and a favorite aunt who lived close by. Birthdays were family things for us and they were fun and memorable. Wasn't until I turned 16 that a friend of mine gave me a surprise party.

Re- knitting during jury duty: I do know they scan your purse when you enter govt. buildings. The yarn would make it - they might question the needles :-) but if you explained that you want to knit instead of read a book. I know people take books to read during the breaks. You could always call ahead and ask. But it would be a good way to pass the time. OH - in case they sequester you - bring a small travel toothpaste and toothbrush and travel size products. My sister was kept overnight and she was very popular as she brought those things and the local motel did not provide toothpaste and shampoo. Hope you can bring your knitting!


THREE?!? How could James be three already? Re knitting and jury duty, I'm guessing it is okay (if you make it past the scanners), but if you get picked to actually be on a jury, you might want to clear knitting during the trial with the judge. Re birthday traditions, somehow birthday PIE has become our birthday tradition, specifically rhubarb-strawberry. I surprised my 30-year-old son with one this year - he was not expecting it!


I come from a large family with 8 children, and our birthday was celebrated by the birthday kid being allowed to pick what we had. Of course, lobster being MY favorite, we always had steak instead, since that was much more affordable for a crowd. Mom and Dad would take me once in a while to get lobster separately, usually at the officers' club.

And of course your favorite cake, too. Mine was angel food cake with chocolate whipped cream frosting! Yum!

I do not remember ever having a birthday party with my friends. I don't think the younger ones did, either.

Congrats on your gorgeous guy! Certainly the best little guy ever!

Knitting is not generally allowed during a trial. Sometimes allowed while you wait to see if you are allowed onto a jury, depending on your courthouse's rules. No scissors, though!


I have one brother and the b'day child got to pick what they wanted for dinner. The non-b'day child also got a little present too so they didn't feel left out. It was usually just an immediate family celebration except when we were under 5, then we had a party with cousins and aunts and uncles.


Madame Defarge????

My daughter - now 20 - is taken out to dinner at whatever restaurant she would like and can order whatever she wants. I usually suggest 3 or 4 different restaurants that I think she would like. On alternating years she can invite a friend along. It's worked so far and I think she enjoys it.... she's typically asking way ahead of time for the names of restaurants.

Ok Madame....Here in Texas I once read an article where a woman was asked to leave the building for knitting while she was waiting for jury duty. They felt that the needles could be used as a weapon and so were not allowed in the building.


When I was a child, my mother would cook our favorite meal for the family on the Sunday closest to our birthday & she'd make a cake. When my girls were little, I established the tradition of a family dinner at the restaurant of their choosing (in addition to a kids' party if they really wanted one). My daughter has continued the tradition in her family - with the exception. She was in Ikea on Nov 12 2006 when her water broke (she was already schedule for a c-section on Nov 17). The employees were so amazing - they made what could have been an embarrassing experience a warm memory. So every Nov 12th, they take the kids to Ikea for meatballs.


Great photos. I have always loved how you try to make family memories. That's so special. On to Jury Duty - knitting does make the eternity of sitting in the assembly room pass more quickly. But the guards did take away my scissors. I had one of those round thread cutters and so was fine. Worked on a sock, of course. Good luck!


Ahh...I have jury duty next week too. :(

Birthdays.... I would always make their bed on their birthday. Also, I would crank up the stereo (yes, it was a record) and blast the Beatles singing...da, da, da, da, da, da, they say it's your birthday!!! One good round of that song and everyone feels happy!!! I did not do parties every year - about every 5th year because I wanted them to appreciate the party, not expect it. Enjoy!!!


PS... James is an absolute doll!!!


What a beautiful boy he is!!!! I love my boys so much too, and can't believe how time flies :D

p.s. We aren't allowed to bring knitting to jury duty here - no needles allowed as they can be used as weapons, I guess :} LOL!!!!


It is amazing how quickly they grow. I can't believe he is turning three!!!! We don't do big birthday celebrations here either, but I acknowledge the day by bringing out their baby pics and reliving their day of birth to them. My son who is 11 doesn't find it as interesting anymore, but my 8 y/o dd still does!!!

There is something to be said abt grandchildren. You are alert enough to really enjoy them. When you are the parent (esp the mom) it's hard to truly enjoy them when you are sleep deprived! And it sounds like a 2nd child may be needed!!! LOL


No knitting at jury duty! They had to lock mine up when I brought it to the courthouse.

Congrats on your son's 3rd bday. It is amazing how quickly they grow. Hug him everyday and adorn him with kisses.



We always made a special dinner for our girl's birthday. Jacci's favorite cake was strawberry. Rae Lynn's was yellow with chocolate icing. We made them feel special on their day.
"Happy Birthday James!!"


These are awesome suggestions- definitely a special dinner and cake-of-choice are faves. Keep the ideas coming!
Turns out court was cancelled, so no duty for me! Hurray! Not that I don't want to participate, but this is just NOT a good time... burthdays showers, family, work... seems to be piling up.


I've been called for jury duty several times & only been impaneled about half the times & only served on a jury twice. I think you could have gotten an exemption anyway. In Illinois at any rate, the mothers of preschoolers are exempt. Probably at least in part because of the possibility of being sequestered. It happened to me once when my girls were about 6 & 9. The babysitter kept them overnight but was NOT happy about it. Had I known that they always sequester the jury during deliberations in murder cases (it wasn't even a capital case), I would have asked to be excused.


My girls always get to pick out the cake, colors of icing, flowers and what the words say....some of their combinations have been quite chocolate cake, chocolate icing, fudge roses and bright red icing words saying "Happy 5th Birthday!" They always look forward to choosing EXACTLY what kind of cake they get :)

blogless grace

Our biggest treat on birthdays was to write the menu for the meal. Whether it was fried chicken or hamburgers it was always great because it was the one time you got to pick everything.


As a kid I always got to choose what I wanted for my birthday meal, and exactly what kind of birthday cake I'd have and how it was decorated. I kept the tradition for my son and stepson. My stepson now keeps the tradition with his daughter,


My work schedule allows me to plan a trip from Georgia to CT around both my niece and nephew's birthdays. I take the family out to lunch and the birthday child gets to pick where we go. As for parties, my sister started an awesome tradition for her kids--they get presents from the family but for the party with their friends, the invitations ask that food be brought for donation to the local food pantry, instead of (more) gifts for the kids.


"When I think about that time, I'm sad because I know I won't be able to experience that time with him again"

Please made an impact on him as well as on yourself. Enjoy and cherish every moment, but never feel sad about wanting to experience them with him again. As your son gets older there will be new experiences, new wonders and new ways to always be a part and involved in his life. I have a 16 year old son, and a 20 year old daughter, and the fun never ends. Cooking and color scheming and has just begun, and the road with experiences is wide open! PS I get lots of hugs from my son. Whenever he wants something, he puts his arm across my shoulders and starts "Buddy....."

Barb R

Go back to the posts from when James was first born and read them. Remember what many of us told you would happen. Trust those of us who have been down the road you are currently traveling and...step where we have stepped. The road forward will be much easier if you do.

When James is 6, read these posts and....remember what we told you today.


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