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April 05, 2010



Great article - I saw it when it was first published & sent a link to my partner who just took a Knitting for Men class at our LYS. I too would never have thought of truckers as the crafty type but it makes a lot of sense after reading the article.

Cyndy C.

That was a great article!


In the days of Craft Guilds, men were allowed to design and knit carpets and wall hangings. These were either commissioned or sold. Frequently the craftsman has his name acknnowledged. Women were allowed to and expected to knit useful clothing items such as stockings. This was after tending the sheep and spinning the yarn. This duty was in addition to bearing and raising children, managing a household, growing and preserving produce to feed the family and of course cooking for the men. They always had thier knitting with them either in an apron pocket or hanging from a wrist. Of course they did not get paid. But like we, had the joy of seeing something created on their knitting needles.

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