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June 22, 2010


Franki Trujillo-Dalbey

Hi! I'm in the process of knitting these and have run into a few problems. First, I didn't understand the pattern, and so I ended up with half stockinette and half cables (about 6 of them). I think I'll go ahead and keep working them since I'm at the heel now. But could you clarify that? Also, it would be really helpful to have the number of stitches worked for the heel flap. That's it so far!Thanks!


Hi Franki,
I made a clarification to the beginning of the heel flap. Does that make more sense? Thanks!

Kathaleen Tobin

Thanks Allison for the heel clarification. Luckily I caught it and knew how to adapt. I finished first sock and almost finished with second. Uzing a different yarn, also in greens and yellows. Coming along nicely. Reminds me of Dublin Bay pattern.


I am working on this now and am loving them! My only problem has been the heel flap. When I worked it the first time it stitched up very tight and short. I used the 32 stitched and thought I did it right...but obviously didn't. Could you just let me know how long approximatley the flap should be when finished with the 16 rows? Thanks much.
I am using a midnight blue sock yarn and this pattern looks so classy with it. Thanks much!


Hi Linda, it's not 16 rows, it's doing that 2-row sequence 16 times, which means that you've really knit 32 rows (16 one way and 16 back). Makes sense?
Also, doing that rib pattern for the heel does "suck in" the width a bit and make the heel a bit narrower than if you were to just knit one way and purl back.
The heel flap will be about 2 inches (I don't have my sock in front of me to look), but you are welcome to knit it longer if you prefer that. Then you'll just be picking up one more stitch for each sequence increased.


Thanks! That makes perfect sense. Will send a pick when I am finished. Not sue how it will show up though. I am using a midnight blue and it is so perfect for this pattern. Very classy looking sock!

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