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June 21, 2010



LO quiche is great for breakfast.

I buy hamburger patties, bake them in the oven, and freeze individually. They can be reheated and eaten as hamburgers or crumbled into dishes like spaghetti sauce or a stir fry. I also cook and freeze brown rice.

Love the blanket!


If the crust is too much for you, just grease the pan and pour in the filling! It will work just fine, and could save you time and/or the angst of using store-bought crust.


Your quiche looks delicious! Love the Log Cabin blanket---must make it for a special baby!!


Your quiche looks delicious! That's one thing I've never made. Maybe soon as I'm kind of craving it now looking at yours. Our local deli makes a mean quiche so I've always bought mine there. That's the easiest way to do it. LOL

The blanket is so beautiful! I totally love the colors you used!


Looks great!


Don't use the crust and make a fritatta instead. Same ingredients, no crust. :)


that baby blanket is fantastic! I love that it is non-traditional colors (the green is particularly gorgeous) & would work well for a boy or girl.

Teresa Quick

Quiche is great for using left-over vegetables and cheese. Skip the crust, use sauteed thin slices of potatoes or cubed potatoes, mushrooms, julienned proscuitto, mixture of chopped herbs, tomatoes, shaved & sauteed brussel sprouts, sliced aparagus.... the variation is endless. Quiche can make left-overs stretch into an entirely new meal and a quick "elegant" dinner paired with a salad and white wine. Although the ingredients you use will always float, they add to the eye-appeal when ready to serve. Sprinkle grated parmesan near the end of the baking. Bon Apetit!


I LOVE quiche but am the only one that will eat it so I don't make it too often. However I do use storebought crust and add in broccoli and mushrooms, or ham and mushrooms. However I'm reading the other comments and like the idea of not using a crust at all. I'll have to try that, even though I LOVE the crust!!! Your's looked yummy!!

and so does that blanket!!! Great colors!


I just LOVE the colours in your blanket - beautiful!


We make something called cheddar spinach pie. To keep the cheese where it belongs, it is tossed with a bit of flour before mixing into the egg/spinach mixture. Ours is crustless, too!

Love the baby blanket! Lucky baby!

Michele Pridmore

Spam!I made 4 different quiches for work one day and the Spam Quiche was the first to go.


<3 Quiche. :)

My mom does a quiche buffet for Christmas brunch every year. There's the seafood quiche with crab meat, and then it's always a combo of sausage or bacon or ham with veggies of broccoli or green peppers and onion which make big hits. I love a broccoli and cheese quiche myself. :)

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