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February 04, 2010



I would love it if you knit something in the variegated version, it'd be interesting to see how the color changes show up! That's my favorite part of color-changing yarn.


Do they really come on those cute spools? I would buy it just for the spool!


Oh, Shera, how I love thee. BTW, was gonna phone you today to see how the Chili Bowl went.


I love Shibui yarn and those are gorgeous colors.

Virginia S Accurso

Oh what lovely colors. I will just have to save up for some and hopefully it will still be in stock when I have enough saved.


CB was awesome... and since this is a yarn blog- I'll point out that I was wearing my hand-knit Colts legwarmers. I wish SSYC Sock Yarn had been released a few years ago when I knit them. Maybe I'll have to get some in Cubbies colors for another pair.

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