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February 19, 2010



I snagged me some balls of that great yarn at that great price.. Thanks for the great sale..


Natalie, I don't blame you- I've snagged quite a bit more for myself for later. And I wouldn't be suprised if your box arrives to you tomorrow, since you're so close.
Happy knitting!


I'm late on the picky eater comment, but have to add my two cents. I refuse to be the short order cook, so the rule in the house is "You eat what we eat, or you have cheerios with milk and fruit for dinner." I swear my kids lived on chocolate milk and apples smeared with peanut butter for a month. Nothing else would pass their lips unless it was in the form of a donut or candy.

The best parenting advice I got was from my mom, "You can't force your children to eat, sleep, or potty. So don't even begin those battles." All you can do is give your kids the right ingredients for eating right, sleeping well, and using the potty. The rest is up to them. That wisdom has saved me from a lot of un-winnable battles.


You never see a 5 year old at infants school in nappies, it will happen when it happens.

Same with food, my daughter is still a picky eater and for years would only eat chicken, but the last year of juniors age 10/11 she was not off due to illness the whole year.

It will all come right in the wash as my mother used to say.

It's hard not to get frustrated and upset when you are in the moment, but it's not worth the battles - yes tell me that when I'm struggling with my 2 year old Grandson!

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