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April 28, 2010



In general, the wilder the yarn, the simpler I prefer the pattern to be. I prefer not to waste my beautiful stripes on a pattern that will muddy them...and I also prefer not to waste my hard work on a fancy pattern that would get lost in a yarn that will hide it.

That said, two books I'd recommend checking out are Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarns by Carol Sulcoski (many of the patterns would be good for non-handpainted but otherwise non-solid yarns as well) and Cool Socks, Warm Feet by Lucy Neatby (an oldie but available used, or perhaps from your library or via ILL, with patterns specifically for self-striping yarns).


I knit Groovy in neopolitan-colored stripes and LOVED how it turned out.

Kathy Ronan

I like Charade. It's an easy to remember 4-row pattern that works well with striped yarn like Lorna's Laces.


I've always been fond the Ampersand pattern. It creates a little bit of a zig zag effect but nothing like Jaywalkers.


I recently finished a pair of no-purl Monkeys using Lorna's Laces Zombie BBQ and I really liked the way they turned out. The yarn striped in a very pretty way and worked well with the simple lace pattern.


I am a member of a group called Sock Knitters Anonymous in Ravelry. If you are on Ravelry, you can read a whole big discussion on just this topic. Here is the thread, which starts out with many excellent pattern ideas for self-striping yarn.

Jean Marie

I'll second Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn and Cook Socks, Warm Feet. I like feather and fan patterns - there are several versions available - which "bend" the stripes; a tilting block pattern would have a similar effect (see-saw socks by Kim Brody-Salazar is a good one).


I have to second the Ampersand pattern. Fun to knit and really great with breaking up some of those wild multi hand dyes.


I'll add my recommendation of the Carol Sulski book. I also like Monkey socks for self patterning yarns. The sock patterning is large enough that it doesn't seem to conflict with the yarn patterning. But my favorite pattern for self striping yarns of any kind is the Mistake Rib sock ( It is a very simple easy to remember pattern (although it looks far more complicated) & I've yet to find a yarn that doesn't look good in it - solids, variegateds of all kinds, & self patterning. I also like basic K3P2 rib for self striping yarns.

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