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April 26, 2010



What I did this weekend: knit like mad on a Polar Chullo (except that mine's in Crayola colors of Baby Ull), watched a lot of playoff hockey on TV, and kept a bunch of homebrewers fed. And yes, I can get a pair of socks out of 390 yds of yarn!


My weekend involved working 24 hours of the 48. Lucky me! ;-)


Saturday was a lazy, all to myself day, highlighted by a long walk on the beach with my favorite dog. Sunday was Church, then helping a friend move to her new home.


This weekend was meant to be pretty lazy. I made it to the gym Saturday after taking a bit of a break most of the week. I really got back into my knitting, working on two different pairs of socks and a shawl out of handspun.


what I did this weekend? I promised myself that I would not buy any more yarn til I had knit up half of what I have or til Rhinebeck, whichever comes first. I do, however, have size 6 feet which means that 390 yards ish is gracious plenty to make a pair of socks and I have been looking at that colorway for a while. Winning is not buying, right?


See, this is why I knit socks toe-up! I had one disaster like this, with Mountain Colors Bearfoot, which required a second skein (difficult to locate on-line) for the toe of the second sock. As a result, I have a second pair of socks with the same yarn, knit at an inappropriately loose gauge, as extra, added insurance against running out. And, now that I've mastered toe-up flap-and-gusset heels, I haven't looked back.

J.T. in missouri

Knit on my third baby sweater in the past two months (not for me), and worked on a pair of lacy wristlets. Yes, I can get a pair of socks out of 390 yds since I have size 6 feet, and can knit toe up (divide yarn in two balls before I start, and knit up every little bit of yardage!)


Saturday was about fabric: shopping, cutting, stitching. On Sunday, I gardened - planting tomatoes, blueberries, onions, beans and more. I'm a big fan of toe up socks, so I think I'd be safe with 390 yards!


i have tiny feet - 390 yards will make me a pair of socks and then some!

i spent most of this weekend at my pottery studio making udon bowls and mugs. i also went to a flea market where i found 2 large cashmere sweaters that i'm going to unravel and reknit. a very productive weekend.


i met up with a group of friends for dinner & went to hear David Sedaris talk. I also got a bunch of plants for the veggie garden, although they won't get planted until tonight. (having small feet & enjoying two at a time toe-up socks, 390 yards would be great!)


I always wind off my yarn into equal halves before I start a sock -- guaranteed to have enough to finish both.

This weekend I tied off some resists to ikat dye yarn for weaving, went to our local farmers' market and a museum lecture on Sunday, and knit a little on a scarf.


There is an explosion of babies in my little circle of family/friends, so I worked on a baby blanket for a little while. And also some socks for my husband. But most of my weekend was spent getting ready to close on our NEW HOUSE! :) Lots of painting to do, and so many colors to choose from - almost as much fun as choosing yarn colors!


We celebrated my daughter's 16th birthday on Saturday.. A trip to Bandido's and a little surprise party. Sunday was shopping and house cleaning. I also finished a pair of socks for a friend and started a pair of Sassy stipes for myself. I don't like my socks to go up very high on my leg so I think 390 yards would be enough.


I finished my citron shawlette, and those 500+ stitches on the last several rows about did me in! Now I can go back to socks. I have size 10 feet, but have always been able to get socks out of less than 400 yards...


Still not feeling well (just getting over the coughing crud) but I did manage to do the grocery shopping take lots of naps! We also watched baseball, go Rangers!!


I managed to knit a little on three different pairs of socks I have going. I also got to babysit grandkids and go to church and get some shopping done. I rarely get to knit socks for myself, but I have small feet and could definitely get a pair out of 390 yards. I would love to win the rest of your skein.


Saturday, I judged at a figure skating competition all day--the skating was very good.

Sunday, I finished my Citron, and returned to working on a sock, while watching the Project Runway "marathon" on Lifetime.


It was a fairly perfect weekend over here. Friends offered to have their son mow our lawn on Sat. (they are trying to teach him a work ethic) While the son mowed the dad and my husband finished cutting some boards for house renovation and then tilled under part of the yard for a new garden bed. (my old garden disappeared when we graded the yard last year.) Did random small jobs and then went out for dinner for one of my favorite meals. Sunday made it to church on time without stressing. Got to knit and made pepperoni roll and chocolate chip cookies for dinner. Oh and the kids got a bath and there wasn't any crying over the hair washing. Like a side a very good weekend full of small perfect things.


