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April 21, 2010



The Skittles thing is gross - but guess it's in other things too. We won't eat GMills cereals because they list Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) as an ingredient - the only other place I can buy TSP is in the home center or paint store - it's an industrial strength degreaser(will irritate your skin badly - I know from experience if you don't wear protective gloves). I have used it to prep walls before painting and it got down my rubber gloves and gave me a burn. Love how your socks turned out!


We use a veggie wash we bought at the health food store on our apples, lemons, grapefruit, etc. Although it doesn't help with dyes, it will help with any pesticides or other chemicals along that line.

I read the SSY group on Ravelry and read your blog Allison. When I get to a point where I am more comfy with making socks on my own, I plan to buy yarn from your shop. :-)


I'm glad to see that you are trying to eat
healthier Allison. Also you have to be
careful when you buy grapes. Most of them
come from a foreign country where there is
no one to tell them what kind of sprays
or insectisides they can use on them. They
can make you very sick. I love that you
are growing your own blueberries. Also
my father had a grocery store when I was a
little girl. When he brought home a chicken
it had to be cooked right away. Now you
can keep a chicken for a week before you have to cook it. Something wrong with that.
Oh, I really like you sassy stripes socks.


Ok, now that I just got back from the grocery store with lemons, oranges and grapes, I want to take them all back! I have really been trying to watch the sodium intake and am so surprised when I see the amount of sodium in different foods. I always buy wholewheat wraps to put scrambled eggs, hummus, etc. in and never paid attention to the sodium. Today, I looked and there was over 380 mg. in EACH wrap! I put the wraps back! Eating healthy shouldn't be such hard work!


I have just come back from Palo Alto - my daughter's birthday was Tuesday so we took the grands to the mall (L'Occitane mostly) over the weekend to buy her presents & bought a little yummy lemon birthday cake from the cupcake bakery. As is usually the case, the grands were most generous with their bugs & we came home with bad colds. I don't know if you eat jam. If you do, buy some pectin & make the blueberry freezer jam (any variety is good but I always made the blueberry & raspberry because they were our favorites) - it's basically mashed fruit with a lot of sugar (one of my girls as actually shocked at the amount of sugar involved) & pectin - poured into canning jars & frozen. It is so much better than the cooked version - the taste is so much closer to fresh fruit. We are a family of berry lovers in general & blueberries in particular. Before I retired, I used to keep milk from a local dairy (no hormones or pesticides) & raspberries in the refrigerator at work & organic Blue Corn Flakes in my desk & would have a red, white & blue breakfast every workday morning all summer.

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