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June 02, 2010


Janet Miller

Congratulations, Allison, on your first highly successful 5 years! You changed my life by making available a seemingly endless lineup of exquisite sock and lace yarns. Who wouldn't become a sock addict with this kind of eye candy at a fingertip's reach? I also feel that I've gotten to know you a bit personally through the blog and emails. I love your store and wish you a lifetime of success. You're living the dream of many of us knitters out here. I recommend you to everyone I know who knits with sock yarns. You're a HUGE enabler and I love you for it.


Has it really been 5 years?? I remember when you first started! I remember thinking it was a fantastic idea, but would you be able to last?? I'm glad to see that you have!


Happy Anniversary! Count me amongst those who remember when you first launched your store -- and who are delighted its brought such good things into your life. Many happy returns of the day!




Happy Anniversary, and thank YOU!


Congratulations! You deserve it!


Thank you! Thank you carrying awesome sock yarn!
Congratulations on 5 years!! And a toast to many more years to come.
Five years ago I was still working and trying to get a job in TX so I could be closer to the grandkids. Two years ago I retired and moved to TX!! (I didn't think I'd be able to move here so soon)

Barb R

In the past 5 years we have moved from VA to CT, watched our one child go off to Iraq..twice, had knee surgery (me) again...lost and found 4 seperate jobs and am on job 5 now, watched the economy go from bust, bought a spinning wheel and learned to spin, fell in love with spinning and all this time have watched this store grow and grow. Allison I have watched you for these 5 years and you have become a source of comfort for me cause you were changin right along with the rest of us.

Congrats my dear and keep that sock yarn coming. We will all need you and those like you in the very uncertain times that are approaching.


Happy anniversary Allison! And thank YOU for giving us such a fun and friendly place to shop! :-)


Thank you Allison for your wonderful store. I only found your store 2 years ago, but have loved it every minute since. Five years ago I was still working full tine. I retired at the end of 2006 and have gone from working 2 days in a scrapbook store, to 2 days in the scrapbook store and 1 day at my old job, to 2 days a week at my old job. Doing those 2 days a week allows me to keep building my stash, so that when I am not working at all, I won't wish that I had yarn to knit socks with. Thanks again Allison and keep those yummy yarns coming.


Thank you Allison for your awesome store and your always entertaining blog! Good luck and here's to more years of super service and lovely yarn! In the past 5 years I welcomed A granddaughter{ two months before James was born} and moved 2 times!



And also, thanks for getting me to look back on the past 5 years. In 5 years I've gone through 4 jobs, moved 7 times, broke up with a boyfriend of 5 years (whoa), got a new boyfriend, got a dog, got engaged, and got married.

What a wild ride. Glad I had my knitting to keep me calm.

Diane from PA

Wow - what a beautiful family portrait!!!
Well lets see (re- the past 5 yrs) - I wasn't even sock knitting 5 yrs ago - was mostly quilting and making wall hanging quilts, fell in love with knitting, knit my first pr. of socks (and haven't stopped), fell in love with 2 men (not at the same time and each time the feeling wasn't mutual - boo hiss), my daughter ran away and eloped (she was an adult but still you dream of a wedding with a pretty dress and flowers), I have redone my dining room by myself last yr. (to include redoing the hardwood floors, am redoing my kitchen this year, had a buffalo burger for the 1st time, made some wonderful friends, met some wonderful people, became an auntie again (just last week!), and have been very much inspired by you, Allison, in many ways. Many times your blogs are more like an email from a friend than a "typical store blog". Many, many, many more happy anniversaries to you!!!!

Cyndy C.

Congratulations!! Well done!! Five years ago this month I moved to the Main Line (Philly suburbs), my oldest finished high school and her freshman year, I have 2 more high-schoolers (eek) and 2 beagles. My husband is an avid sailor and he left a big company for a small biotech.I lost my father and father in law. They are missed.After 8 years of constant sock knitting I'm ready to find more uses for sock yarn but I'll never give up the sock knitting.
So happy for you.

Andi Wendley

5 Years cancer free! Congratulations for succeeding in this economy. It comes from quality products and top of the line Customer Service! Kudos to a job well done!


Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! I've been around for a year or so, have ordered from you, and I was very impressed with your great customer service! You carry a beautiful selection of fibers. I will be ordering again....enjoy your blog alot! Great family picture, by the way, and enjoyed hearing of your beginnings. I just started knitting 5 years ago (wish I had started years ago when I was young....but SO glad my young friend taught me---I love it!) It is good to look back to see where we've been, and where we are now. To me, I see God's love and faithfulness in every situation. Congrats, again!


Wow, five years! Congrats! Best of luck for many more years ahead! What a sweet family you have!


Happy Anniversary! Many there be many, many more!!


A BIG Congrats! Five years have past by pretty fast. As my mom would say.....the older you get the faster the time flies by. And it is very true. Been a roll-a-coaster ride with jobs (husband and me).
The youngest graduated from college last month. Hubby had knee surgery. You are very blessed! And the customers are very blessed that you have a great store.

Keep up the good work!!!!!!


Congratulations on 5 years in business! I only found you last year, via Sock Summit, via yarnharlot, via Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's book stumbled upon at the local library. All of the above (and the availability of such gorgeous yarns!) have rekindled a long dormant love of knitting. It's been a major positive in 5 years which included 2 children being diagnosed with major illnesses, a spouse dealing with the repercussions of a serious MVA and the loss of my own steady and fulfilling employment. Thanks you so much for the great service you provide. I'll vouch any day for the power of knitting to soothe away life's stresses ..... or at least distract from them!


Congratulations on your five year anniversary. Best wishes for continued success. No doubt we will be celebrating our tenth anniversary very soon.


Congratulations Allison! It's hard to believe that the time has passed so quickly. You have so much to be proud of - I'm so happy for you!


Am way behind on blog reading but still wanted to say congratulations Allison. And I love the photo of the three of you!

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