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June 04, 2010


Willa JEAN

I think a welcoming blanket for a baby is a worthy reason for taking a short break from your intention. Now, if you move on to 12 pair of booties, a couple of hats and a baby surprise jacket, well, then we need to talk. Really, this is important and time sensitive so have no guilt. Maybe you could add on 5 weeks of knitting for yourself at the end of the year to make it all come out right?


What a beautiful blanket and what a beautiful reason to not knit for yourself!! There is a very special feeling when you knit for someone. Don't beat yourself up over it.. you had to do it!


I think expanding the definition of "for yourself" to include something you want to knit is perfectly acceptable! so I think you can consider your resolution unbroken.

Elizabeth D

I don't call them resolutions, I call them plans. And plans change! problem solved. . . can't wait to see the finished blanket.


I think it is just fine that you are knitting that blanket for the new baby. While you are mainly knitting for yourself this year it seems like most of my projects so far are for others.


I think that is a must to knit a baby blanket for a very special baby. I love making baby blankets, sweaters, etc. In fact I have a large shopping bag full of left over yarn from baby sweaters and blankets that I have made. I am using those leftovers to make premi-hats to donate to a local hospital. I agree with everyone else, plans change, problem solved.
Enjoy making the blanket, and just maybe you might be able to borrow it when you need it for another special baby.

Nora Brown

Very nice!


Plans can change. You realize now that it would give you great pleasure to knit this baby blanket. You would even regret not making it. It seems obvious to me, you have made the right decision.

During the course of the year I knit many things for myself and many gifts. I tend to go in spurts of selfish knitting and gift knitting. I never even stopped to analyze that until now. I think knitters should always knit whatever makes them happy at the time. And if that means you have 25 UFOs, then so be it.


I too knit for many others. I think it's great to knit for someone else...even though it breaks your vow...I find that I enjoy it even more than knitting for myself. At times, I feel almost selfish when I knit for myself...although I know I need to do's all about balance:) The blanket it beautiful...keep up the good work(s)!


I think it is wonderful that you can be flexible and knit something for someone special and then go back to your resolution to knit for yourself this year. Do NOT feel guilty. You can get much enjoyment out of knitting that baby blanket.

Diane from PA

The baby blanket is absolutely wonderful! The colors you chose are perfect together....I broke my resolution too - and for a baby as well - a new niece. I knit some baby socks for her (the first of many I am sure). You know, Allison, I have found that sometimes to knit for someone else - IS knitting for ourselves - because it is done from the love in your heart and makes you feel good in the knitting and in the giving - so in a sense you have knit for yourself. To satisfy the unselfish woman and giver that is obviously a part of your personality. Baby knitting is different too. Sometimes it's the adults who can be so-so about a hand knit gift BUT a baby gift will be taken care of and most likely passed down after it has been used and cherished by the baby to become a child for many years. Legacy knitting is (to me)different from quick last minute gift knitting, So you have nothing to feel "guilty" about. That's a "WOW" gift for sure (and now I will have to place that book on my "to buy" list! Thanks again for your creative inspiration.


Knitting for others is a wonderful gift that
you give yourself. Especially for a new
baby. An act of love is never wasted.


A baby blanket is much more than a gift for a new mother. It is the babys first experience with warmth, color,
texture, security. It is always there and makes no demands on the baby. Possibly an item that will be a constant as toys and experiences change. A treasured first possession.


I obviously knit for myself (sock yarnaholic here!) and I have the shawls and socks to prove it. By the way, thanks for the quick mailing of my last order of yarn Allison! I love packages (and so do my knit group friends who attempted theft of the Illusion yarn!).

I find as much if not more enjoyment in knitting for that special friend or family member who appreciates the thought and time that goes into each project. I figure I can be selfish and still knit for myself and others: I enjoy doing both!

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