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May 04, 2010



The timing of this contest is a bit unrealistic. I can easily and joyously mentally design socks. But even with good mail delivery, there no way I can knit a pair in less than two months to have them ready for the June 30 deadline. The contest is skewed to favor fast knitters.


Does anyone else want to chime in? Is 2 months not long enough to knit a pair of socks?
I thought 2 months was twice as long as even I would need to knit a pair of socks, but if more people would prefer a more generous timeline, let me know.


So, is the contest to knit and mail a pair of socks or to knit one sock and email a picture of the sock by the deadline? The only reason for doing a pair is if you're doing a right and a left sock so you can see the difference in the pattern.


Two months is plenty of time to knit a pair of socks! Any longer just gives a person a reason to procrastinate. Heck, I'm even going to have to order and wait for yarn ..... still time. Pretend it's the 'knitting olympics' challenge all over again.....


Diane, you don't have to mail any socks to me. You simply have to e-mail a picture of the finished socks (yes, both socks).
If you aren't comfortable taking a good picture, or don't have a digital camera, THEN contact me via e-mail to send them to me.
I figure most knitters will e-mail a picture, but if someone doesn't have a digital camera, then I still want them to be able to participate. Thus the option of sending the socks for me to photo.

On another note: My worry is that if this contest last more than 2 months, those who finish in a few weeks will have to wait more than a month to find anything out about winning. Thus June 30.


Allison....I think your guidelines and instructions are VERY clear. Also....two months is more than a generous length of time. I would think even a month would be more than adequate for most sock knitters. So, please don't second guess yourself...I think you are doing a great job

Andrea (@shutterbitch)

I've been wanting to make striped knee highs for a long time out of chocolate and a tiffany blue color. But I'm having a hard time telling between the greens and blues on your website which would be closest. I'm also thinking of just going with the cornflower blue because I love it so. But wintergreen looks (on my monitor) like it might be close to the tiffany blue I'm thinking of (like the tiffany jewelry boxes). Any suggestions?


Andrea, that's a great color combo! I don't have an exact Tiffany Blue- I think it's somewhere between Wintergreen and Blue Skies. Perhaps that's a color I'll add sometime? Wintergreen is close, but as the name indicates, it's on the green side. But definitely not so green that it's like a mint or Jadite. Make sense?

Diane from PA

This challenge sounds like so much fun - being creative with color. But I have to be creative with color in my kitchen and living room. My son told me he intends to propose this fall and I want to get both rooms painted so I can give an engagement party - although...I COULD knit between coats of paint drying (hmmm)Maybe I'll just take a peek at the colors and see what "speaks" to me to knit them - can't hurt to try and if I don't make the deadline I will have had fun trying :-)


From all the e-mails and comments I've received, it's overwhelmingly obvious that you all think that June 30 gives you plenty of time to order yarn, knit your socks, and e-mail me a picture. I'm going to knit a pair along with you, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with! Yea!


Are kid socks acceptable? They take less time...for those who have less knitting time in their lives but are still as passionate about it....


Unfortunately, with pending surgery (and recovery) any and all needlework is going to be out of the question for the next 8-10 weeks. I truly wish all entrants the best of luck!!


Holy Cow! All this chatter over socks. Get a life girls. Enter or don't enter.


The time frame is just fine. I agree - give most people more time, and they just put the project off. I am looking through the colors now. Sounds like fun. I'll enlist others in my charity group. Just learning how to do mosaic, so I'll practice before my yarn arrives.


This sounds like fun! And hey, if I miss the deadline at least I'll eventually have a pair of socks to wear!! Happy knitting to all of you!!


I'm just learning how to knit socks. I have one done with DPNs and I get it. Now I'm trying 2 at a time with 2 circulars. My, what a spaghetti mess! But I almost have 2 cuffs done. I won't give up. I love sock knitting the most! I certainly won't join the contest, but I look forward to seeing the socks submitted. I hope you will list the exact colors used so I can try making a pair someday. Good luck!


Debbie, as far as kids socks go, I didn't originally specify, but I'd like to stick to adult sizes to make it fair. Even though adult sizes can vary, let's just say "ADULT SOCKS" to be fair to everyone.

Barb R

It is now 1 June 2010. You now have 29 days left. Get out your two circulars, 3 or more colors and get to work.

I have promised too many projects to others to participate, and my que is very full..a shawl, spinning of cat hair for yarn and a father's day gift to knit.

But for those of you who are slow...HOP TO IT AND WIN THAT GIFT CARD!! CHOP CHOP!!


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