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April 30, 2010



Please get info from Joe about how I can have these beautiful asparagus in my yard/kitchen next April. I must know EVERYTHING!


pictures of my week so far would sadly look mainly like the inside of my car. but it's friday and hopefully my weekend will be much more picturesque!

kelly-ann (on ravelry) I the only one who noticed how clean and shiny your wood floors are? Enjoy your weekend!


James gets more adorable all the time! I used to have blocks like his wooden ones....loved them too. That cake of yarn is very pretty looking....wondering what it is? How are you planning to escape on grout lines? Grout's what holds the tile in place. You can get grout tinted to a color now. Re- Dandelions: our supermarket sell the greens in the organic produce section. I used to have an old aunt who made Dandelion wine (never tried it. My week in pictures (for at least this past week at work) would HAVE to feature the full moon in some way 'cause that's what kind of week it was. Re- your floors - WOW - they do shine - what do you use on them? They're beautiful.


Wow! I really want to know what that yarn is. Looks very intriguing.


Oh, the dandelions! My yard is just like that, if not worse. I have Canada thistle, too. The spring blooms were so gorgeous this year, I guess it follows that the weeds will be just as prolific.


I love that yarn.. I can't wait to find out what it is and what you are doing with it.. It must be fun to open those yarn boxes... My week of pictures are 16 y.o.'s birthday, 14 y.o's Confirmation and 7y.o.niece's first communion. One of my busiest weeks..


The tiles remind me of the tile in my 1928 bathroom! I was going to redo the whole room, but maybe I should rethink that. Is this color coming back - renamed wasabi?!!!

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