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April 12, 2010



For 2 colors (am in a summer mood) I like Blue Skies and Tangerine.

For my love of black and white photos - Slate, Gray and Silver Lining (w. maybe some black?) I love looking at old photos of the glamorous movie stars from the 40s and 50s.


I love that eye burning hot pink and red or a more traditional periwinkle and white!


Personally, I picked Rose, Cerulean, and Mint Julep to go together.

But I bet something like Chocolate, Turquoise, and Salmon (maybe -- definitely something in that family) would look great.

As would Forest, Sunflower, and Tuscany, I think.

There are just too many great colors to go together!


Tuscany and olive look good to me -- but this is hard without a color card. Guess I will be ordering those soon.


Blush, Wasabi, & Lilac


Lavender and Silvery Jade as it makes me think of the anemone that bloomed in my garden this week.

Also Finch and Lavender if you're looking into the face of the flower.


I love "Wheatgrass"... probably with any color! but how about "wheatgrass" + "Chocolate"?

(jobodesigns on ravelry)

Anna Marie

I think the Lilac, Purple and Merlot would look great together.


I love the mix of a really dark color with a pastel:
Chocolate Brown with lavender
Chocolate Brown with sky blue
Black with sky blue

Stuff like that!


I like Blue Skies with either Caribbean or Purple. Or all three together!


I like Copper, Cranberry, and Fiesta Lime. Look like some flowers I saw in Germany.


Hmmm, I would pick purple, wheatgrass and khaki or else purple, wasabi and lilac.....I could go on and on.....


I love the idea of turquoise and bittersweet striping together... yes, please!


In honor of summer some bright, happy combinations would be delightful. How about orange, yellow and red (I'm thinking nasturtiums)

Andrea (@shutterbitch)

I like Khaki and Merlot together. I also like Periwinkle and Jadite.

Hell, there are so many yummy colors that it's hard to pick. I'll take one of each please.


What a great question, since I've been on a self-striping yarn kick lately! (I love the _idea_ of complexly cabled socks, but in reality I don't have time...)

I'd love to see stripes of salmon, tangerine, and fiesta lime - like sherbert! Or maybe mocha and merlot, or jadite and many ideas...


Tangerine, adobe and brick - I'm no shrinking violet - reminds me of bright summer flowers like cosmos


i like tone on tone or semi-tones... right now i'd love to have black, slate, grey & silver lining together in one yarn!


Magenta, cerulean and gray. I'm all about gray, spiked with some color.


Brick and Teal, with a touch of Sunlight or Wasabi would be wonderful -- I'd wear that!


I'd love to see Mint Julep 555 and Rose 228 together!


Also would like Cerulean 620 with Icicle 632!


I would love to see the colors in Merlot, Blue Violet and Burgundy.I like bold colors!

Ellen Griffin

I would love to wee the colors Fiesta Lime, Periwinkle, and natural!!!!
Thanks Ellen


Tangerine, turquoise and chocolate - or orange, turquoise and fiesta lime... almost sounds like a poolside drink!

now off to order the colorcards for myself...


I love the purples so I say ssy solid 712 periwinkle with lilac730 and then the purple 740 a light, medium and dark! but all are so nice!

Kathy Barton

My favorite color combinations are as follows:

Wasabi, Forget me not, Khaki

Tuscany and Chocolate


I like Merlot & Mocha. I think I need to order some colorcards for myself!


Cranberry, Bashful, and Chocolate.

Charlotte Woodward

I like the Natural, Copper and Sunflower!


I like chocolate and jadite together, and also brick and forest together. What a fun contest! Oh yes -- I almost forgot that I already bought navy and chambray to possibly use together (but I haven't chosen a project yet).


How about Wasabi, Caribbean and a little Hottest Pink?

I'm going to order those color cards too!

Rise St Arno

My choices would be:
Fiesta Lime

Jessica Bindt

blue, green and turquoise
and maybe pink, brown and red (kinda of breast cancer awareness colors)


My pick for a combination is periwinkle, chocolate and magenta. I saw this combination on a men's tie and liked it so much I decided to make a quilt in this combo. A yarn in this color palette would be even better. Socks work up much faster than a quilt!


Oh I think that Periwinkle and Buttercup and cornflower.. Just the names alone make me think of a beautiful summer garden..

Becky many choices!
I like Oatmeal, Brown, Navy and Cranberry

or Adobe, Bellini, Brick and Oatmeal

or Golden, Navy and Natural

or Blue Skies, Chocolate, and Oatmeal

Too many!


For a very natural earthy feel I went with colors, Chartreuse, Chocolate, and Natural!


I like Forget me not with chocolate

or Tuscany with Silver sage..


I like Fiesta Lime and Tangerine together. and Sunflower and Silver.

I'd like to see Blush, Silvery Sage and perhaps a tiny bit of Mocha in a mix.


I would use the
natural, 650 blue, & fiesta lime and toss in some purls or garter rows to shake things up a bit
or fiesta lime and hottest pink similar to my polka socks


I'd like to see salmon, teal & blue-violet together.

Diane Salmirs

I love color, so the brighter the better. How about Periwinkle and hottest pink, and maybe bashful to calm it down a bit? Or chocolate and rose seems to be another good combination.


I'd love to see tangerine, fiesta lime and golden together. Those colors are the epitomy of summer.

Thanks much,


I would love to see Hottest Pink/Black and Blue Violet/Blue and Blue Violet/Periwinkle. The Black/Hot Pink would work with another color substituted for the pink - like Lime or maybe Cerulean - tho I have never been one to SUBSTITUTE pink - ha.

Cathy Briggs

I love Periwinkle with Chocolate. I know, a little weird.


