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May 14, 2010



Not all socks are for everyday. Some are indulgences. Some are strictly dress-up. Options are a good thing. J.

Nora Brown

I'd say if you are curious, try it. If they wear out too quickly...mending is super easy.

The only way to know is to try it.


I've had good luck with superwash wool (with and without nylon or bamboo), so I totally endorse exploring other yarns. I tend not to be the fastest with handwashing, so that tends to be my deal-breaker, rather than anything else.


I've had 2 pairs of 100% wool socks totally wear out, and the worst thing that has happened to my wool/nylon blends is that eventually I need to darn the toe. When I'm planning to knit socks, now I will ONLY use a wool/nylon blend. There are a lot of very nice ones, and many special ones to explore. I would save the 100% wool for something other than socks. (just my opinion)


My 100% wool socks have worn well, some for over 20 years. After trying a nylon blend once out of curiosity, I came back to ONLY all wool, or wool and mohair. The secret to good wear is knitting a a fine gauge. All wool socks feel just wonderful on your feet. I hand wash a whole bunch at once.


I agree with Jane. You'll never know unless you try. I love knitting my extravangant socks. They also make nice gifts for others. And don't forget, you just aren't knitting socks for the socks, you are doing it for the entertainment value.
Trust me...cashmere socks give you great entertainment value. they have some nice yarns with merino, cashmere and nylon.


That's a really good point. Consider that if you knit a luxury blend yarn, that you not only get an awesome pair of socks, but theirs just as much vaule in the entertainment of knitting.


I've knit a lot of socks that were all merino and a lot that were wool/nylon blend. In my experience, eventually they all wear out but in different ways. My wool/nylon blend socks get fuzzier all over than the all wool ones. I've had a few pairs of 100% merino wear out fairly quickly on the bottoms of the heels but they were among the first pairs I knit. Now I know that knitting at a tight enough gauge (I usually US size 0's for 100% merino) and carrying the heel stitch on the bottom of the heel until my gusset decreases are done really extends the life of the sock. Since I've started doing that, I haven't lost any socks to holes. I have also found that a sock that fits my foot snuggly lasts a lot longer than a sock that is loose on my foot. I imagine it is the friction of moving around on my foot and shoe that makes the looser ones wear out faster.

If you want the feel of 100% merino but the durability of the nylon, there are some really nice blends out there (Fleece Artist Trail Sock and Sweet Georgia Tough Love come to mind.) And, I agree that the cashmere, merino, nylon blends are great to work with and so far mine have held up really well.

When I use a yarn that causes me concerns about durability, I just make sure to wear those socks with clogs so that there is less shoe wear and tear on the heel section.


If you are worried about your socks wearing out, and want to try the luxury fibers make fingerless gloves or bed socks. I LOVE all the different yarns and the ohh-ahh factor to spoil yourself is sometimes just what you need!!! I say go for it :)


Look for good sales on luxury sock yarn. Keep the finished socks for yourself and then you will be able to judge if it is worth it.That way you will not spend alot of $ and you can try different types of yarn.

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