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January 29, 2010



Make sure you have time for yourself. knit if you want to or do something else that
you have been wanting to do. Maybe a nice
bubble bath with some candles. I know you
have a little one, but maybe your husband
can watch him while you relax. You can
also spill whatever you want on the blog
and maybe there's a therapist that can tell
you what to do. Have you tried meditation or visualization. I know all these things have
to be done while the baby is being cared for
or maybe after his asleep. It's still important for you to take care of yourself
or you won't be able to care for the other
people that you love.


You know Allison - even on a stress free week - you have a full plate there. Full time Mom, more than a full time job, wife, etc. it's easy to get lost in "the shuffle" at times. When I have a day or week as you have had - and I have my day off from work - I sometimes make a list of 3 or 4 things I really must do that day but I make sure they are all really do-able that day. Most times I can finish what is on my list but sometimes I can't but I just make another list for the next day off. No one can, or was made to do or be everything. You MUST make time for yourself and MUST make time to do things that you enjoy doing. And you will be a better Allison, better wife and Mom in the long run for it. I know from past experience of not making time for myself.

I will say that you are very inspirational in what you have accomplished. Your website is wonderful. I know that when I purchase something from you - that it will be just as you have said and represented it to be. And I do enjoy seeing the photos of James. I think your business and website must be reflections of you. Enjoyable, attractively presented, honest, and fun. Rx for Allison - have 2 cupcakes and knit... how's that?


I just want to ditto what Diane said. It is all too easy for young mothers to get so wrapped up in all that they have to do that they stop making time for themselves. I worry now that my daughter is over 2,000 miles from any family that she'll fall into that trap (in fact, her sister said that she thinks K needs some time away from the kids). Overwork & stress become your normal & you forget to take time to destress. I've heard that yoga is very good for destressing (I keep meaning to dig out the yoga DVD - I do work out at the health club but my life is about as not-stressful as it's ever been.)


How about acupuncture? I started having sessions almost a year ago and find it really quite beneficial in improving my "well-being". I am quite a few years older than you are and was facing not being able to accomplish as much as I used to. As others have said you owe to Joe and James to take time out for yourself.


Being a mom is the most underrated job in the world. You are not allowed to get sick and if you do - tough! hahaha... However, it is the most rewarding job you will ever have. Now throw your job-job on top of that and a life and it is no wonder you feel overwhelmed... but you will be ok. My saving grace when the kids were little, was to escape with my husband for a weekend every 6 months. My parents would babysit and the time for them with their grandkids made them closer - I have to add that I never realized how exhausting it was for them...but now being a grandma I do! We lived close to Vegas so that is where we would go (even tho' we were NOT big gamblers) a hotel room, alone time, restaurants, movies, were what we needed. Made us remember why we fell in love in the first place. Drive, so you have knit time getting there!

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