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February 08, 2010



Love Dr Horrible! Just found your blog and am very excited! Another Hoosier AND a knitter. Love it!


I can't get "A man's gotta do..." out of my head. Every time I think of Captain Hammer's first appearance on the top of the van, I giggle.


Your new rug is over the top absolutely (for a lack of a better or more fitting word) BEAUTIFUL!!! The cookies sound good. My son's girlfriend sent some treats home with him - a homemade version of Tastykake Peanut Butter KandyKakes - I hate to tell you how many I ate - but they tast if not the same - better - you can tast the cake part more and she used better chocolate. She emailed me the recipe but I would rather have a plate of them in front of me now with some milk. We had 28" of snow and more on the way for Wed. I LOVE James's snowman - but I am partial to snowmen. Allison - have you knit with that new yarn yet? Do the colors stripe or sort of meander through your work? I am very tempted...


I'm knitting the pigeonroof in Indivo Ink and it doesn't pool or stripe. Just dappled with color. Lovely.

Virginia S Accurso

Love your rug! Love James's snowman too! I was rooting for the Saints since everyone I knew were rooting for the colts. Sorry everyone that rooted for the Colts. I do love that team too I just felt that the Saints needed to win for some reason. LOL Ooooo, I so love that yarn. Makes me just wish I sold some more socks so's I could buy that yarn to knit up another pair.

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