It was rainy this weekend, so I gave my body a chance to recover from last week's yard work by laying around reading two books and knitting a little on a summer sweater that's almost ready for the sleeves.

Sun is shining today - back outside for some more spring exercise.


I usually knit socks top-down, but if I am at all nervous about running short on yarn, I divide the ball into two (a scale comes in handy here) and knit toe-up. BTW, LOVE those COLORS!

Gale Longley

We had a get together with family for my husbands 52 birthday. Was a beautiful day in Maine. Did some knitting on a pair of socks with plymouth sock yarn called rockin sox. Would love to have some new sox yarn.

Janet Miller

I wear a size 6, so I can always get a pair of socks out of 350 yds. or so. I spent the weekend just hanging out at home and knitting as much as possible on my Tilli Tomas Milan socks in Sapphire. I'm officially a fan!


I have smallish feet, so 390 would work for me!

This weekend, I mopped the kitchen floor, was the tool hander person as we did small jobs around the house, worked on a handwoven basket at the local library's basket class, napped, and finally knit some! Malabrigo sock yarn, in an interesting Japanese pattern - turned the heel and am midway thru the gusset


I spent alot of the weekend ripping out invasive plants-they really do not want to be disturbed. As a consequence some spiders had a field day on my arms-they got up my long sleeves. Sat afternoon was spent knitting with my peeps at a local coffee shop.


I was in a national forest. I did some light hiking and took a dip in some hot springs.

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

I took my husband to a well-reviewed mexican restaurant...great value and best mexican food I have ever had. The Cream of Poblano soup was yummy!


I threw a birthday party at a bowling alley for my oldest girl, who is turning 6. It was lovely, complete with homemade bowling shirts for the guests and a bowling alley themed cake. She said it was her "best party ever," so the work was worth it. A bittersweet moment every year to see her grow a year older. sniff.


Last weekend was all about knitting on a wrap, great Italian food and friends.

Lisa P.

I had a great weekend at the beach with just my husband (the three kids were left behind, supervised of course!), so I got LOTS of knitting in. I'm working on three sock projects! I like the variety of a few projects going at once. Most importantly, I am a size 6, so for me too, 390 yards is plenty.

Love all your updates .


Watched my son play baseball both Friday & Saturday. Had to start a plain pair of socks so I could knit and watch the games at the same time. :o) Sunday was my day to relax.


I went grocery shopping and knitted on a sock on Saturday. Sunday just church and hanging around the house.

Nancy J

I went to a baby shower and for the first time in many years I did NOT knit something for the baby. Naughty me - (doing a little me-knitting for a change). Hint... Haven't made any socks for myself in awhile.


I did laundry, watched several movies, caught up on some paperwork, finished knitting one sock and cast on for the second, and cast on for a new lace scarf.

Sharon M

I went to babysit the grandsons, with my always present knitting bag. Problem was, the pair of socks I'm knitting was home in a different bag! Thank goodness I had put a new knitting magazine in with my other reading materials. Some type of knitting activity must always be available!


What I did this weekend: After picking up 3 truckloads of mulch I spent the next 8 hours gardening. Much more work to do, but it is looking great. Excellent exercise!


Worked on Saturday. Sunday, got up before dawn to drive 2 hours away for daughter's dance competition. Long day, they danced well, and I actually got some knitting done there. :)

Nora Brown

This weekend, I kept my feet up due to feeling a bit crampy, drank some wine and I knit and knit and knit. I started a baby blanket, a bunnny blanket buddy, a shawl and worked on a pair of socks that have been on the needles a bit too long. All in was a great weekend.

Carol B.

I have size 6.5 feet so luckily I never have to worry about running out of yarn for my own socks. Knitting for some of my larger-footed relatives is a different story. :o)

My parents came to stay this weekend and we attended a family dinner on Saturday. On Sunday my husband and I bought a new bbq and christened it with a steak dinner, which we ate while watching the Vancouver Canucks beat the LA Kings, to move into the second round of the playoffs. Yay!


