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May 22, 2010



Enjoy! That panzanella looks great - going to add it to the menu this week.


Oh, yes, the rain. Glad I did not look out the front window because today I see evidence that the storm sewer did not keep up and my garage had water in it. Fortunately, it all drained away and nothing was damaged. Enjoy your "day off"!


That panzanella looks yummy! We have the great squish here also. We have to drive over the DesPlaines River on our way to the health club & I cannot believe it hasn't overflowed over the bridges. It is so high (there are wide wetlands that are considerably lower than street, bridge level on both side of the river & they are flooded) - just below the bridge. It rained yesterday morning & the humidity has been so high that, when we were coming home from the health club about 9 last night, there were still large puddles everywhere - 12 hours after it had rained. There is just nowhere for the water to go. This has caused me great muscle pain. I am just now beginning to feel like getting up & out!


Ok when did your son get so big?? He looks so OLD sitting there reading his book!!!!

and I've saved that recipe to try. It looked really yummy and then I find out it's a Barefoot Contessa recipe. Should've known! Will have to make it soon......thanks for posting it!

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