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June 16, 2010



My daughter is expecting and suggested that her mother-in-law host a baby shower for THAT side of the family, while I host a second shower for all her friends. And she requests NO games at either of them. Since everyone should know everyone else at each party, no ice breaking necessary. But will they still expect prizes? Hmmm.


The best shower I went to is where we played card games instead of the crazy shower games you normally get. Very dignified, no one had to stoop to throw a clothespin into a potty.... So we played Crazy 8's, Go fish, Gin & drank wine or sparkling cider. It was a nice time with no embarrassment.


At my SIL's, I made a funny list of stuff (crayons, contraceptives, crackers, etc) and whoever had the most list items in her purse won the prize. It was pretty good, as far as shower games go.
Side note- I am genuinely disgusted by the melted candy bars in diapers game.


Oh - I know of one that could really work for you. I attended a shower where a skein of yarn and pair of scissors were passed around to everyone. They were asked to take as much of the yarn as they liked. Once everyone had taken their length of yarn they were then told to begin wrapping it around their index finger. As they wrap the yarn they have to say their name, how they know the honoree and then you could ask them to continue with baby advice. They can't stop talking until the yarn has been completely wound. It was a great ice breaker game - and some people had only enough yarn to say their names, while others could go on with lots of advice.


At one shower we did a race to dress the baby game, but we did guys against girls (it was a coed baby shower) that was pretty fun, but we won so that could be part of it. We also had people bring in baby pics of themselves and everybody had to guess who was who.

The worst? Being blindfolded and having to guess what flavor baby food you were eating. Ick! Meat flavored was teh worst!


We've started doing showers with no games. I like them so much more. It's even been requested by the honoree to have no games...


My SIL bought onesies in several sizes &sleeve lengths. Guests used fabric paints & stencils to personalize and then hang on a closeline to dry & display. Fun for guests and for mom- to-be who went home with unique baby items.


I guess I don't usually enjoy the games but my biggest no-no is making it a surprize shower (wedding also) The bride/mother isn't dressed to photograph (a bigger deal for some than others) and people who don't have much in common wait around for an hour plus for the guest of honor. Visiting is fine but the wait with cell phone updates gets old really fast.

That said, showers can be fun. New brides and parents need all the good wishes around!! Jane


My favorite game played at my baby shower was this... Hand everyone some yarn and some scissors, then ask them to cut the yarn in the length they think it would be if wrapped around the largest part of my waist. It was amazing to see how big around people thought I was (I was about 8 months preggo at the time of the shower.) One girl had cut a length so long that we could wrap it around both of us!

Diane from PA

I don't like shower or product demonstration type games of any kind. The last gathering I went to (not a shower or demo party), though, the hostess had the game "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" and we all had lots of fun playing that!


At my bridal shower my mom had a neat "activity" not really a game that could be adapted for a baby shower...

Each guest was asked to bring a family recipe (something that their family ate regularly, not something fancy, but something that they really ate regularly) and a tiny tidbit of wedding advice/encouragement. I suppose the guests could bring child friendly recipes and write down a tidbit of parenting advice or encouragement.

Mom put all of the recipes into a decorative binder with plastic sheet covers with the advice on the reverse side of the pages. Whenever I go hunting for recipes (i.e. Aunt Janice's awesome crab dip, or Mark's Grandma's Biscuits) I see all of the kind wishes and handwritten recipes from my family :)


I don't have anything to add, except that I enjoyed reading everyone else's ideas. I love the idea of everyone bringing a kid friendly or family friendly recipe and making a cookbook! And the guess whose baby picture is always a good one.


At my sister's baby shower we played 2 very low-key games with minimal potential for embarrassment...
- Guests were asked to cut a piece of yarn to a length that they thought would fit around the expecting mother's belly - it was funny to see just how far off people are!
- We also handed out quizzes that asked people to match the momma-baby animal pairs (for example - cat-kitten, kangaroo-joey, whale-calf), and we gave a prize to whoever got the most right. Try this website:


Count me as another one who doesn't like the "melted candybars in diapers" game. And the "guess the baby food" one too. (Also - if anyone has oddball food allergies (I am allergic to carrots, for example), that could be a problem.)

Frankly, I'd enjoy a shower more that had activities (like decorating a onesie) than games. Perhaps the fact that I'm a "nulliparous female" (never had kids) is why I don't like most typical baby shower games.


I think it might be fun to have everyone bring a baby photo of themselves. Then, they could be mixed up and everyone would have to do a match of the people to photographs. It certainly gets everyone talking!

Diane from PA

Allison, maybe if you (and I know this can be an expense) but if you get scrap book supplies - enough for a small baby memory album and the album (which when complete can be one of the gifts!) - put the papers, trims, stamps, stickers, etc. out and have each guest work on a page, leaving a space where all the new mom would have to do is pop in the baby photo where the photo mat has been left for it. Maybe some of your guest are into scrapbooking and can bring some glues, baby theme papers they might have in their stash, letter stamps, etc. Then when each page is complete - the guests can put a little note or quote on a journal tag and sign their name. OR you can make up a baby shower memory album instead - again with each guest decorating a page and then having baby shower photos of family and friends in it instead of baby pix.


At the last baby shower I was at we had a game where we broke up into groups and each had a stuffed animal or doll and the host had a pile of scrap fabric, yarn, scissors, staplers and some needles and thread. We all designed outfits for the dolls and had a little fashion show. It was a lot of fun.


Count me among those who do not like shower games. We've never used them at showers in our family & mingling has never been a problem. But my extended family are pretty much all the "never met a stranger" kind of people. Ooooohin & ahing about the presents & asking about sex of baby & names & mothers & grandmas discussing their babies is usually an ice breaker for any group of women.

Linda B

A recent baby shower I attended had pictures of the momma, daddy, grandmothers, aunts as babies copied on paper and you had to guess who was who. It was funny trying to look for clues, such as style of clothes or toys in the picture.


My favorite game is very simple -- pull a # out of a hat and win a prize. A great icebreaker is "the game of Things," where you're given a phrase like "things you shouldn't do in a hospital gown" and everyone needs to guess who say that.

sky cox

Dear allison
i just wanted to tell you how much you have inspired me and so many other people! I am only 12 and i have knitted a pair of socks that i am so proud of, i have also started a second pair! i learned to knit when i was 11 in girlscouts and picked it up right away! Iam hoping to make a blanket soon too!
I also crochet (i taught my self), so far i have made 25 hats and donated then all to Loma Linda Childrens hospital and reasearch center in Californa(the children that are under going cancer got all the hats!)Knitting has been a jourany and a hobie of mine! I love knitting!!
thank you and knit strong!!


One game I've played at a baby shower is to hand everyone a piece of paper. Then (at the same time) have them put the paper BEHIND their backs and tear out the shape of a baby. The mom to be gets to pick her favorite.


I had a baby shower for my DIL. The only games we had were bingo and "how many words can you make out of mom's name" (although you could use any other word-s) It was low key and everyone liked the party

Kim B

I don't like games but one fun event at a recent shower I attended was everyone brought a baby photo of themselves. They were spread onto a table by the hostess with a number underneath each. Then each person was to try and figure out which photo was whom at the party. Really cute!


One of the things I liked from my baby shower was everyone filled out a card with a piece of advice or quote that was good for a mom. On the other side they guessed weight, date, time and if sex wasn't known if it was a boy or a girl. It was fun to go back and look at them after my daughter was born.

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