Forest, Silvery Sage, Tuscany & Burgundy - yum!


I love Fiesta Lime, Purple and Carribean together. Can't wait to see your design!

Natalie Gaull

I'd like 515 fiesta lime, 580 teal, and 372 tangerine together. They are unexpected with just enough vibrancy and coolness.

Mary Finn

I really like orange and tangerine together. Orange is perfect for anything and would fantastic with tangerine.


Lilac and mocha, I think!

Forget me not, Mint Julep, and Finch would combine to create a beautiful palette only rivaled by that of a perfect pansy blooming in a garden.

Vivette Ashen-Brenner

I think the Turquoise and Icecicle would make a really pretty sock, a little bright a little restful


Brick and natural


Turquoise & lavender would be a fun color combination!

I would also like to see together copper, golden & olive...or maybe
Slate, Gray, silver and lilac..yeah, that one would be perfect. (=

Janie Stultz

How about Orange, Cornflower and blue violet!!


I would love to see a deep red and brown in stripes together. It's my college colors and I have lots of old friends that would love a pair of hand made socks from me.


Teal, wintergreen and turquoise!


I'd love to see turquoise and lime - this is actually a much nicer combination than it sounds.

Diane Tetreault

turquoise plus khaki plus chocolate-- please!!!!

Now you've got me wanting to buy all three and make my own stripes! Shame on you!


black or slate and blue! love bright blue with

Sharon M

I'd like to see violet and bittersweet, with a touch of tangerine.


I like bashful, wheatgrass and chocolate. I think I need a set of the colorcards, too!


I had lots of "lovely" ideas, but when you said 'quirky', I went right for the Mint Julep, Wheatgrass and Wasabi. Thinking of that quirky combination made my tongue tingle.

marina salume

Yellow and gray are very fashionable right now, so I like golden, silver, and slate. Or you could substitute another vibrant color for golden, such as periwinkle or orange.


OK...The colors of Chartreuse (and just about anything) and Turquoise send me into orbit. If I don't win, maybe I will just paint a few rooms!


Periwinkle and finch I think would be a wonderfully eyepleasing combo.


Think of a rough tumbled brick patio in Tuscany. The silver undersides of olive leaves. And a Bellini chilled to perfection!

Translation: Silvery Sage. Bellini. Brick.


The following combinations would be nice:

Chocolate + Brown

Judy Gates

OH! How hard is this??? So many colors & not enough knitting time...

How about these combos:


Sandy Miner

I like Wasabi and Finch as well as Periwinkle and Lavender

Lisa Tawney

I like Rose, Bashful and Mocha. They could be the yarn dwarfs.


With the twists in the sock pattern, I think an Americana color scheme would look like a furled flag.
so, 670 Navy, 890 Natural, and 250 Cranberry ( or cherry red)


Periwinkle, carribean and buttercup would make me happy.
And tangerine and wheatgrass would make a happy combo.
Colors are so much fun.

Daun Daemon

I love purple and gray together, but the two colors need a streak o' pizazz: Periwinkle, Slate and Copper.


my favorite combination is Hottest Pink and Lime, but i'm also a fan of the Turquoise and Lime combination. Or why not all three?

Ursula Vogt

I'm loving the Merlot and Blue Violet mixed with the Perriwinkle maybe. hmmmm..... So much yarn, so little time.

arlene weber

890, 315 and 608; definitely says spring has sprung!


I would like a combination of Forest green#576, Gray#876 and blue violet#710. The colors are so beautiful and would be fun to knit with and see the different combinations as they come up.

Elaine Morton

I like the idea of several colors mingling together... like shades of Khaki, Golden, and Mocha, with the greens of Wheatgrass, Fiesta Lime, and Navy

Karen Moore

I would pick Adobe, Caribbean, and Olive, for a nice combination.

Barbara Gambrell

I'd love Teal, Silvery Sage with a bit of Sunflower! I'd make a shrug with that!

Karen Jacobs

I would like purple, lavender and lilac.


The colours teal, golden and navy
are my choice.
Thank you.

Meeta Vats

I would love to knit with Tangerine and Wasabi. Thanks -Meeta


I like cranberry, teal, and navy.


I always love a nice brown with baby pink or blue. (Which I think would be brown + pink/cornflower?)
Or, ooooo, a pink grapefruit theme ala pink/lime.
Can't go wrong with a watermelon theme either! Big stripes of lime/pink, little stripe of white.

Andi Wendley

I can see a shawl knit in wintergreen, teal and oatmeal. Love the idea of knitting a simple or complicated shawl with sock yarn!


I like Teal, Chocolate and Natural (just a thin stripe here and there to break up the Teal and Chocolate) :D

Cindy berling

Blue Violet, Lavender and Wheatgrass would remind me of the lilacs that will bloom shortly. Blue Violet, Wheatgrass and Sunflower for a spring meadow.


I love Merlot and Khaki soothing and very light for the warmer months. :)


One of my favorite wild combos would be fiesta lime, periwinkle and bittersweet paired with black!

So many to choose from, though!


Cranberry, Teal and Slate
This combination reminds me of silver bracelets set with red coral and turquoise.

Billie Kretzschmar

What about cornflower and Buttercup....sounds good to me.



Wasabi and lavender and wheatgrass....for my sushi loving children!

Alene Sternlieb

I love the southwestern look of Adobe and Silvery Sage together.


I Would like to see Starry 140 (limeish green & silver) with UltraMerino4 #164 tans/peach & green


Burgandy, rose, and khaki would be my call. Subdued but a little surprising.

Joan Seely

I like Periwinkle, silvery Sage and Cerulean together.

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