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February 23, 2010



Good for you, yarn and fabric - my addiction also. I have made a great knitting bag out of Amy Butler fabric - I custom made it so the outside is quilted from various fabrics - inside there are deep narrow pockets for needles, another pocket for scissors, stitch holders, measuring tape etc. then a bigger flat pocket for patterns and lots of room in the main part for many projects. I made one for myself and have made a couple for gifts. I also made a great yoga bag for my yoga bag which looks great hanging up in my bedroom which has Amy Butler cushions on the bed.

I made by youngest daughter an Amy Butler nappy (diaper) bag when she had her first baby last year, it matches perfectly with her Amy Butler throw pillows, also a crib quilt. On and on it goes. Too many projects, not enought time............

As far as living room projects go, I guess throw pillows, small quilt or how about a knitted throw backed with Amy Butler.


How about place mats for your end tables? I used to use doilies, but now I use some placemats that my niece made for us. They're very nice and if you spill on them, they can go in the washer.


I have made wall hanging quilts. Maybe you can choose one of James's drawings - and print it out on your computer printer. They have treated fabric pages (same size as printer paper) and print one or more of his pictures - or even a photo of him and/or the family onto the fabric, then bordering it with your different Amy Butler fabrics - maybe 3 different border widths then machine quilt. Instead of a hanging sleeve - I make several wide belt loop thingies on the back of my wall hangings and then get wood strips from the home center (2" wide by at the most 1/4" thick, then mount a picture hanger on the back (the zig zag type) then hang from a reg. picture hook on the wall. I also make "table runner" type things to go on my low book shelves or coffee table. You can also get iron on fabric adhesive sheets - double sided and cover photo mats for your frames. If you use or like baskets - you can make double sided basket liners (just squares or rectangles and let them drape over the sides a bit) and put your knitting, decorative items, apples, etc in them. I have seen the liners where they have elastic in the hems and they just fit on the baskets like an inverted shower cap type thing. I have also made table toppers for those small round glass topped accent tables. You can make that 2 sided too and flip it when you want. The colors you chose are VERY pretty!!!!


Cover artist's canvasses with fabric and staple gun.


Shera, great minds think alike... I plan on doing that!
Happy (almost) bday! Love u!


Love that rug & the fabrics are gorgeous! I know you don't want to cover the windows (for years I lived in apartments that were either higher than any nearby building or across from industrial buildings that were empty when I was home & never had coverings on my windows) but you could consider swags (I think that's what they are called - you take several yards of fabric & drape it across the top of a window & then let the 2 long ends hang down along side the window, sometimes pooling on the floor - they don't cover but they do decorate windows)?


We ARE a pair of great minds!


The rug is beautiful and I love the colors. If you think it would work out with James, those long table skirts are really pretty. The fabric just covers a ply-wood circle on legs--bet your husband could make one in about 30 minutes.



Your rug is to die for!

Amy Bulter has a pattern for floor puffs/cushions (she may have a different name for them)that might bring in some color without being curtains. And though I haven't used the pattern, it might be one that you could recover the floor cushions when you change fabric schemes.

You could even "recover" a lampshade -- oh, I see one of those plain drum shades in that fabulous fabric!


I love love love that rug.


Stacey, you and I think alike and have similar taste! That's the one Amy Butler pattern I've bought so far- the "poof" floor cushion/pillow pattern. Since sewing something other than simple square pillows is still out of my range, my mom said she'd sew the cool floor pillows for me!
LOVE the lampshade idea.


If you want to showcase a bunch of the fabrics without having to buy huge quantities of each... this is a great project - simple, easy, and beautiful.

I've seen it done a TON of different ways, and it looks like you've got a great selection of fabrics to choose from! If you want more inspiration, there is a flickr link on the purl bee site, too. :-)

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