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March 29, 2010


Lucy H

Great info! But, since we can't rely on the ball bands to tell us the best size needle for our socks, how do we tell which size would give us the desired result?


You usually don't know until, you knit a few rows. But in my own socks, I've found that larger needles spread out the color pattern more, thus resulting in a more random layout of the colors. That's why I often knit the legs of my socks on a size larger than the foot- because I want a firm fabric for the part of the sock that gets the most wear, but I'd like to diminish the pooling or striping as much as possible. But that's just my own experience.

Nancy J

Love those


Lovely - I especially like Rasta Man. I have had wildly different results from knitting socks with Panda Cotton variegated - one pooled & the other didn't same size needles & same dyelot. I suppose it may have been because it comes in 50 gm balls rather than100 gm. I prefer the sorta stripey effect (like the sock on the right) myself but not enough to try to figure out how to make the socks match.

Virginia S Accurso

ooooo, these are very lovely. Thanks for the info on the pooling and such. I didn't know that changing needle size could change the pattern in the yarn.

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