I went to a friend's baby's baptism, and actually HELD the wee one! (I fear babies, so that's big for me.)

Tina Smith

On Saturday, my son and I volunteered with many people from my company to beautify a local school. Power washing, pulling weeds, and laying bark. It was quite exhausting.
On Sunday my little family went to the county spring fair. Rode some carnival rides and I knit on some socks during the drive.
A good weekend over all.

Tina Smith

On Saturday, my son and I volunteered with many people from my company to beautify a local school. Power washing, pulling weeds, and laying bark. It was quite exhausting.
On Sunday my little family went to the county spring fair. Rode some carnival rides and I knit on some socks during the drive.
A good weekend over all.

2nd post as I forgot my email addy on the first one.


I spent the weekend thanking God that my son was alive. He was driving home from Vermont and was in an accident on the NY Thruway. His car spun, then flipped into a ditch. He called me from his upside down car and said, "mom, I'm okay but you may have to come pick me up." (He was 3 hours away and it was the most nerve wracking drive to get him!) It's a miracle he walked away from can see a pic on my blog I'm just so thankful...


I started projects, a scarf and a new pair of socks-the twisted from the new Knitty. I have never before started two projects at the same time but both called to me.


I didn't do too much this weekend. I relaxed and did a little shopping for our garden. A bit of knitting happened too. Working on a shawl for home. Laundry and prepped for work on Sunday.


Sounds like you had a great weekend!

I had to work on Saturday, because of pressing deadlines, and also to make up for the day I missed. The day that I missed because I burnt my mouse-using fingertips... on a fondue pot... on my first wedding anniversary. (I felt like a dork.)

While I was at work, my husband started making some ribs (using Alton Brown's recipe). Sadly, they turned out a little salty due to a mishap regarding the difference between grain size of kosher salt and other salts.

Sunday we put a pork shoulder in the crock pot. Then I head to the local yarn shop where I used to work to catch up and see what sort of bulky yarn was in stock. After I got home it was time to do some reading and homework for a programming class I'm taking. And then a little knitting and cuddling with the husband and dog before getting to bed!


I was at a Quilting/Scrapbooking/Knitting retreat in northern Wisconsin. It was wonderful -- beautiful place, very relaxing, lots of time to knit, great food, good friends - really a great time!!


I had a weekend for myself too! I knitted socks (for myself), drank tea and generally just lounged around. It was great!


Hubby and I did a little gardening, and just sat in the garden in the sunshine - we do occasionally have it in the UK :)

I worked all weekend. I am fortunate to live and own a business at the beach and it's the start of our season. In the evening I did have time to knit and frog half a sock. I need to go up a needle size to fit my huge size 12 feet!! Sure I can get a pair out of 390 yards by making the leg length about 6".


It rained all weekend so I made a crockpot of chili and indulged myself with lots of sock knitting.


I have size 10-11 feet and to get a pair of socks out of 390 Yards, I have measurements that I follow. If there are cables or other designs which eat yarn, never make the leg longer than 6 inches (not including heel flaps). For all else, keep it to about 7.5 inches (not including heel flaps). If it's 450 yards, I usually go nuts :O)

I spent my weekend at a carshow and alternately knit / played FFXIII.

Sandy Officer

You can get a pair of socks out of 390 yards by knitting them at the same time from the toe up. I learned how to do that when facing the same situation with a skein I liked. I spent Saturday spring cleaning and Sunday at my LYS drooling


I studied for law school finals this weekend...and today...and the rest of the week, and next weekend, too. But after May 10 I will be freeeeee!


I spent my weekend knitting, reading, and hiking.


Past weekend was bliss - escaped New England for Key West. The almost 6 year old was feverish and sleepy, which meant I spent hours sitting on porch knitting in tropical paradise while he slept. Does that make me a bad mother? It was a much need weekend of slowing down. (CTH in an Apres Surf Hoodie resurrected from the "yarn closet," and socks from CTH DK African Grey.)

I cheat and make shorter legs to my socks if I'm worried about having enough yarn. With CTH, the yarn is a heavy fingering weight, so I usually cast on fewer stitches.

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