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June 09, 2010


Diane from PA end or the other...I have friends who are Amish and Amish Mennonite and when I have been out their way - for those on farms - those manure pits are something else. Is James OK? Hope he doesn't have that bug that's going around here. Sending good thoughts for a "lemony- fresh" tomorrow for you :-)


Allison - Hopefully by now, everyone is resting quietly and trying to re-coop. Hang in there and hopefully James is feeling better tomorrow. Sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

Lisa P.

Hey Allison,

Hope today's a much better day :) Crappy when you're going through it, but you'll laugh at it later. It reminded me of a day I had about a year ago, when my big chocolate lab stood at the top of the stairs, and then walked down, throwing up all the way down, even on the landing, covered walls, etc. As I hopped over the vomit to run down and get him outside, I slipped on vomit on the 3rd to last step!
That was a fun day!

I'm sending happy, fragrant thoughts your way!


I hope James is feeling better! I don't miss the Grabill air!

Diane from PA

Allison - Hope James is feeling much better today and can enjoy his usual "James kind of weekend" and hope you will have a wonderful smile filled Friday and weekend also!!


James is better and is having what he calls an "art show" with Joe today. Which is basically Joe cleaning up his classroom (school ended this past week) and James playing in the clay. Thank you for your kind comments! Life's back to "normal."

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