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February 01, 2010



I'm glad you made some time for yourself and
had a good time besides. Gives one a whole
new perspective on life and it really is
necessary. You should allow yourself one
little luxury everyday.


I often go with my children to the cafe in Marks and Spencer. A few weeks ago we were waiting in the queue to be served, and it was really busy and things were taking rather a long time. The little basket with butter was empty and the lady in front of us asked if she could have a few packs of butter. The guy at the till got a box with packs of butter out and started to fill up the basket, but about 10 packs or so kept falling/sliding off. In the end he gave up trying to put them in the basket and just chucked them in the bin! My daughter looked at me astonished - we couldn't believe he'd just throw perfectly good butter away like that! I meant to write them a note about it but it slipped my mind...


This first KAL is going to be fun! And, your yarn pick for it is gorgeous. Am going to get the button on my blog and then cast on with the Best of Rainforest 6 ply. As far as the muffin goes, there is a point where the profit margin needs to narrow a bit. If you drop a product, don't serve it! For Pete's sake!!!


I agree with James- GROSS- SInce the number of coffee shops has dwindled in Georgetown, I bet I can tell you which one it is :)

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