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June 14, 2010


Janet Miller

Simply gorgeous! Can't wait for the kits to become available.


Love the color, love the pattern! When is it going to be available?


LUV IT! I've got a soft spot in my heart for anything with green & blue -- earth & sky.


How beautiful!! The perfect yarn to commerate 5 years of business. Can't wait for the kits to come in!! You do wonderful work. Happy 5 years and may you have at least another 5 years.


Thanks! Kit will be available....soon. Before the end of the month.


Count me in!


I need this kit! The yarn is fabulous and I can't wait to try the pattern!


Congratuations on 5 years & a lovely colorway! If you like sunflowers (& who doesn't), you should take Amtrak to Glacier National Park sometime. Glacier is gorgeous - almost beyond description. But also along the way, somewhere in North Dakota (I think, could be western Minnesota but I think it's further west), the train goes through an area that is, on both sides of the train, as far as the eye can see, sunflowers. August is probably the best time to go - or late July. When I went in May to Seattle on the train, I didn't see any sunflowers because it was clearly too early in the growing season.


Beautiful colorway!! Happy 5th anniversary! You really carry SO many beautiful sock yarns -- too tempting! :)


Oh, it's fabulous! What a wonderful way to mark 5 years...


Absolutely stunning, I won't be able to resist. Congratulations.


Wonderful your blog and can't wait to get a kit..

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